Monday, October 8, 2012


Thank you all so very much for the sweet support during my recent illness, I am headed into week three and finally feel human again.  I am beginning to heal  and get my energy and strength back.  I was able to spend one entire glorious day in the studio and made a lot of progress on the first piece of my new heritage collection.  I thought I would give you a sneak peek...
The image used on this piece is my mother, it was taken in the mid 1940's.  I have almost got the base piece done and then it is on the fun part...embellishing!

I also wanted to share an update on the Elements of Nature book I submitted for the Seth Apter (The Altered Page) 5x5 challenge. 
 I received notice last week that it, along with many of the other participating artist work, has been selected to be published in an article about Seth and the challenge in the Nov./Dec. issue of Somerset Studio.  Very unexpected and very exciting.  
 My thanks goes out to Seth for yet another wonderful opportunity and for being the generous soul who has a true passion for not only art but for people.  His focus on building and connecting the art community has opened up so many connections with artist I never knew were out there until I found them through his Pulse of Mixed Media posts on his blog.
 Last but not least, two more bits of news, I am gearing up for a give away so stay tuned for that announcement later this week.  And, I wanted to ask your opinion on a post project here at the Quill.  In the past I have done a lot of free step-by-step tutorials to share with you and always gotten really positive feedback from them.  I have not done a tutorial in a while due to life changes in helping to care for my mother.  I just don't have the large chunks of time I used to have and tutorials are very time consuming to create.

Here is my proposal:  Would any of you be interested in following along with a new tutorial that was presented step-by-step on a weekly basis, where a project would be built from start to finish over a span of several weeks?  This I could manage.  Depending on the feedback I get I will decide whether to go through with this plan.  If you are interested I would love to hear what it is you would like to learn, a technique or a specific project you would like to try, that way I can develop a free class based on those ideas.  Let me know what you think!

I hope your day is graced with beauty!


kimber said...

I love your work and would love to do a step by step tutorial with you! I am so glad that you are on the mend. Those spiders can be nasty! I am also happy that you got to spend time in your studio and I cannot wait to see your heritage pieces!!

Vee said...

Congratulations on your project being accepted! I am so thrilled about this that I will absolutely be purchasing that publication.

Yes, I, too, would enjoy a step by step project. I am intrigued by what you are working on with your mother's photo because it so happens that I have some clothing and linens that could be used for a greater purpose than being tucked away in drawers and trunks.

Oh, and if you ever find out what to do with lopped off braids and even human hair buns, do tell. =D Geesh. My family has saved some strange things.

So good to read that you are feeling better. Nothing like losing three weeks to a spider's bites.

Leanne said...


and as for the class -- yes, so long as you keep a little catalog of links so I don't accidentally miss a step!

Leanne said...

I just read Vee's comment. I have some of my mother-in-law's hair that her mother kept from when she was a little girl. I have no idea what to do with them either.

bobbie said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better!
Congrats on being chosen for Somerset ~ and I am burning with curiosity to see your finished Heritage piece!
I would love for you to do a step by step tutorial; week by week would be great for my schedule. Agree with the suggestion about a list o' links...

Createology said...

Congratulations on being published as that is quite the accomplishment. Your work is amazing and I would be thrilled to follow a weekly tutorial class. Thank you for offering such a generous "free" opportunity in these times of economic struggles. Heritage theme would be fantastic as I too have lots very old sentimental pieces (including my very own hair I have saved bits of).
Healing Hugs as you continue to feel better my dear. Blessings...

amy of four corners design said...

yes - congrats on the somerset studio inclusion! though it will be good to see your 5"x5" in print, I'm sure it is much more stunning in person!
best on continued recovery!

Dorthe said...

Dear Sandy,
congratulations on the publishing in Somerset Studios, which I regularely recieves, So I will look so much forward reading the artickle.
You are very generous in proposing a free tutorial, on weekly basis- and I would love to follow ,any kind you could imagine. That being said I LOVE the pages you created for your first book- which luckily was returned to you again- with the nature theme and birds-- in fact love all you have made with birds!
Thankyou for being asked.
I very seldom have the loud on, when blogging, but have today, and your music is gorgeous, Sandy.

Blessings from Cindy said...

Sandy~ I am so happy for you to get your creation in Somerset Studios! You deserve it! Of course, I would love to participate in an ongoing tutorial!! So glad you are feeling better.

Amy said...

I can't wait to see the finished project with your mother's picture. Congratulations on your publication in Somerset Studio.

Lululiz said...

Your sneak peek has me wanting to see more more more!It promises something quite wonderful. Congratulations on being published, thats wonderful news. Tutorials, I would love to see step by step weekly tutorials, on whatever you chose, I just love seeing how other people create things.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sandy!:O Being on a blogging break has meant lots of posts being missed. It seems like every time I miss a few of yours-I miss something big:(

I am so sorry you got a spider bite. How horrid.

I am glad you are on the mend. I must add you to my new (private) blog reader.

Big hugs.

The French Bear said...

Sandy, yes and yes again!!!
Margaret B

Katherine Wolak said...

I adore your work and I would love to see a project spanning over some time. :) Fabulous project!


Lorrie Orr said...

Congratulations on the publication, Sandy. And I'm so glad to hear that you are on the mend. Spider bites - yikes!

I'd be interested in a step by step tutorial as well.

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Way to go Miss sandy - I´m so happy your book in going to be published for a huge audience - finally. I´m SO happy for you and it´s so well deserved. Doing to happy dance for you and when I get my copy I´ll show it to everyone and tell them 'I have one of her book too' - yeahhh :-)

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