Saturday, November 10, 2007

Honored and Blessed.....

The Mother Goose ATC Swap is over and the swaps have been made. I was honored with the first prize, which I found quite amazing as this was my first attempt at making ATC's and because all the entries were so awesome. I feel truly blessed to have been able to participate and to not only give but to receive original works of art like these. Thank you to Lenna at Creative Swaps and Leslie at Alpha Stamps for sponsoring this swap.

Here is the oh so sweet Mother Goose Tote that I won as first prize from Alpha Stamps......
Each participant also received a fun Goosey Goosey Gander toy cut-out sheet.....
Lenna threw in a wonderful packet of collage materials......
And, Lenna created this wonderful handcrafted ATC holder for each participant. It is made from hand painted and stamped cardstock with a ribbon tie closure.....
Now for the ultimate treat, the beautifully detailed mini works of art.....
First I removed a darling little ATC by Rena Matus, it is a Humpty Dumpty themed card. The picture does not do this piece justice. It has a white satin background that is hand stamped and embellished with clear and yellow glitter. Humpty is stamped on white satin and quilted with silver metallic thread and then applied to the background. On the back Rena tweaked the traditional Humpty Dumpty rhyme to read as follows:
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
this little egghead was just to darn cute
to have a great fall
so out came the blankets and out cam the sheets
and the Royal Eggcatchers caught Humpty
before he hit the street.
Too sweet! Thank You, Rena, I love it!
Next I pulled out a rather royal lady indeed, the Queen of Hearts, making some tarts. This royal lady rests on a lush red velvet background and is embellished with a bejeweled silver crown and mini pink seed beads. This lady traveled here from the U.K. and was made by Frieda Oxenham. I think the baking beauty is wonderful, thank you, Frieda!
Then out came Mistress Mary, quite contrary, and I think her garden is blooming beautifully! Mary is a fabric background who is decked out in seed beads, buttons, lace, and a snippet of ribbon with part of the rhyme imprinted on it. The edge is finished off with a pretty decorative stitch that reminds me of little shells! The back is finished off with a pretty piece of tone on tone paper. The blooming beauty was made by Victoria Talcott Wormell. Thank you, Victoria, for this little work of heart!

Next I pulled out what looked to me like a Victorian Valentine! The fabric background is a pink and red harlequin pattern with a fabric overlay of the Queen of Hearts baking her tarts. She has been framed in a rich red embossed heart shaped frame. The flower embellishment is velvet with cute red satin heart topping it off. The back is an awesome black and white print with a shimmery pink ribbon overlay that has a climbing green vine on it and the title of the piece. This sweet treat was made by Megan Hull. Thanks, Megan, for this tiny treasure!

And last but certainly not least I pulled out this pastel piece. This one had the theme of Mary Mary Quite Contrary and here we can see her garden is in full bloom. The floral fabric background has the sweetest scene zig zagged on it, a tiny child is peeking through the garden gate, a bit of green rickrack and ribbon with a snip of the rhyme printed on it edge the piece. A bit of lace and buttons round out the design. On the back is the sweetest lace pocket holding a tiny tag. This sweet garden scene was created by Cynthia M. Zdanzukas. Thank you, Cynthia, for this blooming beauty!

I hope you have enjoyed viewing these tiny treasures.

Miss Sandy


Vee said...

Treasures is a very good word for them. They are all lovely works of art! Congrats on your win!

Bejeweled said...

What beautiful little masterpieces of art! Each one is such a special treasure. And congrats on your win!!!

Lenna Andrews said...

what a lovely post, sandy!
Thank you.

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