Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Something To Blog About.....

Sorry to have dropped off radar for a few days, we had a renter move out and lets just say the condition of the property was less than stellar. We have spent several days of hard scrubbing, repair, and painting to get the place back in shape. Now that my Cinderella duty is over I can resume normal activities. The only thing is, I can't think of what to blog about. (Insert very long pause here while I am thinking)

How about how I kept myself occupied while I was recovering from pneumonia? I went shopping, online of course, to a couple of my favorite Etsy stores. I was in the mood for some international flair so the first stop was over at 5 Dollar French General where trims, tags, and tiara's reign! A little Paris journal caught my fancy and into my cart it went. Love the pretty packaging...
After sashaying through more tempting little tid bits I came across a French Ephemera Set that was a must have so it joined the journal. This kit came with pattern pieces, paper flowers, crepe paper, bias tape and lace, silver bakers twine and tinsel, as well as a flock of little paper punched birds! After savoring and wavering over the ohh la la luscious ribbon choices I decided to call it a day and bid this delicious site Au revior!

Next I went over to Beth's, Sugar Pink Moon. This is the package I received after ordering, just look at that darling piece of vinatage ephemra and bright blue biased tape ribbon! And Beth tucked in a little extra goodie, one of her hand made collage tags, just darling. I love it!
I took a detour to the left of the sugar pink moon and landed smack in the middle of a quaint German village where hens were being tended by a sweet little Fraulein. The village was astir with activity, the baker had been busy making breads and pretzels and the prize pig thinks a playful ride on the einkaufswagen (cart) is all in good fun! I was enchanted by these vintage embossed German die cut calendar tops so I purchased them. I intend to frame them and hang them in my kitchen nook. I can't decide about the bottom of the die cut, to leave it or cut it away. If I leave it I will alter it a bit with some sort of quote or saying. I said auf wiedersehen to all the pretties there and decided to call it a day.

I had one more purchase to research so off to google I went and trying to become savvy on sewing machines is hard work! I received a Singer sewing machine and a beautiful desk like cabinet for my thirteenth birthday and it stood me in good stead until a few years ago when it gave up the ghost. It was beyond repair and I let it go. I then used my mother-in-laws old Singer, a fifty pound portable with slipping tension, wonky bouncing bobbin, and the sound of a freight train roar when it sewed. Needless to say it stayed in the cupboard more than I used it because of the frustration factor. It would do in a pinch for minor repairs. Well, it gave up the ghost too. So whats a girl to do but seek out a replacement?

Have mercy sewing machines have changed! Did you know that they can practically cook dinner, they are that fancy? Did you know that the price tag on new sewing machines are that fancy too? I had no idea! I had very low expectations of what I wanted a machine to do. My requirements were to sew a straight line, a few fancy stitches (for sewing paper projects), and a one step button hole maker. That's it. After a good amount of research I felt ready to venture out to actually look at machines.

Once I was on the mend Handy Hubby and I went into the city in search of the perfect machine. Let me just say that his idea of perfect and mine were on different ends of the spectrum. We get in the store and I am eyeing modest models and he is enraptured by a behemoth of a machine that needs and computer technician with extensive training to run it! All's he sees is bushels of buttons to push and program, a computer cord which allows you to download stuff to or from the smarter than you machine. AND it does embroidery to boot!

I saw the wheels in that man's head turnin'! He was about to set me up in some sort of monogramin' business. I saw a future of pocket patches flash before my eyes and the thought of embroidering "Billy Bud" on bowling league shirts for the rest of my life was just not that appealin' to me. He did his best to get me to look at that machine. I gave it the once over, sniffed, and said that took all the pleasure out of hand stitching.

He tried to convince me that I could monogram stuff for him. "Like what?", I asked. "I don't know, stuff." The man cannot resist a fine piece of technology even if it is a fancy sewing/embroidery machine that he has no idea what we would use it for, but its buttons make it irresistible. I gently explain that I don't need, want, or even desire such a wonder and I ask him if he actually looked at the price tag. He choked. I decided this was best handled on my own and suggested a recovery trip to the electronics store.

I did find a great machine the other day, it was on sale for a great price. I am amazed at its feather like weight, quite sound, and smooth as butter stitching. Much to Handy Hubby's delight it is computerized!
I love that it is dumbed down enough that I can actually work it. It has 60 built-in stitches, 7 styles of auto-sized buttonholes, and 100 stitch functions, I don't know what exactly all the means yet but I'll find out as soon as I can get through the manual. They let me play with it in the store and I was smitten. It looks fab on my new sewing table and I have my first project all lined up.

