Wednesday, August 18, 2010


RAMBLE: An aimless amble on a winding course with no particular destination in mind
The above definition just about sums up this post and my state of mind lately. I think it must be the intense heat here but I can't seem to stay the course on anything lately. I thought today we would just stroll along together through this post path and see where it takes us.

The first fork in this winding course takes us to a ranch, Lipstick Ranch to be exact where cowgirl artist extraordinaire, KC Willis, is having a fantastic give away! I recently posted on her three DVD set, KC in a Box, and sadly this product will only be available for one more week. But, the good news is that the DVD set will be available in a new form of KC in a Bag! As a last farewell to this wonderful piece of art and its contents KC is giving away a $200.00 Art Shopping Spree at Lipstick Ranch! While you are there finding out all the details check out her live workshops as well as her online Collage Camp. Mosey on over to enter, the drawing will be held on August 25, 2010!

One day last week my friend, Pam, and I decided to brave the heat and hit a few flea markets. We made it through two but by the third we wimped out and went home looking like two wilting magnolias with heat exhaustion but not without a treasure or two in tow. I found three tiny bottles...I really love the one with the label still in tact...A sweet little match box with a thin wooden bottom and a great graphic label...A stack of small linen draw string bags, 80 in all...I have already dyed some of them...And a pocket watch...Friday afternoon I took Clara Scarlett back to the place of her humble beginnings where she was parts and pieces of cast off items for sale. Its kind of weird when you start hanging out with your art and taking it on field trips to see where it was born...must be the heat.

Anyway, one of my favorite flea market ladies finally got curious enough to ask about all the odd stuff I buy and wanted to see exactly what I was doing with it, so, that is really why Clara Scarlett went to the flea market with me. I mean its not like I don't have real live friends who want to hang out with me or anything like that, they just don't want to hang out with me while I am hauling around my art doll showing her where she came from.

Since I was already there I thought I might as well take a look know where this is going right? I found the most adorable pair of tiny high heeled doll shoes ever in a dollar bin! And they are green! (My favorite color) How cute are these?I practically pounced on a bundle of crochet pillow case lace that was marked down to $2.00! This stuff is getting as scarce as hens teeth around here and usually when you find the really good old wide stuff you have to open your wallet pretty wide to buy it.

I also stumbled across four of these brand new ephemera books. They are full of vintage images from the collection of Beth Cote, a wonderful collage artist, and will be prefect for future projects.

By then Clara Scarlett was getting impatient to leave, especially with everyone lookin' up her skirt. But, we did not leave before she bask in the bidding war that ensued when customers and clerks wanted to buy her. She is not for sale yet. Clara Scarlett...Along with this DREAM sign...These hand sculpted paper collage birds...And these HOME TWEET HOME pieces...Are all candidates for the mixed media collage/assemblage competition I am entering. Clara Scarlett and the DREAM sign are completed works. The paper collage birds need an assemblage nest to rest in and the HOME TWEET HOME pieces need a back ground to be mounted and then need to be framed. I just recently found the kind of frame I wanted to use to finish the piece. I have two more pieces in the works and then I will decide between the six of them which three I will enter. Actually, I was hoping that you would help me out by voting for your favorite three once I get them all done. I'll be doing a special post on that at a later date.

Well, it took forever to get this post done since Blogger kept giving me a bad request error this morning and I could not post it, I'd better end my ramble by stopping in the studio and get some work done. I hope your day is a bright one!

Miss Sandy


Vee said...

Oh you made me laugh! The heat and all has you taking your little Scarlett back to see where she was born. It must be very rewarding to know that she was so well received that she could've stayed with some other very nice lady. I'll vote once you're ready for that process. I love those Home Tweet Home creations. Lovely finds even if you did only make to a couple of stops. Now stay inside and remain cool!

TinyBear said...

That is some very great finds Miss Sandy - I love the crochet pieces and the bags too.
Those creations of your looks awesome as always. Can´t wait to see the finished frame piece.
xo Tina
btw: I bought that KC in a box too. Can´t wait to get it ;D

Celestial Charms said...

Oh Miss Sandy,
Your Dream sign is just that, a dream! Love every detail of it.

jasmoon-butterfly said...

wonderful creations x

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Love your little haul! Scarlett is amazing & I can see why everyone wanted to foster her. What competition?? I will certainly vote for you. I have loved that bird assemblage since I saw it the first time. Your pretty cool my friend. Lisa

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Wonderful finds, especially the green shoes! Score!!

Anonymous said...

Sandy, great haul! I love the little matchbox AND, of course, the crocheted lace the bestest!

It is funny, isn't it, that people wonder why we buy beat-up old stuff! I always wonder what the antique dealers think when they see us hauling stuff away. At the antique mall we go to often, they have bins behind the counter where people's purchases await payment and when I see things in those bins that I've missed...oh my! I need to put my "eagle eye" glasses on more often!

Hugs! Diane

The Rustic Victorian said...

I think at the end of every season we are weary of it, I too am over the heat,,we did drop a little and fall "is" on the way. I keep reminding myself of that. What did they do before AC! I can spend the day catching up on your pasts posts, but I need to go get errands done before the heat of the day. Your treasures and creations are just fabulous, I will come back soon.

Vickie said...

Miss Sandy, I've never seen Clara Scarlett - she's amazing! I'll bet she was excited to get out and make her big debut! All the time, and thoughtfulness and talent you put into making her a vintage chic Cinderella! Wonderful, wonderful!

Bonita said...

Such pretty things and I'm so happy to hear about bidding wars. People want your beautiful artwork! said...

Best of luck in the competition, looks like winners to me!

June said...

Hi Sandy,
You ramble better than anyone I know. And you shop better than anyone I know too. Clara Scarlett probably thinks so too.(and wishes those darling green shoes fit her.

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