Thursday, August 16, 2007


"Come in the evening, or come in the morning,
Come when you're looked for, or come without warning,
Kisses and welcome you'll find here before you,
And the ofener you come the more I'll adore you."

Thomas O. Davis - The Welcome

Welcome to Quill Cottage where words and art coexist in blissful harmony. I want to welcome you to my world of creativity and writing and introduce myself to the world of blogging.

I am all about faith, family, friends, and home. I love living a creative life whether it is through God's creation, the work of my own hands or that of others. My life philosophies are living out my faith in everyday life, being grateful, people are more important than projects (they are the only things we get to take to heaven with us), laughter IS the best medicine, being positive, perseverance, and persistence pay off, and each day is a gift to be celebrated. Each and every morning we wake up to a new and fresh beginning with no mistakes in it (that is until we mess it up), each space on the calendar is full of endless possibilities, 365 new sunrises and sunsets, 52 fresh weeks, 4 new and changing seasons to cherish, and 12 months of holidays and ample opportunity for memories to be made. My hope is that you will feel welcome, find inspiration, share ideas, and make new friends.
I am new to the blogging world and this is my very first post - something to celebrate! I found the world of blogs while searching for art journals on the web. I became hooked as I looked at all the eye candy of art and words. I was inspired to try my first altered book/journal, which is still a work in progress (I will post on this later and show the work thus far). I have been an avid journal keeper for years and have at times combined my art with words then moved to adding photography, etc. but I have not taken it to the level many other artist out there have done. So one of my goals is exercise more creativity with my art to balance out my writing.
This seems to be a time of new beginnings for me. My other new endeavor is to participate in an ATC swap. This will be my first ever swap and my first ever ATC's. This a Mother Goose Fabric ATC swap being held in conjunction with Alpha Stamps and is being sponsored by Creative Swaps. For details visit . My head is overflowing with ideas for these mini works of art and I can't wait to delve into the project. I will also post these with pictures when they are finished. Well, that about wraps up this first post so I will close for now. May the Lord bless and keep you. May His face shine upon you. May He be gracious unto you and bless you with peace.

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