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"Tea does our fancy aid,
Repress those vapours which the head invade
And keeps that palace of the soul serene."

Edmund Waller ~ Of Tea
This is week three of Gracious Hospitality's Blog-a-thon. This weeks theme is Decor-a-Tea where you share ideas and pictures that incorporate tea and/or tea themes into home decor. Displays, art, prints, fabrics, and collections all count in this category. If you use teapots and teacups as part of your home decor you are to describe how. You are all invited to join in on the fun! Below is the picture on my calendar for the month of April. (Some of the pictures below are repeats, sorry, but they fit the post subject.)
Let's take a peek in the book shelves in my family room. Do you take cream or sugar? On this stack of books from my childhood rests a Bavarian sugar bowl, its matching creamer sits on the shelf beside it. I found this lovely set in a flea market and loved the colors. This little set was a bargain at $3.00. (Click on photos to enlarge for better viewing, but please ignore the dust!) Perhaps you'd prefer to enjoy sipping your tea from this charming cup while perusing this vintage diary! Another of the shelves contains this lovely black floral patterned cup, a vintage diary written by a young woman named Katherine Taylor who was in her early twenties and lived in Peoria, Ill., a stack of favorite books and a favorite ink pen made from on old silverware handle. Two years of her life, from 1904-05 are recorded within these pages. Both are flea market finds, the cup cost $1.00 and the wonderful diary $3.00! Now let's move into the dinning nook where I have a cupboard filled with china that is topped off with a teacup vignette. The bowl is another Bavarian piece, the cup and saucer are from my Great Aunt Sylvia's china which was passed down to me. The pattern is called Old Moss Rose by Ballerina. Handy hubby made the cupboard for me. It was actually two old wall cabinets that hung in an old house some friends were renovating, they gave us several pieces from their demo. He affixed one cabinet on top of the other and added molding, cleaned and repainted the original hardware and replaced it. I painted it and when my friend saw it she said if I ever get rid of it she wants her stuff back! The niche in the nook gets frequent make overs but it always includes some fun teacups. This is the most recent display:The all the cups hanging here belonged to my grandmother. She said they got these in boxes of soap. She and her neighbors would trade pieces to get whole sets of dishes that included cups, sauces, plates, platters, and serving bowls. She passed this set on to me. I often drink from the cups and remember my grandmother drinking her morning coffee from them. She chuckled when she was here a few weeks ago when she saw them and said she thought I had some much nicer things to display than those old things. I told her I might have some thing newer but not nicer or more dear.
Below is a former display with some of my favorite teacups, tea bag holders, and hot pots:Perhaps you need to powder your nose, here is the powder room. Atop a cupboard I painted is a small vignette with a framed tea cup print and another cup and saucer from my great aunt's china. This cupboard came from the above mentioned friends reno also.
On the sink sits a tiny demitasse cup and saucer: There is also another vignette which I got the idea for from my Aunt Linda. She had a framed print hung in her bedroom above a tall chest. On top of the chest she had used items that echoed the still life in the print. I thought it very clever so I used the idea in my design. People always come out and say it is so cool that the clock on the shelf is the exact one in the picture. Both prints in the powder room were purchased at a discount store for a couple of dollars apiece. I used vintage frames, the larger of which I did a little hand painting on. The clock actually came from a grocery store. They set up a little gift section one year around Christmas and I found the clock there. I'd love to find a matching cup and saucer but no luck so far.On my dresser sits a pretty little flea market cup and saucer, but does it ever contain tea? No, it holds jewelry! I tend to drop my earrings or rings in here, when it gets full, I put them where they really belong!On the top shelf of my writing desk sits a cup and saucer that belonged to my mother-in-law. The tea pot was a gift from my daughter-in-love and I love them both.Inside my desk sits a pretty little cup that holds my pens and pencils:That wraps up my current tea themed decor. I hope you will visit all the links on La Tea Dah's post as there are some wonderful blogs featured there.

Miss Sandy


Anonymous said...

Miss Sandy I know what you mean about the many uses for our teacups ! I love arranging my spring violets in teacups!
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Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

Miss Sandy, you have such a beautiful, creative home. I enjoy reading about your ideas. Thank you for sharing some of the details. ~Kathy

Sandra said...

I really enjoyed seeing photos of your home. It's beautiful and you've displayed your tea things wonderfully and creatively. I especially like how you echoed the arrangement under the picture...great idea!

Catherine Holman said...

