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Mind Wide Open Art Challenge.....

Here is my entry for the Mind Wide Open Art Challenge hosted by Gail of Mind Wide Open and Shabby Cottage Studio Blog! The rules of participation were easy, use the image Gail provided with the word prompt of "Remembrance" to jump start your art piece. Any media was welcome with one week to complete the piece and send her the photos. The winner will receive a $20.00 shopping spree at Shabby Cottage Studio for altered art, collage, and paper art supplies with free shipping!This is a linking post to Gail's blog where you are invited to vote for your favorite featured art piece! You can only vote once. Visit here to vote! (Click on photos to enlarge for better viewing.)

For my project I chose to use the image in three different sizes printed on muslin. I happened upon a small tin pail with a patina that reminded me of the background of the image and decided to incorporate the two into my collage. I thought about the prompt word, "Remembrance" a lot. Remembrance is the act of remembering, the ability to remember, or a memorial. A memorial is an object that serves as a memory of something usually a person (who has died) or an event.

I started out with a totally different idea and while searching through some old personal memorabilia I came across some letters my aunt had written to me not long before she passed away. Three words in her beautiful script captured my attention, "Just a reminder ~".
This sent me off on a new creative path. I wanted my project to be a "Remembrance" object to serve as a memory for my Aunt Susie as well as a reminder for an event that I need to participate in often.After triple matting one of the muslin printed images, I scanned the letter, edited it to get the size and words I needed and then printed her handwriting on muslin, which I tore into a strip and determined the placement on my pail. As an added detail, I used old buttons to anchor the ends of the script strip. I added a band of chocolate brown velvet and organza ribbon around the pail. To finish off the front of the pail, I embellished it with a golden key tied with a snippet of old lace and a shabby satin ribbon, gluing it to the ribbon band. I added a spay of paper roses, velvet leaves, and a gold heart shaped lock knotted with another snip of shabby lace. Below the key is a Scripture reference printed on muslin, torn and glued in place and topped off with another vintage button.To the back of the pail a larger matted image was applied. Over the image is a little lace edged muslin book. Printed on the book cover is a Scripture that showcases the word "Remembrance". The book is held closed by a vintage button glued to a small magnet. When the magnet is removed, the book can be opened, revealing the larger image behind it and a smaller image on the inside of the book with another word from my aunt's script, "anything." Another paper rose and velvet leaf are added adornment as well as well as an initial "cameo" that I made from some old junk jewelry, a scrap of paper and an initial "S" sticker. It is topped off with a vintage lace bow.

To finish off the project, I add some dangling vintage lace trim to the rim of the pail and a bow of old lace and another paper rose to the pail handle.
I love the play of the soft laces, ribbon, and roses against the hardness of the pail. I carefully chose each embellishment that would be meaningful to me.

Sometimes, like the wistful image, I find myself "locked" in a pose or position, my position being worry. This gets me tied up in knots.
This is where the Scripture I chose comes into play. It is the "key" to my being able to remain as serene and peaceful as the image appears. In the letter my aunt wrote me, she penned the words, "Just a reminder ~", which were followed by her telling me that if I ever needed anything, to just let her know. If I wanted to talk, I could call her collect, she would always be available and never to busy to hear from me.

This brings me to the event that I need to participate in when worry assails, that event is prayer. My aunt's message brings to "Remembrance" the words of Christ, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world gives, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."
Prayer is the "key" to "unlocking my heart" that is over wrought with emotions and to restoration of serenity and peace. When I unbutton the little book and fold back its cover I see the image of peace and the hand scrawled message of "anything". I can go to my Heavenly Father for "anything", all I need do is let Him know I want to talk. All calls to Him are free of charge. He is always available and never too busy to hear from me. These are the same conditions my Aunt Susie gave me in her letter, they are unconditional and offered out of a heart of love.

The cameo featuring the "S" is for Susie and her love for me.
It also represents the holy Spirit which brings to my "Remembrance" all things they have said to me, taught me, desire for me. These words are a gift to me. My aunt knew how troubled my heart was at the time and how fearful I was of circumstances beyond my control. Her words were meant to soothe and comfort me. The Lord knows these are still constant needs in my life, soothing freedom from fear and comfort for a troubled heart. I graciously accepted both their gifts of a listening ear and found my position changed from panic to peace. This is my "Remembrance" piece for retaining peace .What will I do with my little pail? I have already filled it with shredded French papers, a little blank journal my daughter gave me and a pen. I will also be adding some note cards. This piece will rest on my desk as a stationary caddy!

Miss Sandy


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh Miss Sandy,

The thought and love that went into this piece is so clearly evident.
It is wonderful how you tied the word rememberance with scripture,your aunt's love and collected it all in one beautiful pail.

I'm off to vote!

The Feathered Nest said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Sandy....I just love it! You truly are an artist...I'm so glad you entered!! xxoo, Dawn

vikki said...

hi sandy, i love your site. ♥ dawn~ told me about you. you do a wonderful job explaining 'how*to's. your entry is soo lovely, and meaningful. i really love the inspirations, scriptures ~ peaceful feeling ♥ will visit agin, soon. blessings and hugs, vikki ♥

Miss.Maddie's said...

This is just beautiful Sandy. A perfect way to remember your Aunt, placed upon your desk it will a constant comfort to the friendship you shared.

Kim said...

You've put so much thought and detail into this! It's lovely and good luck to you , too. :)

Miss Rhea said...

That is gorgeous Sandy !! I will have to go vote !! :)

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Awesome job, Sandy!

Deb said...

Hi Sandy
Thank you for visiting my blog & your kind comment. Your "Remembrance" piece is just gorgeous. This was such a fun art challenge.

Lori said...

Miss Sandy, your remembrance piece is truly lovely:) good luck with the contest!
i think you had a make~over here while i was on looks beautiful!!!

KathrynAntyr said...

First, I'd like to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving the comments. I'm glad that you liked my digital collage. I invite you to visit my blog as I've left some details about my piece. You'll learn a little bit about my grandmother too.

You've done a wonderful job in sharing your process and the details that went into your finished piece. Looking at your little pail has so much meaning and love in it. Thanks for sharing!

Shopgirl said...

Thank You for coming to my blog....this has been so much fun. I feel like a winner because you came to call. Good luck, it is really pretty.

Viola said...

So lovely! Wonderful piece!! :o)

Pat Winter said...

Sandy, what a lovely piece with a lot of meaning. Love the lace dripping from the top of your pail. Beautiful job.

Alexandra Knittel said...

So much beautiful details. This is a wonderful tin. Love it!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Hello Miss Sandy!
I love your entry! It is the one I'd pick ~ so original and very enchanting and beautiful! I just discovered the Shabby Cottage and ordered some digital collage sheets and they are so fabulous!!!
Good fortune to your entry!

I also gave you an award on my blog, You may have already won it or you may not do these things ~ but to me you are one of the most favorite places I visit in blog land. I love to see what you are creating, saying, and especially your witness! And I just wanted to honor you for all of that.
Many Blessings dear one,

Sherry Goodloe said...

Sandy Sandy Sandy . . . love this pail you made! And thank you for your sweet comment on my atc that I entered. xoxoxo

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

What a creative mind you have to come up with such a special piece so personal to're amazing!

Thanks so much for the congrats and good wishes. They are most welcome and much appreciated.

Marilyn said...

Miss Sandy, your remembrance pail is just lovely! I like how each detail is meaningful and how special that your Aunt Susie's own handwriting is part of the creation. Very nice!
Thanks for your visit to my blog and your nice comment:)

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