Friday, January 22, 2010


Farmhouse is a general term for the main house of a farm. It is a type of building or house which serves a residential purpose in a rural or agricultural setting. Most often, the surrounding environment will be a farm.

Expressive Style:
a way of expressing something (in language or art or music or decor etc.) that is characteristic of a particular person or group of people or period.
(Country Living)

I have been back from the farm for a few days but have had much to catch up on here at home. I spent a great deal of time last week trying to make decisions on color pallets, style choices, and trying to find the direction I wanted to take to freshen and lighten up the oh so 70's style that currently resides there. I knew it needed to be something clean lined yet charming, uncluttered looking, and easy to care for without being sterile or cold.
(Country Living)

Since every room in the house, save the utility/mud room, is covered in paneling I decided rather than go to the expense and time consuming efforts of removing it and hanging new sheet rock, that I would just paint it. Not the ideal solution but there is a certain charm to country decor with a grooved painted wall.

(Country Living)

Decorating in a Farmhouse Style is stepping out of the box for me. I am a tried and true Country Cottage Style kind of gal, however, I find this style very appealing with its mix of modern and rustic elements. Peppered throughout this post are a few ideas that I found at Country Living. I love this crisp white shelf and trim around the window featured below, filled with pottery and the modern slip covered chair with the country table setting.
(Country Living)

There is a double window in the kitchen over the table that looks out on the old barn that this idea would fit perfectly. In lieu of pottery, I'd like to use some of my grandmothers dishes.

The colors in this bedroom appeal to me but what drew me in is the buttery soft plaster wall. (Country Living)

I was thinking that I could try Karla's technique if I decided to tackle the idea. I also love the simplicity of the artwork hung above the bed. I was thinking how I could press and dry some of the flowers from my grandmother's garden to create something similar.

For the second bedroom I love the idea of this hefty wooden bed frame. (Country Living)

I am not sure of the condition of the wood but I would love to salvage enough from The Old House to construct the frame leaving it in its silver gray weathered condition. I like the slightly masculine feel to this room. The second bedroom belonged to my uncle and I'd like to use some of his things in there. I think I would soften the look with a lighter color pallet, white sheers at the windows, and softer neutral bedding and pillows still keeping the feel only more light and airy.

I adore the idea of a painted floor as seen in this photo. (Country Living)

Handy Hubby and I have not reached an agreement on flooring. Right now the whole house is covered in vinyl which is very easy to care for but not so pretty to look at. I once did a hand painted floor in what is now my writing cottage and I loved it. I sealed it with an oil based polyurethane and it yellowed a bit and looked like aged vintage patterned linoleum. I painted it right on the sub~flooring and it wore like a dream with easy clean up.

I could so see this wall grouping in either my home here or at the farm. (Country Living)

Love it! There are some old prints in my grandmothers home that would be perfect as well as a few plates plucked from the cabinet. I have a couple of old etched mirrors one round and one square that I could use.

Most of the cleaning and sorting is finished with just one the small hall closet and kitchen pantry left to sift through. We began the painting process, starting with the utility/mud room just off of the kitchen and hall. Handy Hubby repaired a bad spot in the ceiling... You will notice that there is no clothes dryer. Granny would not use one, she hung her clothes dry. The bulky hot water heater is being replaced by a tankless hot water heater system, making room for a dryer to be installed. I plan to put some shelving up above in this alcove area.

Hmmm, I am thinking new flooring... In a gray and white checked pattern. I want to use industrial tiles in the kitchen and utility/mud room. I am still searching for the right color and style of tiles.

For this wall between the washer and the door leading into the hall I am looking for the prefect rustic piece of furniture to house a few needful appliances. The kitchen has zero counter space and since it is only a few steps away I want to relocate the small counter top appliances to this area. Beside the desired piece next to the hall door I want to install an upper and lower set of coat hooks of some sort. I am scoping out the junk pile where all old farm things go to die for something neat for this project.

Vertical cabinetry is being installed on either side of the door leading into the kitchen to house cleaning supplies, household tools, and little extras. I purchased a hanging system for the broom, mop, iron, ironing board, etc. I wish there where a broom closet but no such luck. It will kind of be hidden beside the cabinets by the back door.(My first accessory purchase for the farm house!)

In a perfect pairing of colors this is the pallet I chose for this room...
Creamy ceilings, crisp white trim, a soft bluish green for the walls, and a gull gray for the door. Here is a sneak peek at the work in progress... The lighting when I took this photo does not give the true color justice here. We are looking for two more matching cabinets to take these all the way up to the ceiling if possible, if not maybe some open shelving or just some decorating space. I found a couple of gems in the shed that will make wonderful accessories for this space.
(Country Living)

Finding my Farmhouse style and putting into play has been labor intensive so I am taking the weekend off to just enjoy being at home. I plan to play in the studio all day tomorrow!

What is your favorite decorating style?

Miss Sandy


Charlene said...

Looks like things are coming along nicely. I wish I had things cleaned & sorted through. Arrrrrrg I feel everything is a mess. I am working on files. Old files from the attic. Sorting, tossing, shredding... paper seems never ending. That will teach me about sending him to the attic with a box of files. One box up & 6 down. His comment "we need to get rid of these". YOU KNOW WHO THE WE IS DON'T YOU? Yep...ME Did you get your soldering iron? Have a great weekend. Charlene

Vee said...

