Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You Make My Day.....

You have the Grammy's, the Emmy's, the Oscars, the Dove's, and now we have the Bloggies! Yes, that is right there is a hot new awards ceremony going on world round via the internet! The awards are varied and virtual and oh so much fun to give and to receive. The best part is you don't have to sing, dance, or act to receive one! (Good thing cause I'd be left out with my two left feet, clappin' to the off beat, joyful noise makin' self!)

I was nominated as a recipient for the "You Make My Day Award" by Lidy of French Garden House and Nancy of Fete et Fleur, two sweeter ladies you will not find. Now I get to pass this lovely little bright blue button on to 10 other people!

The "You Make My Day" Bloggie award rules are as follows, the recipient of the award will pass it on to 10 recipients of their choice, you may receive this award more than once, and you must list your 10 recipients, say why you are choosing them, link to their blog, and finally leave them a little note to drop by your blog for a surprise!
It is with heartfelt gratitude that I accept and then pass along these rewards to some bloggie buddies who always make my day. So it is without further ado, the envelope please!

And the Bloggies, in no particular order, go to.....

1. Vee of A Haven for Vee! I can't remember how I found Vee and her blog but I am so glad I did. She is witty, wise, and wonderful AND she used to be a teacher! I love teachers! She was not just any teacher but and English teacher, my very favorite kind! I love her dry sense of humor and she is such a special part of my morning routine, I have to hop over there and see what she is up to. I love you Ms. Vee!

2. Cindy of Cindy is Crafty! I found Cindy while searching for crafty blogs and hers certainly fits the bill. Cindy has the most wonderful sense of humor and we shoot off one liner’s to each other via email and she cracks me up! I usually pop in her every day and she always has something interesting or quirky and especially crafty to share. We found out that we are the same age so we have a lot of shared growing up memories of times and such. This lady has a very big heart and I have declared her to be craft queen!

3. Lidy of French Garden House! I know, Lidy gave me one of mine but I have to give her one too, she was my very first bloggie friend! Lidy and I met during a crisis and partnered in prayer. I find her faith refreshing and her strength in adversity incredible. I hope to meet her for real some day! Lidy's blog is delightful, full of wonderful finds and always uplifting.

4. Nancy of Fete et Fleur! Yes, I am returning this one too! Nancy is an amazing artist but more than that she is an amazing person. We have shared many emails and I am so excited to see her gaining confidence and making her splash into the art world and I feel privileged to cheer her on. Nancy has shown herself through her emails to be an extremely caring person who is strong in her faith and I am so glad our paths crossed.

5. Nancy's husband, Bill, of Loving Her Beautiful! How could I not give this guy an award for starting a blog about wanting to understand his wife? Bill says that, "If to know her is to love her, then to love her is to know her." His blog journey is to discover his wife through her world of creative expression but most importantly, to love her beautiful! (OK gals, pick yourselves up from that swoon, he's very married and very Nancy's!)

6. Dawn of The Feathered Nest! Dawn is also another of those amazing artists that I have the privilege of being friendly with. I am excited to watch her new path unfold as she stepped out on faith to follow her bliss and has had some amazing opportunities open up for her in just the past couple of months. I love seeing her gain confidence in her art but more than that Dawn has a giving spirit and such an open hand.

7. Lori of Faerie Window! Lori is also an artist and she is an encourager! I see her little cute pink hat wearin' kitty icon all over the blog world and she always leaves behind her a kind word. I love to visit her blog and she has become an important part of my world. Lori's creations are wonderful and I love her style!

8. Corey of Tongue In Cheek! Corey is the reason I started a blog! I read an article written and photographed by Corey and became intrigued by blogging. Hers was the very first one I ever visited and I fell in love with the idea of connecting with those from far away places and varied interests. She is a woman of faith who is funny, romantic, and totally real.

9. Denise of Pinkpomegranate! Pinkie Denise is a true sweetheart and she has exceptional taste and the best, most fabulous collections I’ve ever seen! She is also a talented artist who makes dolls. I delight in visiting her blog, it is so pretty and feminine. Pinkie Denise is a woman of faith who is dedicated to her family and delight to the blog world.

10. Vickie of Sand Flat Farm! Vickie is an en plein air painter who paints the most truly realistic paintings I’ve ever seen. Her favorite paintings are from her trips to Mexico and are bold, colorful, and delightful. She is a woman of deep faith who alongside of her husband is in the process of collecting wonderful cottage shabby chic finds for the farmhouse, which has been in the family since the 30's, they are renovating.

This concludes the Bloggies ceremony, and remember, you all make my day!

Miss Sandy


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Any day I visit you YOU MAKE MY DAY! You are an encourager, uplifter and wonderful friend.

xo Lidy

Lori said...

well thank you SO much Miss Sandy!!! you just made my day:) thanks for the very sweet words that you said, you really are the nicest girl and i'm glad that i found you:)

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Thanks, Ma'am! Right back at ya. Glad that I cracky you up AND inspire you!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Sandy, you have got to be the sweetest soul in the land of Blog!! Thank you so very much for such sweet words spoken about me! You always have a kind word at the ready, thank you for that ~ I am honored and humbled to accept your award....xxoo, Dawn

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

The Bloggies! Love it! :>

Thank you for this honor, Miss Sandy. It brought tears to my eyes. You're a sweetheart, didja know that?

Loving Her Beautiful said...

Hello, Miss Sandy,
Wow! Thank you so much for this award! Our blog community is blessed with so many creative and delightful people, I'm honored to be listed among them.
I love your writing! My goal in my own writing is to try to make it sing -- and yours is truly beautiful music!

Fete et Fleur said...

Hello again Sweet Lady. Thank you for this lovely award!! I have often come to your blog to be refreshed and I feel honored you would feel the same way about mine.

Hugs and Blessings Dear One!

The Tattered Rose said...

Hi! I found your blog through the swap at GypsyMermaidLife (i'm in that one, too) and I thoroughly enjoyed your bloggies and your recipe swap looked yummy! Great eye candy and real recipes. I wanted to invite you to visit my blog and to think about joining my St. Paddy's Day Swap.
Cheers, Trish G.

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