Friday, February 19, 2010


"To dream anything that you want to dream. That is the beauty of the human mind. To do anything you want to do. That is the strength of the human will. To trust yourself to test your limits. That is the courage to succeed."

-Bernard Edmonds-

I have a confession to make...BIG SIGH!...I must be one of those tiara toting hanging on to my title no matter what til I die kind of gals because I have done it AGAIN...started yet another project before I finished the previous one(s).
(Had and empty space on shelf above sofa, needed something, new collage in progress!)

As you all know there is always more than one work in progress for, I guess I am still royalty...The Princess of Unfinished Projects. I am tired of trying to deny or reject rumor that I will any time soon be stripped of my title. I guess I am like one of those has been beauty queens who cannot help themselves but live in the past glory of their accomplishments, or in my case, lack thereof.

If you could see me now, I am practicing my princess wave, you know, the one called screwing in a light bulb, while wearing my Vaseline on the teeth fake smile and holding my eyes wide open with that deer in the headlights look clutching tightly to my crooked crown for dear life as I dive into yet another project for the good of mankind and to promote world peace!

(Just another touch or two!)

I hope I have not offended any real pageant princess' out there while poking a little fun at myself and the stereotype of all things pageant. In all seriousness I stumbled across a project of the heart, one that I feel is divinely appointed.

I truly intended to finish what was at hand but then I was visiting another blogger who shared a sweet devotion on a bag full of love that she received and everything changed. As I read, I saw forming in my mind an art piece based on her writing. This is not the first time I have visualized a finished project in my head but this is the first time that it knocked so loud at my heart.

(Not quite right yet!)

I have swept all other projects aside until I can complete this one and then I will return to where I left off. With the blessings of the blogger I will very soon share her post as well as my interpretation of her writing in art with you.

Other interruptions have sidetracked me from work as well, like new books! Handy Hubby did indeed make good on his offer and I got three new books:

*Objects of Reflection - A Soulful Journey Through Assemblage by Annie Lockhart is one of the best books I have come across on assemblage art.
*Layered, Tattered & Stitched - a Fabric Art Workshop by Ruth Rae really is a workshop in a book with fabulous tips and techniques plus the rich texture of her fabric based mixed media pieces are so inspiring.*You Can Write Your Family History by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack looks like just what I need to guide me thorough the process of collecting my farm stories. The content takes you from gathering and organizing your research to determining your plot structure, making narrative choices, bringing your ancestors to life as characters, setting, using suspense, humor, and romance, blending social history with family history, documentation, adding illustrations, wrapping up the ending, all the way to publication.

Then those nuts got me all distracted or was I distracted because I am nuts? Anyway, I whipped up all that were in the bowl yesterday, all 14 dozen of them. I probably won't need another itty bitty faux nut shell bird egg for as long as I live.
(OK, so I am not totally hopeless after all, I DID paint all those eggs!)

As if I did not have enough on my plate, I merrily joined in another swap. How could I resist Karla's Alice Tag Book Swap?
It is only six little tags made with images from Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass, a piece of cake! Last I heard, she still has some slots left, you can check out the guidelines here.

(I am taking back what I told you, not for sale yet, first it is bound for Somerset, wish me luck!)

Speaking of swaps, I received my swap of an unfinished project from Diane:
And she sent along the most beautiful tag!
I felt kind of bad that she sent me a pretty wrapped up unfinished project and the one I sent her was in bubble wrap! I promise to do better on the return of the finished piece. And the subject of unfinished projects brings me back around to the original intent of this post so here goes...

They say the confession is good for the soul. Hi my name is Sandy and I am a projectaholic. I have a problem with unfinished projects. I cannot determine if it is distraction, after all, I do have the attention span of a gnat, or if there are just so many interesting things to try that I want to try them all at once, or if being artfully scattered is just my nature, or is the real deep down honest truth that I actually like being a princess of projects so I can wear a twinkly tiara and fly by the seat of my pants wherever a whim my blow me.

