Friday, January 15, 2010


"Collecting is my joy; it gives me great satisfaction."

~Ursula Andress~
I can be a collector of random and curious things as the following photos will prove. Often these items end up in my art or decor. I rarely buy without a plan or project in mind. Living in a cottage with limited space keeps my collections at a minimum so I have to selective. I gathered up my most recent finds from several outings to share with you today, little bits old, new, and somewhere in between.

I confess to having a secret stash of containers of all sorts and sizes in a huge bin in my storage shed from tins and trays to baskets and boxes. When the need arises, I can choose one to fill with the perfect gift items. I look for containers that are unique or more one~of~a~kind which I think makes the gift more special, like these sweet pastel tin buckets...Pretty pink vintage plastic planters...An old sewing machine parts tin...I am always on the lookout for assemblage items such as this laser cut tray, scruffy blue bottle, a random stick of wood...A couple of hands full of birds...Faux bird eggs...Beautiful buttons...A baby doll, book, and blossom...An old paper photo frame...Look what I found hidden behind the glass and cardboard, a trio of glamor girls...Paulette Goddard, Ann Sheridan, and Deanna Durbin, actresses from a bygone Hollywood era.

My absolute weakness is textiles, fabrics, laces, and linens oh my! Baby and childrens clothing are simply irresistible! I plan to use these in a little decorating project in the laundry/mud room at the farm. Sweet little dresses...Such precious detailing...A wee woven sweater...A tattered ladies gown...I found a few of these and they come with a story that I will save for another day. I can't wait to show you the plan I have for them!

How could I not fall in love with this barley there blue chicken feed sack?While browsing in the fabric store I came across these two lovely pieces of fabric. This one I want to use in my kitchen...While new, it is very heavy, and has the look and feel of old bark cloth. I love the colors and vintage style pattern.

I saw this piece that looks almost like it is quilted, very nice weight, and the pattern reminds me of old drapery patterns of my childhood...I don't have a specific plan for this yet but have a couple of ideas.

I found this cute as a button mini plaster framed print of a tiny tot and it made me smile..I'll save the reason for the smile for another post.

A vintage fan...A gift for Darling Daughter's decor. She has been looking for a reasonably priced one and I stumbled across this one, literally.

I am still working on my little bird...How is that for a bit of random curiosities? The great thing about collecting for me is the hunt and thrill of the bargain. Would you believe me if I told you that most of the items listed above cost not more than $1.00 each? It's true. The baby clothes, china hands, and feed sack were $2.00 each, with the fan ringing in at the highest price of $2.95! Seriously!

I am off to the farm with buckets and buckets of paint to start the first of the room redo projects! I feel like one of the Color Kittens. Maybe I should have included a pair of painter overalls in with my finds. I am going to try to get in a little writing time between coats of paint. I hope you all have wonderful plans for your weekend.

Miss Sandy


Shopgirl said...

This is a beautiful post...all the lovely little things you collect...they are little treasures. Things that made me smile...
Everything old is new again when we love them.
Hugs, Mary

Vee said...

Loved seeing all the bits and pieces. I often wonder what to do with the old fabrics and vintage clothing that has come to me. I can't stand to toss it, but confess to having done so with a few things.

Off to paint? At the farm? Oh boy howdy! That's going to be another great post one day. Happy painting and happy writing!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

What wonderful treasures. You sound like me, loving the old vintage items. You've got a great collection of items, and I'm sure you've got many more. You do a great job photographing them too, something I still need to learn to do alot better.

BellaRosa said...

Sandy amor, I loved seeing some of the things that you love to collect...I especially love the vintage baby clothes, they always make me lil bebes in my house anymore, but I found a big vintage bebe doll that can wear NOW I have excuse to hunt for more :) I am like you..I love to hunt for more things...but I try never to spend more than a couple of dollars when treasure hunting...not just because of the thrill :) but also because sometimes that is all I have in my bag of loot for treasure hunting :) but you seems that when I have to watch what I spend my precious pennies on..that I seem to find the most wonderful treasures :) I hope you share pictures of you beloved grandmas home with us as you do the redo :) Besos, Rose

Lori said...

Sandy, your wee baby dresses are the sweetest things...i have a weakness for those too...they are just so darling...the little sweater is awfully cute too...have a great weekend!!!

The Feathered Nest said...

I love so many of the exact same things Sandy!! It's amazing how much we all have in common and how we are drawn to each others blogs ~ baby dresses and soft leather baby shoes are DEFINITELY one of mine! The farmhouse will be so wonderful when you've added your touch ~ hugs and love, Dawn

sonya said...

Hi Sandy, Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful treasures. Don't you just love them? It always makes me want to go into my craftroom and create something. I can't wait to see what you do on the farm. Have a great weekend. Blessings~Sonya

Anonymous said...

I love the movies of Deanna Durbin and have the largest collection of photos seen on the Internet for all her many, many fans to enjoy.

Cordwood Cabin said...

Beautiful things! A weakness for vintage linens should always be indulged!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful collection. I, too, love textiles and good craftsmanship - as well as children's clothing.
Stormy, SizeTracker Blog

Caroline said...

What wonderful finds. I love laces and linens too, especially these tender looking linens. You are really a spotter of beautiful, unique, bargain tid bits!

Colleen said...

Oh I've enjoyed this little peek into your collections - and great finds you have there - any one of those finds would be on my radar as well :-)
And I love that you find neat containers for little gifts - how special is that??

Michelle Palmer said...

Your blog is a treasure! And a FAVORITE of mine~
Hope your day is wonderful!

Jennifer said...

ok ok - it's not easy to stray from collecting ... and am decluttering in my home but my packed with bits and peices and these photos are lovely... what is this background music? It sounds familiar. Jennifer

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