Monday, March 22, 2010


"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow."
You might be wondering what cupcakes, tags, and wax have to do with one another and the answer is...nothing, except that this is what I have been up to creativity wise recently.

I have agreed to be a contributing artist in the April session of Artist Class, so, today I will be in studio all day finalizing my project before I begin the tutorial and photography. I'll be demonstrating how to make a Butterfly Garden Fairy Cupcake Pick like the sample below: The theme of this session of Artist Class is a Garden Party, below is a collage of projects put together by Mary (Green Paper), the hostess of the event:If you are interested in signing up for the class, which begins on April 5, the class fee for access to 12 unique projects, each individually designed by 12 artists, is $49.00 BUT if you use my discount code: quillcottage, you get $10.00 off the class fee making the price $39.00. To find out more about the class, artist, and projects, visit the highlighted link that reads: Artist Class above.

I will still be away from the computer most of the week but will respond to comments and emails as I am able. I still have few posts scheduled so posting will take place even if I am not around. I cannot thank you enough for all the moral support over the last few days. It has meant so much to me. I deeply feel the quote at the top of this post, in time and season, all things do get better. Thank you for being there.

I gave you a preview of a trio of tags I was working on in an earlier post. I was experimenting with printing on tissue paper. Not one of my better ideas. I did manage to salvage pieces of the printing but it was very delicate and hard to work with yet kind of forgiving in the application process. I loved how it felt thin like onion skin, which gives me an idea, I wonder if they still make onion skin paper? I'll have to check and see. Anyway, below are the trio of tags in their finished state.

I think I may have already shown you the first one, Bird House:This is my favorite of the three. The image is from an old book cover. I used one of the hand painted nut shell eggs as an embellishment in an acorn cap nest lined with moss.Friendship:This is such a sweet little image taken from an old photo. They were probably sisters, the very best kinds of friends. The mini paper flowers on this piece gave me fits!Show Me The Money:This tag was a tongue in cheek kind of design. The image is of an old check written in 1907 for $100.00. I used the "Benjamin" as a reference to the amount of the check. The dog image was on the corner of the check. I thought the money charm was a fun touch.As for what's on the worktable at the moment, besides my Artist Class project of a Butterfly Garden Fairy Cupcake Pick, are a set of bees waxed collage pieces. I am still playing with backgrounds, embellishments, and framing ideas. I like the springtime feel they have.
I hope wherever you are and whatever you are doing that your heart is singing with the joy of spring."May brooks and trees and singing hills
Join in the chorus too,
And every gentle wind that blows,
Send happiness to you."
-Irish Blessing-

Miss Sandy


Mary said...

The bees wax piece is beautiful, that soft look. And I am SO glad you've joined Artist Class with your darling project.

Dorthe said...

They are gorgeus, your tags Miss Sandy,
So fantastic in all the elements,
I thought of joyning Artist Class for the 3`time, and now I know I will. Want to learn about the wax tecknick,-just hope I can get the right stuff here in DK.

Vee said...

This afternoon finds me sitting here reading your post and wondering what the difference is between my pathetic efforts and your beautiful creations. Besides natural talent that is... I probably need a class!

What beautiful tags and the phrases you select are wonderful, too, even if they did give you fits.

All the best with the class.

Oh, spring? That most fickle of seasons? She got chased off by some artic blast.

Robin said...

Your tags are so springy and beautiful! Your project looks fun and your beeswax collage looks beautiful too!

Thespa McLaughlin said...

Gorgeous tag! You did a wonderful job on it. So many great layers and aged vintage goodness. So Pretty! Thanks for sharing it today.

Becky K. said...

You have the sweetest ideas....

Becky K

cottonreel said...

I have only recently been looking at the tags people make , what a super fascinating hobby , these are delightful--cottonreel

LiLi M. said...

Oh those birdhouse tags immediately give me a spring time feeling. And I love what you are doing for Artist class too. I have been thinking so much about you. Going through a harsh time and scheduling all those posts and giving replies, chapeau. I hope that this diverts you from your troubles. Be careful not to take too much up your pitchfork, as we say and I cannot help seeing you with a truckload on your pitchfork. Be sure to have a good balance between divertion and rest. Hope you are doing better today, better than that tomorrow and better than that the day after. Take care, I will be thinking of you, hugs LiLi.

Anonymous said...

All the tags are beautiful, Sandy, and the sentiments behind each one just perfect. You don't suppose that check is still cash-able, do you? LOL!

The little pick is precious! I'm on the hunt for some mica sheets and have some ideas for a couple of projects with lavender and butterflies. Now if I remember! I need to make lists of ideas that come and go like smoke!

Blessings, sweet friend!

kathy said...

SAndy , OH my goodness -- too lovely -- they so make my heart smile -- Makes me wan to create -- immediately -- so grateful for your blog - such inspiration -anad not in just what you create -- your words , your heart -- thank you dear friend - Kathy - ga ♥ said...

Just gorgeous!

I bought some wax and can't wait to try it.

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