Sunday, January 8, 2012


"Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change - this is the rhythm of living.  Out of our over -confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope.  And out of hope, progress."
-Bruce Barton-
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Since I have spent a good part of this new year sick I have had a little extra time for reflection.  I took notice of several things that were not working for me.  In fact, they fit me and my goals, like an ill suited pair of shoes.  So, I decided to kick them off and go barefoot.  In other words, to free myself of the confines of something that was so uncomfortable and disagreeable.  

When choosing a path you might have to travel "a right purty fur piece", as it is said up in the hills and hollers of home, and I don't want to have to make that hike in unfit footwear.  With wild child-like abandon I have kicked off my shoes in order to pursue with greater freedom just being me.  
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Some of the pinchy footwear I was trying to step out in were in silly areas like home decor and wardrobe choices.  I admire and love the craze for all white or neutral decor but I can't live that way...I crave color!  And, I LIKE my flowers, call me a granny if you want to cause I am one, but I do love floral prints, not modern versions but cabbage rosy needle point old fashioned ones!  I looked around my house and found some areas I was really dissatisfied because I was trying to follow a trend and it was rubbing a blister on my soul.  I am wiggling my toes in freedom and going back to being my old-fashioned self!

I am utterly hopeless in the fashion department but I think it is due to trying to fit myself into so many of today's trends and they just feel awkward to me.  I love detail, I am very detail oriented, and I adore exquisite detailing in clothing.  I love lace and I don't care if Stacy and Clinton think I am wearing my grandma's tablecloth, (and I just might be if I have altered it into a garment) I am comfortable in feminine frilly detailed clothing!  And, I like denim and lots of white and natural neutral textures and colors, so there!  Oh, and GREEN, lots of green!  My little piggies are squealing "Wee! Wee! Wee!, we are free, all the way home!"
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Artistically speaking I have strayed from some of my vision on what I want to be creating once again trending and tending towards safety instead of reaching beyond comfort.  I think these shoes have pinched me the most lately.  There are dreams and goals and desires I have long left untapped as I have fulfilled other duties and roles in my life and before I have to don the good sensible shoes of old age I want one more barefoot summer of footloose fancy free kicking off and kicking up my heels dancing in the daisies dandelion wish blowing dreams coming true chance!  I am taking it!

I have spent the last couple of days donating trendy clothing that I intensely dislike.  I have torn my house asunder rifling through decor items donating those I don't love and shopping my house moving things from room to room to have a fresh feel.  The studio is getting a mini makeover with a new piece of furniture going in so I had to rearrange a few things.  I am almost set up to begin the new barefoot chapter of my life!
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Artfully speaking I have just a limited few barefoot goals:
 (Scary putting these out there!)

*  I'd like for this to be the year of finally and fully putting together a book proposal and to pursue publishing dreams - stepping out in faith here (there's my word "reaching" again!) with no idea if it will fly or not

*  I'd like to get and keep my online store up and running - poor neglected defunct thing that I have let it become

*  I'd like to teach - Whether it be local classes, developing online classes, or at sponsored events

*  I'd like to begin developing an artistic ministry of some sort, an art retreat or gathering here at the Quill

Going barefoot is sometimes scary, I might step on a sticker or two along my chosen path or stub my toe, but I am willing to take the chance and see what happens.  I have already taken some action to my reaction going with the ebb and flow of my feelings in these three areas of my life.  I am entering the rhythm of living, trial and error to change.  Ebbing confidence, flowing fear, clear vision, fresh hope.  And out of this hope I pray will be progress.  

Daring to be different...
(FREE Image from Magic Moonlight Studio)

If you could run barefoot in one area of your life what would it be?  
What is holding you back?
What would it take to kick off those shoes and run with your dream?

I'd like to offer you a little artistic art challenge if you want to play along:
  *Using one or more or even a part of one of the images in this post create any type of artwork you desire, (a tag, a card, a collage, a canvas, anything goes!) expressing the freedom to dream.  
*Include the word "DREAM" in your creation.
*Let's meet back here say on Monday, Jan. 30, 2012 for a little linky party to share our creations.

I will pick a winner to receive my art piece contribution plus a packet of studio supplies!

I would love it if you would help me get the word out by posting and leaving a link back to this post.
You can use the altered image above for a graphic reminder.
Hope you can play along!


Vee said...

Oh this is so scary. I mean it. Scary. But I'm going to try. Really. I commit to trying. =)

I so enjoyed all these barefoot children vintage graphics that complemented your post today.