(Almost done, decided to use the crumbly back of the frame, love how it is shaping up!)

Maybe it is none of the above, maybe, just maybe, I am a girl who must follow her heart and pursue the ideas I dream, testing what comes to mind, pushing past the insecurity that limits me with a strength and courage that comes directly from the giver of my gifts in hopes of honoring Him and of sharing a bit of creative beauty. I am entitled to my tiara as a daughter of The King. As I sit here and write I realize that I am my own analogy - a work in progress, being fashioned and designed by the ultimate artist. Wow, I am in great company because His project, me, is not finished yet either!

I hope you all have a beautifully blessed weekend!

Miss Sandy


Vee said...

Each one of those little, so beautiful!

Wishing you all the best with your Somerset project. I can't see why it wouldn't be featured even from what little I can see.

And, oh my! Love the projects and tag from Diane and am just hoping to see the outcome.

And you used the back of the frame. Now that is inspired and looks so intriguing and detailed and scruffy and charming!

Decor To Adore said...

Oh let's get you a new title: multi tasker. Yes, doesn't that sound better? That is what I call myself with oh 5-6 projects currently in the works. :)

myletterstoemily said...

oh my goodness! my heads in a swirl
from your creativity and whirlwind of
activity. you're amazing.


Dragonlady said...

well, I think your work is great..

I love the fabulous little
"Nut Eggs"
You put a lot of time in cleaning, drying and painting those little gems...maybe, you should sell them..

Brenda, a follower and lurker

Anonymous said...

You are very gifted at creating such touching projects which take each of us to a happy place in the midst of our everyday lives. Your inspiration comes from your love of God's wondrous world and you tie it all together to honor Him and to bring moments of joy into our lives. Wish I could sit in a stream of sunshine in your quiet little writing cottage and share sweet reminisces of our grandmothers and the influence they each had on our lives. Bless you dear Sandy.

The Feathered Nest said...

Such a wonderful post sweetie, everything is just so juicy and good!!!! I sometimes do the same thing...get an idea and have to stop everything and just DO IT!!! I absolutely love your Dream artwork, just beautiful!!!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Simple Home said...

I love all the ideas you come up with. I'm looking forward to the "bag full of love" post. Those little "eggs" are beautiful. Good luck with Somerset! I just discovered that magazine and it's amazing.

Bonita said...

Love the analogy! And you must be a lot like God because last I checked He had a few million unfinished projects running around too!

That book sounds really interesting. Let me know how well it helps you compile the family stories. Can't wait to read them!

Dorthe said...

Oh what a blog full of wonders,Sandy,
so many beautifull project snippets you alowed us to see, I can`t wait to se the finished beauties, love the tags, the Sommerset project (good luck) and everything else.
And your nut-eggs, are small art pieces all and everyone, -what a gorgeus work.

xo Dorthe

Anonymous said...

Miss Sandy, We'll let you keep your tiara! ;-) Even if you DO finish projects eventually, you can still have the tiara.

When I return your unfinished project all completed, how about if I throw in a bag of nuts? ;-) Free!

Truly enjoyed these posts! You can be the Princess of Painted Nutshells too! ;-)


LiLi M. said...

These nuts! The more the merrier I would say, I love how they look like an antique page of a bird book with all those colored eggs, so beautiful! I love all your projects, I do think it is good to have more projects you just have so many ideas, you should be proud of yourself, I am proud of you! Yes! Not only for all the beauties you've made but that you're sending something to Somerset. I am so sure that something will be published, just believe me!
Thanks for your recommendations.
Have a lovely and crafty weekend! Thanks, I have enjoyed everything I saw here.

Tina said...

Oh - I´m so behind here in blogland - lie sometimes get in the way. Love all your projects Miss Sandy - those tags are so beautiful and the one in the previous post with the eggs too.
And your dream banner in the frame - what a great idea. Your so creative and such a great inspiration.