I loved the tour of your lovely home and your tea item collections. I also love and collect tea cups and tea pots. Thanks for sharing.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

What a wonderful tour and so much to comment on. I love grandmother's dishes from soap boxes...beautiful! And your husband is so talented to create those cabinets. I can see why your friend would like them back!

The picture where the actual objects sit in front is a cool idea. Could you get a dark cup that might not match but would at least echo the one in the picture?

And the doorknob resting spots for the plates is also a wonderful idea. And I just KNOW that I'm forgetting to comment on something that I enjoyed seeing because there is sooooo much to see. I'll have to visit again.

(Sorry that you were waylaid yesterday by that headache...hope it's gone today. How did the date go?)

Fete et Fleur said...

I'm amazed too that you found the exact clock in the painting. It is incredible really. All your vignettes are warm inviting and so creative. I would love to come over for tea and drink from one of your beautiful cups!

Hugs! Nancy

Kari & Kijsa said...

What a lovely set of tea photos! Lots of little fabulous ideas!! Loved reading this post!!

kari & kijsa

Joyce said...

WOW do you ever have some cute Tea Decor!! Loved seeing it all and reading about the various items.
It was all just lovely.
Be blessed,

Carrie said...

What a delightful tour of your lovely home. The tea decor is very appealing.

Wanita said...

What beautiful decorating! Thank you for sharing the pictures of your lovely home.

Mary Isabella said...

You have some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen....Mary

kathi-lavender, lace and thyme said...

Miss Sandy, oh my, everything is so beautiful...where do I even start. What a wonderful tour you've taken me on! I just love everything and even took time to click on the pictures to look at the larger ones. Thank you for the beautiful tour.

Kathi :)

She'sSewPretty said...

I've enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful displays. I found a clock just like that at the thrift store a few years ago and it is still running. I love that print too!

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Miss Sandy, You have inspired me to re-do a few shelves in my home. I love the way you have displayed your tea cups--especially the niche shelves where your grandmother's cup are hanging! I loved touring your home. Thanks for sharing it!

You posted about my little dresser. Of course you may borrow my idea! I will just borrow one or two from you, in return... :)


Me said...

You have such a beautifully decorated home! I love the way you have all the different pieces displayed throughout. The Bavarian creamer and sugar bowl are quite charming; and such a bargain!


Felicia said...

Thank you for the beautiful tour :)

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

What a wonderful collection of tea things you have, and you do a beautiful job with your vignettes displaying them. I love the framed picture with the yellow roses! I also love the black vintage tea cup!

I love it ALL!!


Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

Hi Sandy! Glad you liked the little paper dress! Looked over your blog and LOVE your ideas and generosity in sharing your instructions for folding and decortating with napkins! I especially loved your changing tea cup shelf!Hmmmmmm...where can I do that in my home?! I couldn't believe it when I read yourblogger ID, I LOVE "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"!!! and I am a huge Jane Austen fan, but aren't we all!! So happy to meet you!

Kat said...

Everything is just lovely! I have always loved old dishes and you have so many beautiful things. The pictures are wonderful, music -lovely...beautiful page.
Kathy@ Mimi's Garden

Anonymous said...

You have so many beautiful tea things. I love the way you have put your things together to create little groups of this and that. Nice post.

freetobeme said...

Thanks for the nice comments about my China. I loved touring your house. You are so creative! God bless!

MrPuffy said...

What wonderful ways to incorporate tea into decore. I love the story of your grandmother's teacups and how you now used and display them. I might borrow your idea of using a teacup to toss my jewlery needing reshelving!

Alisa said...

Oh, Miss Sandy, that is so clever to match the vignette to the painting! Thank you for stopping by my blog today.

Sandra Evertson said...

Great photos, I'm drooling over all the beautiful porcelain pieces!
Sandra Evertson

BumbleVee said...

wow.... lots of tea "stuff" here..

love the little yellow demitasse and saucer... beautiful.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

An award with no strings attached is waiting for you at my blog today!

Pinkie Denise said...

Hello Miss Sandy,
I so enjoyed seeing your tea time treasures...I saw that I have some to the same ones as you...The sugar and creamer and the little pastel color serving trays on your shelf, how amazing...Thanks for sharing loved this post Pinkie Denise

Rue said...

This peak at your home was lovely! I love the black and the yellow teacups especially, but my favorite are the ones your grandmother found in soap boxes. I think those are priceless :)

Thank you for coming by to see my post too. I'll definitely be back. I love your blog!

rue :)

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