I want to make a simple summer shoulder bag. I got a pattern and two pieces of material from the bargain table to give it a go.
I have not done any formal sewing in a long time so I am quite rusty and I think this simple project will give me the feel for the new machine and get me back in the groove. Why this sudden interest in sewing? Well, as you know our second grandchild will make an appearance in September and since we recently found out its a GIRL this Hannah will be brushing up on her skills to stitch up some pretty dresses!

Now I am off to contemplate what to blog about next.

Miss Sandy


Anonymous said...

Oh what pretties Sandy! I LOVE those German die-cuts. What sweet children and scenes.
I hope Hannah will make the sweet new baby a sundress using a vintage handkerchief as the bodice.

LiLi M. said...

Hello Miss Sandy,

For someone who doesn't know what to blog about you sure made an interesting post, some people that think that they do know what they have to blog about could better take a look over here! I love what you bought! That must have speeded up your recovery! I keep that in mind ;-)
My 1950-ties sewing machine is broken too, and I didn't have the courage to bring it to the repair shop yet, as I am very attached to it, I inherited it from my mother, and I'm affraid that they will tell me that this machine cannot be repaired either. But your experience with a new machine and its possibilities has cheered me up a little, thanks for that. Have a nice day!

Lori said...

Miss Sandy, you sure found a lot of fun things at etsy...i really love those sweet german die cuts, they are really adorable...have fun with your new toy!!!

Vee said...

If there's a sewing machine that cooks dinner I want it! I have been seriously considering upgrading, too. But I've been thinking of Craigslist or something like that. ;>

I love the look of your new machine and can only imagine the delights that will be rolling off your sewing table for the new grandgirlie.

What's a girl to do except for shop? It's so easy with all the delicious sites available. Enjoy your treasures.

Oh, just so you know, a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. is blog worthy. ;>

Andrea said...

I love the French journal and the trims - everything! Your new machine looks great! I have to admit that I'm not good at sewing, but so wish I were. Your first project looks like fun. I know you'll enjoy. Blessings to you. Have a great evening.


Lady Farmer said...

Wow! Seeing all your delightful online purchases ALMOST make me want to be sick again!
I especially love the little paper punch birds ( you know I like birds) and the German die-cuts! And I so admire your sewing table top! Your choice of fabric for the shoulder bag is great ~ can't believe you found that in the bargin bin! Hope you show it to us when it is finished.
And I can attest to the fact that sewing for granddaughters is even more fun that sewing for daughters!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I just love it when your hubbie goes shopping with you! Thank you for the giggle this afternoon.

I have been contemplating a new machine too. I have one of my mom's old JC Penney machines. When I pushed on the floor pedal sometimes it crackles...like it is shorting out. The bobbin catches all of the time and it snags finer material... Your's looks very interesting. You will have to let me know how you like it after you make that cute summer tote!

Becky K. said...

I admire those who can sew. I have not caught on to that skill yet...may never...but I love to see what you talented people produce.

Too bad about the situation with your property and the need for your cleaning skills. Goes with the territory I hear. We had tenants in one property for about two years and all went well...but we were blessed and it was just one property and two sets of tenants.


Becky K.

Susie said...

For someone who had nothing to blog about you sure came up with a lovely post Sandy.

When I feel "blogless" you won't see a post from me for several days.

TinyBear said...

Great stuff. I love that French Journal and the trims too.
Thanks for sharing.
Tina x

KathyB. said...

So funny and so true! Shopping with my Hubby is often more expensive in the end....and I must say, it is so sweet of him to be generous..but all those bells and whistles that impress him just scare me and I know they will cost a lot more to fix, should I ever figure them out!

Lovely little things you bought from Etsy...I think I need a shopping trip!

kathy said...

Sandy , glad you are out and about -- yes I too have to hop about to see goodies - paper is my downfall -- You things are wonderful -- Congrats on the machine !!- Someone the other day said there are certain needles you need to sew paper -- HMMM - am trying to unearth my inherited machine from all the boxes and supplies on top --WAs wondering -- any HINTS !! Kathy - ga

Barbara H. said...

What pretties! I loved your story about buying a sewing machine. Your husband sounds a lot like mine!

Thankfully my little 29-year-old Sears Kenmore is still holding its own, but I have been dreading the day I will need a new one, fearing I'll have to learn sewing all over again with one of those "new-fangled" machines. The one you got sounds perfect.

I haven't sewn in a long time, either, but have some curtain fabric waiting for me...

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I can't wait to see what you create with your new machine.

Thank you for introducing me to the $5 French Store. :)

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