And what an amazing post! I can't even imagine getting rid of all that annoys me for I fear that I'd have nothing left. NOTHING. ;>

Okay, snagging the graphic and posting it in my sidebar. I'll speak to it in a post tomorrow so people will have time to consider it.

Leanne said...

Go you!

And once I clear with my hubby that I can get rid of the boxed stuff I "put away" so that there was room for Christmas table decorations, they're going off to Goodwill or the like. I have boxes of books too. (the hardest thing for me to give up)

If you ever make something out of your grandma's tablecloth, I'd love to see it.

Don't know if I'll join in the challenge. We'll see how the inspiration goes.

Tina said...

It´s all about feeling free and comfortable don´t you think. To feel at home in your home and in your art and in whatever we do.
I totally support the barefoot dreams.
I hope all your dreams come through in this wonderful new year - sheers to you brave girl and you know I´ll follow.
Have a wonderful day

Elizabeth Johnson said...

I'm right there with you rethinking directions, cleansing my home as well as my schedule, daring to become more focused and intentional. I'm working on being daring enough to speak it out out loud.

Unknown said...

These are some good resolutions, ideas and I like where youre going with it! Time to renew and redo! :)


Vickie said...

Sandy, I'm trying to get back into my painting this year. I already have accepted a commission that I'm about to begin. It's a little overwhelming, but I'm going to do it! I used to paint all the time, but had to quit the big stuff when I went back to work full time. I'm cutting back to 2-3 days a week, and am hoping that I can take a "barefoot" approach back into painting. That's my goal for this year! Sounds like you've got some wonderful goals for yourself and I hope that you achieve them all!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love this post - came over by way of Vee.

I am not a trendy girl at all, either, not in my home or in my clothing. That is okay! We love color around here too, we have yellow walls, red walls, green walls, blue, makes us happy!

Run free, Sandy.


Fete et Fleur said...

Bravo, Sandy! I can't wait to see what develops from this lovely idea of going barefoot. I encourage you to be yourself. You are such a blessing just as you are. Years ago, my nieces told me I was in a fashion coma. They may have been right, but I find the classics work best for me.


Createology said...

I applaud your post of honest feelings. Now you have freed yourself to actually pursue your passions. Blissful and creative 2012 to you dear...

Blessings from Cindy said...

What a lovely post! I know you can do all these things because you have the talent & it is out there now. You will do it!! You are already making changes with your wardrobe and home, next is the creative outlet part. I will try to create something for your linky party. I, too, would like to write. I have something that is gonna take awhile because the end hasn't happened yet. I also want to get more in my ETsy store, but that will probably fade some when our twin grand~daughters are born!! Good excuse, huh? Have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings from Cindy said...

I just added your button for the party on my sidebar.

Dorthe said...

Dear Sandy, I`m so late here, as I have had problems commenting on your blog and others aswell--- and had to switch to Firefox- as Internet Explorer, only shows a white page.......
well ,here I am :) and love what you wrote, it is so importent to be in piece with how we live and what we do- to wholehearted feel the joy, which comes from being "at home" in ones own life.
Thankyou for telling your barefoot story, I hope you in this year will be able to only "use " and do what is right and happines to you.
I dont know about the challenge, Sandy- as in that week my grandchild is here, and the 30/1 I`m away to bring her home to mom and dad-and can`t blog-- I will see-it is very tempting .
Hugs and love from Dorthe

Vee said...

Oh phew! How did I have it in my head that I had until the 19th? Dizzy. I am. Though I do have a lovely head start. I gathered all my images and printed them off and have colored some of them and am well begun. Now just not to lose momentum.

A happy weekend at the farm!

Dora said...

I too have set out on a "corrected" path this year Sandy. This is a perfect fit for my feet. I have added you to my sidebar too. Can't wait to see not only what everyone else will do, but what I will do. Thank you for this challenge.


Dora said...

Sandy ~ I'm new to your blog site and I love, love, love it! I've added your picture about the dream linky party and this is the last paragraph I wrote about it on my blog:

This is a perfect fit for me on my path to physical, emotional and spiritual health. Go on over and read the full post. It is rich with honesty, thought provoking common sense, an urging to let yourself be free to be yourself. She does it all within the analogy of kicking off the shoes that make walking your path miserable and instead, going barefoot for awhile. Thank you Sandy for inviting me into the meadow, barefoot and full of expectation.

Indeed, thank you . . .

Dora (Words to Live By)

Dinu Desculţ said...


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