I´ve just ordered the first book too - can´t wait to get it.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Tina

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

"Artfully scattered"...a perfect use of describe myself as well.
I am going to HAVE to borrow that phrase.
You at least get started on the projects it appears..I just can't make up my mind about when to start of something that I have never tried before.
"Project fright"...similar to stage fright.
SO I sit with tons of "goodies" and such all over my dining room table and anywhere else we don't trip over them...and I can't get stated...just too many idea's going thru my head at one time.
I am thinking I need to take a collage class or read a number of these wonderful books describing how these things are to be assembled !
But SO HAPPY that I found another person who has a "delightfully cluttered" mind... like mine.

I have joined your blog..after being sent over her by your friend and mine... Diane.


Kim said...

It might take you a while but everything is just beautiful!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi, Miss Sandy - I really am intrigued by the Family History book. H.m.m.m.m...I bet Amazon would have that. I need to write a history, too, but I never know where to start (at the beginning, of course - not as easy as it sounds!).

I love all of your projects and think you are very creative.

Have a great Sunday!

KathyB. said...

I've already bought some supplies to craft lovely gift and collage tags and this post offers even more inspiration! Because I have a thing about birds I have re-organized and decorated ( practically ) my craft room using a few of your ideas as my inspiration. I find if I fill my space with organization and things that inspire me I get my project done and take greater pleasure in doing so. Thanks again dear Queen of the " many soon to be finished projects" !

Peridots Garden Blog said...

I feel sooooo much better now...if you live this "artfully scattered" life and create such beautiful pieces of art...then I too can aspire to such achievement.

I have BOXES of saved goodies...when I start a project...something will catch my eye and then I have a 2nd project going...sometimes I look around to find that I am working on 3 or 4 projects simultaneously...

So I thank you for your confession...and I'll define it as encouragement from one artist to another...


kathy said...

OH ME OH MY __ Now I have bought pistachios -- Need HUb to eat them fast !!! LOL __ Gotta paint em --
love those !!! HUGS KAthy - ga ♥

Marlene said...

You're so funny. I know exactly how you feel. Every blog I visit there's aways something that catches my eye and I must do it. Needless to say I have a few unfinished project around I just received Layered, Tattered and Stitched and once again I've started another project. Is there a cure? lol

The Country Nest said...

What a beautiful post. The tags are great, I have a son and hubby named benjamin so I loved the Benjamin Button tag. I actually loved all the tags..the nuts and the DREAM sign. At the right moment it will hit you and they will all come together and be finished, of course there will be many new projects stared...Good luck, it is a beautiful, inspiring addiction!

Barbara Jean said...

Love it all! And how creative to use the back of an old frame!!


barbara jean

vikki said...

~♥~ Ms Sandy, the 'artfully scattered'... too cute! The nutz are sucha fun idea... had hub look for some at store today... told him do not ask why? he already thinks i am nutz... the artfully scattered/nutz. =)
Bestest to ya on the somerset project... i am sure it will make an issue.
i had to laugh at how many projects i have going... then i find a perfect item for a long waiting to be finished piece {when searching for the perfect piece for the project in process now}...and then move to another... pushing aside many things to do yet another fun project... never enuf space or time in the day. definately w.i.p. projects.. work in progress, as we are with GOD.. so blessed to have you in our lives... our lil' earth angel♥
p.s. so tickled to see the sales ticket from Nichols Iowa...{in your matted pic with bird} noticed it when ms dawn sent you some goodies,some time ago, & i had sent her some, and she then shared with you... love. when that happens... shared goodness & love...
love. all you do... all the lovely pretty*ness & your sharing of the tutorials! hugs & blessings, vikki from iowa ~♥~

Catharina Maria said...

This is a very great and lovely post !

Love from the Netherlands ♥Rini♥
Please come over to my blog to see the give-aways there ;o)

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