You've made a wonderful start, Miss Sandy. The colors, the repair, goodness, just the figuring out what you'd like is a lot of work. Wonderful that you have a handy hubby who enjoys a project. I do hope that he will defer to you on much of this project since you probably have the best sense of home as regards Looking forward to seeing this project, these many projects, come together.

Barbara H. said...

I like many of these ideas. We painted paneling in our family room and loved how it brightened it up.

I like the Country Cottage and "Romantic" styles best.

Bonita said...

Great ideas! Is this going to be a vacation home or are you moving there? I was unclear.

KathyB. said...

This post expresses my ideal color palette perfectly. I have pretty much always been drawn to these colors, even when the stores sold only earth tones of green, gold, and brown. I think the nice thing about this decorating palette is that to spice up or change the look of a room, seasonably all you need is pillows, throws and accents. Also, for me, a room bathed in the whites and variations of it allow my mind to soar creatively and for some reason I do not feel encumbered or cluttered even if the room is small and full of stuff. Love this post~

sonya said...

Hi Sandy, You have been busy, haven't you? You've got a lot done. I like your ideas. I love farmhouse style. It's simple and clean. But my favorite is cottage and romantic style too. I am getting ready to move into a new home and not sure what to do yet on the decorating. I'm excited but kind of overwhelmed at the same time. We've been looking for a house for over a year. Still not the "perfect" house. But I think that one is in heaven that Jesus is preparing for us. Don't you think? I am 46 years old and I don't like to move! But this is the final one (I hope).
I hope you enjoy your weekend.
Grace and peace to you, Sonya

Helen Read said...

inspiring, Sandy! Keep us posted!

KayC. said...

I love the farm house style...I live in a tri-level,built in the 60's house,that sits on a farm. By the time we are though with the house it will look like a farm house because we are adding a sunroom, wrap-around porch, shutters or/and window boxes, and paint it a nice barn red with white trim. And that is just the outside stuff! I have a great husband who see my dreams for our home and then fulfills them. Also I have used those floor tiles that are like the ones you see in stores and schools...they are the best! You can get them in many different a home depot or lowes. You may have to order in a color but they are well worth it.

The Feathered Nest said...

What fun Sandy!!! I know it's hard work but how wonderful to see the transformation!! I love farmhouse style as it is classic to me, timeworn elements mixed with a little new is so gorgeous ~ Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us, I can't wait to see more!!! hugs and love, Dawn

LiLi M. said...

I think you have chosen so well! I always think it is so hard to choose a style, I like a lot, too much maybe. And I cannot say goodbye easily to things I inherited from my parents, but on the other hand I don't want to live in a copy of their house. We live in a house from the 19th century which isn't always easy to decorate, I think, the ceilings are high, about 13 feet high, but the average furniture isn't made to fit here, furniture is easily dollhouse furniture over here, out of proportion. I want to do some make overs and then start redecorating the living room again. I might learn a lot from your excellent ideas and style.
I sent you the matchbox last Monday, but it may take about a week at least to reach you. Somehow I always get a little nervous when a swap is sent of, I do hope you like it. Have a very nice weekend, warm wishes from afar.

Anonymous said...

Sandy, I think "Farmhouse" is the new moniker for "country" because so many people began to equate "country" with "tacky". Such a shame! Because to me, "country" denotes just a more relaxed, casual lifestyle. I think you have just hit the nail on the head here! Lovely! Everything's lovely!


Vickie said...

Hi Miss Sandy -been awhile since I've been by. I see you're embarking on a remodeling/redecorating project at your farmhouse. It will be very interesting to me - that's what we've been working on the last 2 years, and we have the bulk of ours done now. Just tweaking a little. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

chicroses said...

Not sure if I have left a message before to you but Ive visited your grandmothers farm here and so wanted to see the farm house.Beautiful place and so peaceful and how lucky you are to be able to live there.I grew up on a farm and now live in well a new home and a lot. I have these thoughts of wanting to live in open spaces..anyway love your country living pics. Especially the black iron bed pic. I looked again at the pics of barns and noticed the bedsprings. My sister at halloween had 3 springs with little pumpkins on each on her kitchen table..with a felt kind of halloween table darling..just idea for you when you get settled. Sally

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I can see all the loveliness in my mind. It will be so much fun to follow your transformations.

Deborah said...

I can't wait to see what decorating ideas you come up with. You have some excellent ideas so far.

Linda said...

I love this style very, very much and am enjoying seeing your progress and ideas.

Hope you have a blessed new week,

Jennifer said...

I love the simplicity of the bedrooms - I was a fussy fancy person at one time with lots of stuff - when I was diagnosed with Cancer this summer (good prognosis) I just didn't want stuff anymore - lots of light and color and air... I'm working on it... this was wonderful... thanks again. Jennifer lovely music

Celestial Charms said...

Oh Miss Sandy,
You are working on so many things, bless your heart. I'm exhausted after reading you post ;)
No, seriously I think everything is going to look lovely. I love so many styles, I have a difficult time sticking to just one when I'm decorating. You seem to be well organized and that will result in a beautiful ending.

Tricia said...

I enjoyed reading your post about your plan for the farmhouse. It helped me to think about a plan for a cottage we are planning to build on the lake. I liked the idea of finding photos and then blogging about them. I love the country farmhouse - brings back great memories of my Mamaw's farm and house where I spent many wonderful hours. Thanks for sharing and I hope you enjoyed your weekend off. I imagine it was a lot of work thinking and locating and posting your ideas. I'm glad you decided to take the time to share with us.


Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

I love farmhouse style too. Your inspiration photos are also some of my saved favourites. I will be back to see more of your blog.

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