Thursday, July 29, 2010


Good day, dear readers, I thought that we could share a little circle time, just like back in our kindergarten days, and have a good old fashioned show and tell. This show and tell has a little bit of a twist. I thought I would show you what I recently purchased from Karla's boutique (Karla's Cottage) for a project and then I wanted to ask if you would tell me something.I have a serious fondness for paper dolls and to this day I regret that when I moved from home that I did not take the big shiny pink paper wrapped boot box full of my childhood playmates with me. Recently while helping my mother clean out my childhood home I searched in vain for them but think they may have been in the attic and if so they were surely mouse fodder by now.When I saw these listed at Karla's I thought they might begin a new collection for me. These two old magazine or newspaper cut outs are for me...These reminded me of the kind of paper dolls my Great Aunt Sylvia and I used to cut out of the Sears Catalog only ours were quite mod garbed in late 60's fashions.

And these three dancing darlings...
Are for a collage project I want to do for a gift for my little granddaughter who's first birthday is fast approaching. The little clown is a tiny bonus...I also bought this lonely little doll's leg...Why? Simply because I liked it.Karla tucked a sweet stem of vintage posies in to fancy her up and she struck a pose all over the place showing off...Lastly, there was a sweet little ephemera pack...
Now that I have shown you my package of pretties comes the telling part. I have began working on a project with the hopes of teaching a live class in our area. I will not know until sometime in the next week or so if all the plans will come together. At the urging and encouragement of sweet Mary, I am also giving thought to hosting an online workshop. Here is where I need some input from you. If you were to be interested in a class taught by me, what would you like to learn? Tips? Technique? Tools? A specific project?

(Here is a sweet thank you gift for your help - a FREE PAPER DOLL IMAGE SHEET)

I use a wide variety of media in my artwork so it is a bit hard to narrow down or to know what others might like to learn. I really would love to hear your ideas and please do not be shy about leaving a comment on this subject, you never know, it might just be covered in my next tutorial! Just in case you are wondering, hosting a workshop will not take place of the occasional free tutorials I offer here. So, please tell me your thoughts on the subject and thank you so much for your help!

Oh, and before I go I wanted to tell you about a sweet give away over at Diane Knott's Musings, Diane and her daughter, Holly, have opened a new Etsy shoppe, Cottage By The Pond.
They are giving away some of their handmade items so scurry on over and sign up!

Miss Sandy


The French Bear said...

Oh, this sounds like fun....I am in for almost make everything look good! I shall go through some of your archives and come back if there is something I really want, but for now I am open to whatever you choose!!!
I love the doll all doll parts!
Margaret B

Vee said...

Because I have absolutely zero talent of my own, I'd prefer a specific project. That way, I may hope to actually copy something. Copy being the operative word.

I can not believe that your granddaughter is almost a year old this soon. We all say it, but here goes again: They grow so fast!

Bonita said...

I doubt I'd be able to do the workshop partly due to time constraints and partly due to total lack of talent. That said, if I were an artisan I'd agree with Vee and vote for specific projects, at least in a beginner class. Those offer a sense of accomplishment and help confidence to grow.

I think it also might be nice to share how to develop an artist's eye. What thought process do you use to look at something and decide how to make it into an artistic creation? When I see your pictures it truly looks like fine art, but if I had those same objects around my house they would look like junk. I simply don't have the eye.

Anonymous said...

Sandy,thank you for posting about our etsy shop. :-)
I loved paper dolls too! Did you collect Mary Engelbreit's when she had her magazine?
Don't they just make you smile!

Nook Cranny Gifts said...

Dear Sandy,
I myself like challenges/projects given that have a specific focal point, with the opportunity to do with as I wish.
I, too love paper dolls!!

JD said...

Thank you for the sheet of paper dolls...this "grandma" still likes to collect paper dolls, I always said they were for my granddaughter but she really showed no interest in them...So I guess Grandma will have to keep them...Hope you have a good day... said...

I've always loved paper dolls, and wish I still had the ones I played with as a kid too. I remember having them for years and always being so careful to never tear them.

Glad you liked your package, thanks again!


sonya said...

Oh, I just love paperdolls too! I bought 2 paperdoll books from the Dover publishing company last year and they are terrific! One is a Hollywood Movie star book and the other one is Fashion Parade paperdolls with 4 decades of great designs from 1960 to 2000. The movies star one has 24 different actresses from the 40's, 50's and 60's with costumes from their films. Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake,Susan Hayworth etc. I just love them! No, they are not for my granddaughter as she could care less, I bought them for me! ;)
I'm going to have to think about which art project I would like you to teach because you do them all so well!
Thank you for sharing your paperdoll image sheet!
Have a good week,

Charlene said...

That Karla is a doll herself!!!! I met her in person finally at Les Sirenes in California. She's as great as I thought she'd be. LOVE that doll leg. HUGS! Charlene

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