Monday, December 13, 2010


I have to say a huge THANK YOU! To all of you who sent me the sweetest and warmest and kindest get well wishes and prayers. The worst is over (bad reaction to both shot and antibiotics on top of trying to get well! Two allergic reactions at one time should not be allowed, aren't there rules about those kinds of things?) and I am starting to mend, enough so, that today I get to have a decorating day! I had to change my course of action and forget about planning out a new tree and display. I had my heart set on a warm white winter theme, snowflakes and feminine fluff like this...These are my favorite vintage gloves and I wear them every chance I get!
No such stuff. I had to make a decision between " want to" , " need to" , and " have to". It is not always easy to put aside our dreams or our visions when we set our hearts on them and then plans change. Like, a mouse eats your white tree, or you get sick, or you have a reaction to your medication which delays your recovery, or any number of other things that can, will, and usually do happen during the holidays. I learned something from this experience, what I set my mind and heart on are not always what is best or needful and sometimes the outcome of giving in and letting go can be a greater blessing than I can imagine. I imagined ice skates and snowflakes...And creamy dreamy wreaths, velvet flowers, and my grandmothers jewelery...
My holiday decor looks nothing like what I intended it to, and even better than I expected it to, and I can't wait to share it with you...on Friday. I got a little head start late yesterday afternoon and by days end what is done will be it, and I will move on to other matters. I did not drag out the bulk of bins and decided to turn my everyday decor into a bold holiday display, one big splash and hopefully a couple of small scattered touches in the dining nook and buffet serving area. Below are a few sneak peeks.

It wouldn't be my cottage if there were not a quill...Or a little songbird trill...It wouldn't be my cottage if there weren't a book...Or a little something with that shabby tattered look...Time is ticking...Although I'd love to stay and chat a while I don't want to delay my decorating day!

Oh, before I go I have to tell you about the party! Rebecca (A Re-Purposed Life) is having a birthday party and all the land of blog is invited! To join the party on December 18th post on a special gift you have made for someone you love. It can be anything, an ornament, a poem, a photograph, something you have fixed up or collaged or baked, its up to you. Post about why you want to give this person something special and show what you have made on your post, leave Rebecca a comment on her Dec. 18th post so she can visit. She will be picking out three of her favorites and handing out a gift to each of the three chosen because it is her birthday and she believes it is better to give than to receive. To take a peek at the gifts just click on the highlighted birthday party link above. I know there are some great ideas out there and I can't wait to see them!

I hope you day is filled with all the glory and goodness it can hold!


P.S. I hope you will stop back my way on Wednesday to sign up for my holiday give away, I'll have the details and sign up posted then.


Amy said...

Sandy, So glad you are feeling better! Enjoy your decorating day and thank you for telling us about Rebecca's party. I have something silly but very special I'll share there. Enjoy your day!

Lorrie said...

Such good news! Feeling better makes the world a brighter place. Enjoy your decorating!

Amy said...

Oh what an awful Christmas tale but it sounds like there will be a fairy tale ending to come.
Can't wait to see

Rebecca said...

Hi Sandy
I am lov'in these pictures you've posted of your Christmas displays. The book and lace with all its tattered goodness has got me dream'in of a tattered Christmas!
Thanks so much for posting about my B party, I hope all will have a great time.

Lady Jane said...

Glad you are feeling fit again. Being sick is no fun. Looking at these marvelous pics of items it will be fun to see what you have done with them. I made your marvelous snowflakes and they are hanging from my DR light. I halved the instructions and have many smaller ones to put on my gift packages. I posted them on my blog and sent people over here to you. You have such great ideas. Thanks

Beth Leintz said...

Glad you're feeling better, and I know what ever decorations you decorate with, your cottage will be wonderful.

Snugglebug Blessings said...

So glad to know you are on the mend. Wow what an experience you had. But God is good and you are recovering. I just love the idea to give a gift on your birthday and Rebecca has it right. I will visit her blog and see what she's got cooking. Looking forward to pics of your decorated house even if your tree isn't white, it will still be a delight. Have a wonderful, creative day. God bless. Cathy

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

Merry Christmas! I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Wishing you happiness, Katherine
P.S. I'm having a giveaway please stop by and enter :-)

Vee said...

Oh how good for you to be back into the swing of things with enthusiasm in your "voice" and joy in your heart. I'll be looking for your holiday tree.

Denise said...

The important thing is that you are feeling better. And just think, not nearly as much to put away after Christmas! :) And a whole year to plan for bigger and better next year!

Sandy said...

From one Sandy to another I'd like to say hello and invite you to be my new see, I'm new to blogging. I found you at another site...not sure which one, cuz I hop around so much with such wide eyes enjoying all the ladies and all that they have to say and share. I'm so happy that I found you...please come and see me. xoso Sandy

Dorthe said...

Sandy, I know you have heard this often-but I have to tell you, that the blog of yours,are one of the most beautifull, to visit.
Alwayes filled with fantastic decorations, and creations, and the woonderfull tales, ans storyes of yours. I love being a visiter, dear.
(glad you are much better)

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