Thursday, March 26, 2015


"Flowers and butterflies drift in color, illuminating spring."
~ Author Unknown ~

I have been as busy a bee in a field full of clover these past weeks working through my beginner metalsmithing class.  I am super excited about what I am learning and buzzing with ideas of how it can enhance my art.  Right now my focus has been in using the techniques I am learning on jewelry making and as soon as I have a good foundation of skills built up I plan to expand into other mediums.

With springs arrival I have been anticipating the return of things with wings that delight my soul...migrating birds, chubby bumble bees, ethereal moths, fluttering butterflies, even the loud cadence of the cicadas.  One of my first projects after learning a texture and patina lesson on copper was to make something with the piece of metal.  I decided to keep it pretty simple and create a butterfly pendant.

Wings beating against the air over a field of wildflowers, a day spent with my daughter when we saw the mighty hand of protection shadow us from what could have been a dangerous situation..this memory darted through my mind as I cut, filed, and formed.  The wings a meadows drum beat, delicately silent but powerful, able to defy gravity and float on the wind.  So many butterflies that day, maybe more than I have ever seen in one natural setting before.

I wanted to capture their soft delicacy and strength in this piece.  Metal, I am finding, can be a tricky thing to work with.  A piece needs good use of balance as to not make it too heavy or overpowering visually or too weighty for wear.  How you choose to create your focal point dictates your choices in finishing a piece with wire and beading.

I think I achieved what I set out to do with this piece, it has good balance between hard and soft and after giving it the "wear test" (long enough to test the connections, comfort, and drape, but long enough to fall in love and claim it for my own) I am pleased with the outcome for a beginner piece.  My favorite part of this piece are the curved wire antenna.

A butterflies antenna are a sensory appendage that they use for sense of smell and balance.  That day in the meadow, my daughter sensed something was wrong and gently guided my attention to it.  Silent prayers were sent winging their way heavenward and a way of escape was made where none could be seen.  Even thinking about it gives me butterflies in my stomach.  Oddly enough, it was a butterfly that caught my attention and directed my gaze to a clear path away from danger.

Thank you humble butterfly and thank you Mighty God for divine intervention.



bobbie said...

Breath-takingly beautiful!!
I'm so glad you found safety ~

Vee said...

You are always pushing to learn more and more and more. Your necklace is lovely. Now I'm curious about that day of danger when a butterfly and the hand of God rescued you and your daughter.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Incredible piece - and so full of meaning to you. I'm anxious to see more metal creations!

Ani said...

I LOVE what you have created, such talent you have in your heart and hands. Thank you for sharing your special piece.

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