Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We have returned from our weekend visit to the farm. The magical map did indeed lead us to a place where time seems to stand still between the tick and tock of the clock. Farm life, however brief it may be, gives Handy Hubby and I time to dance together at a slower pace...It allows us to step away from the stampede of everyday life...And push away all those prickling worries...That keep one tightly wound...Slowly we unfurl... From the cares of the everyday world...Where we shed whatever has been eating at us... As we steep in the beauty of the countryside...Everyone needs their very own special spot...Where they can push away the blues in life...A place that allows one to stretch out...One that gives wings...To ripening thoughts...Blooming ideas...That begin with one single possibility...Growing into a whole new cluster of hope...It is in these illuminating moments... Between tick and tock, where time seems to stop, that I realize how incredibly blessed I am to have a little slice of Eden here on earth to retreat to... It slows me long enough to savor the truly incredible gift that every breath of life is. It pulls me back to what is really important, to what really matters most to me...Faith, Family, Friends, Fellowship with God, Man, and Nature. These are the things that nurture me and sustain me. The incredible, delicate, intricate beauty of all creation warms my soul.

All too soon our time away from time draws to a close...And we must return home again to all that we hold dear... Where the clock begins to tick and tock again. Where real life is lived and all those daily prickles don't seem to matter as much anymore...Time away from time is a gift in and of itself. We may not always have the luxury or the means to slip away from time and routine for a weekend or even an entire day but just one hour of doing something you love can nurture and refresh your soul, change your outlook or your attitude. I encourage each of you, dear readers, to take time away from time, to find your special place, whether it is a specific destination, or a simple walk in the woods, be it behind a camera lens, or with paint brush in hand, or hidden within the pages of a book, whatever makes you happy and rejuvenated, gift yourself a little reprieve, you are worth it!

I'd love to hear about your special place or activity or inactivity that brings you unspeakable joy.

Miss Sandy

Photos: Butterfly photos taken at Buffalo Point, Red Barn on a neighboring farm, Fruit and Flowers blooming at the farm, Moving cattle from one pasture to another at the farm, Young Buck in our yard at home


myletterstoemily said...

dear miss sandy,

what a lovely, inspirational, and
clever post. i loved all the fruit,
flowers, and animal shots.

it is so replenishing to slow down
and enjoy the good things He has


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Well, as I sit here at work, I feel refreshed because I have just taken this journey with you! Thanks for brightening my "everydayTuesday" !

Bonita said...

Your pictures alone are refreshing! I'm so glad you got to spend some time in such a beautiful place.

I'm in much need of a time away at the moment. Since a big getaway is no where in sight I'll have to let local places suffice. It's too hot for this at the moment, but one of my favorite spots is the Billy Graham Library. I like to sit and meditate on a little wooden bench in the woods near Ruth Bell Graham's grave. Then I get a cool drink and sit in a rocking chair on the covered porch that extends off the restaurant. It's quiet, peaceful, and if the blue hydrangeas are in bloom it's gorgeous.

But for now I'm finding small places of solitude in my own yard. In the early morning, before the sun beats down, I like to sit on the deck looking out at the forest and down at my butterfly bushes.

Dorthe said...

A beautifull, and very wellcoming post, for all us people living our modern lives, full of speed.
Thankyou Sandy, for showing all this piecefull beauty.
Hugs, Dorthe

Pam said...

Delightful post with beautiful pictures! I guess my favorite get away is my motorcycle rides that I take to a grocery store in the next town over. It gives me time to reflect & relax while I still take care of a few groceries. Is it any wonder I put so many miles on my bike!

Vickie said...

Miss Sandy, you and I are kindred spirits - remember, we have our farm getaway, too. We love it so much - I'm convinced that I was born a century too late...

Plans are slowly being made to move out there permanently, but I ask myself if it will still be as special? Oh I hope so!

Robin said...

Wonderful post Miss Sandy! I really enjoyed slowing down just to read your beautiful words and take in the wonderful photos! My place to get away is the beach....something about the sound of the waves that is so soothing, the simplicity of walking along the beach looking for whatever mother nature cares to reveal.

The Feathered Nest said...

Dear Sandy, what a beautiful post!!!! You are such a wonderful writer...and this post is no exception! Time has been on my mind as well sweet friend ~ and the farm looks so peaceful to me and the perfect place to relax....hugs and love, Dawn

Anonymous said...

This was beautiful, Sandy. Yes, it is a magical, peaceful place.

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