Friday, February 18, 2011


This has been an incredibly busy week here at the Quill, so busy I have not been able to post so much as a simple " hello" . I have read all your comments and I am in the process of responding to them all so please bear with me. I had no idea that wedding plans could be so consuming. I did not have a wedding so this is my first experience in the planning process. I have been dubbed the unofficial wedding coordinator assistant, it is a little overwhelming.

Darling Daughter and I are zipping emails, phone calls, and texts back and forth at the speed of light with one million and one details or ideas spinning themselves into an intricate web of both wonder and delight. We found, visited, and secured the venue. OK, I know this sounds hokey but the place is called An Enchanted Evening. The following photos are from their website. It is a wooded mountain top vista over looking distant mountains and a beautiful lake. The setting is completely natural with the landscaping incorporating native stone to blend with the natural beauty. A perfect setting for a semi-casual outdoor nature themed wedding with a back up plan of indoor areas in case of inclement weather, which will not happen! (At least if I have any say in the matter ;c)

Between appointments and plans I have been making some wedding fluff and designing some other stuff. When I made these topiary's for the studio...The first thing my daughter said when she saw them was that if she ever got married she wanted to use them in her wedding and she will. These will flank the arbor/gazebo opening where the wedding cake and dessert tables will be set up. She requested some extra fluff for this area and for lack of knowing what to call these, I have dubbed them poofs...
Five down and ten more to go!

What are these works of wonder you might ask? Humble coffee filters! The studio has been looking something like this, long rows of these...
Bunches of these...
(Leave it to Blogger to unpretty your post by flipping your photo on its side, it won't load the photo correctly!)
Tufts of fluff...
Please ignore the supply closet behind the poofs, I am trying to figure out exactly where one hangs fifteen rather large poofs and it is getting annoying ducking under them every time I need something in there!

Not to worry, I am not leaving you out of the loop here. When I start the next set I will take step by step photos and share a little tutorial with you all in case your present or your future holds some need for poofs of your own. This first set was an experiment and I learned some helpful things in the process.

The dress is in alterations, the Cinderella " something blue" shoes are back, bridesmaids have ordered their dresses, decorations have been decided, honeymoon booked, venue and photographer secure, and we have not even touched the tip of the iceberg that is the wedding fluff of it all!I have to show you the ceremony arrangements she has chosen, I love this idea!
I found four domed iron bird cages yesterday on clearance at Hobby Lobby, 66% off! Gotta love those markdown aisles! Thank you Hobby Lobby for making a little more room in our modest budget.

I am working on clips for the photo trees, will be weaving birds nest baskets for the flower girls to carry and scatter hydrangea blossoms from, weaving nests and sculpting a bride and groom bird to rest in the photo trees, and stringing chandelier crystals with pearls to dangle among the poofs. I am also playing around with some ideas for fabric floral chokers for the brides maids to wear and hair accessories for the flower girls. Well, I am off to make some more fluff and stuff, pinkie swear I will share!

I hope you all have a blessed and beauty filled weekend!


GerryART said...

Sandy, all your activity is beginning to make my head spin.
Don't forget to take a minute here and there to sit, put your feet up with a cuppa to re-new your strength and energies.
Love ya,

Susan deGeneres said...

The wedding venue is spectacular! I know all eyes will be on the bride, but how inspiring to look out at that vista after the ceremony and dream of the future.

I love the fluff and look forward to seeing more.


she dreams big! said...

This is going to be one beautiful wedding! And it looks to be in the same style as what my daughter envisions so I will be stalking your blog for ideas! I LOVE the poofs! Isn't it wonderful that your daughter has such a great designer for a mother!

We have out first appointment for wedding dresses tomorrow. I just know that I will be a blubbering mess!

Hugs ~~ Connie

Marsha said...

This venue makes me want to get married all over again - simply a stunning place to exchange vows and spend a wonderful celebration with friends and family. I am so looking forward to following all the progress in the decorations and planning and seeing the photos of the big day. It will be spectactular I am sure!

Unknown said...

So exciting ! But glad I don't have anymore girls to marry off !lol
Everything looks beautiful !Like a fairytale !

larkswing said...

That venue is amazing! Those fluffly coffee filter orbs - wonderful. This is so fun watching all your preparations!!

Robin said...

What a gorgeous place for the wedding! Your handmade touches are going to look simply fabulous on the big day. Hope we get to see pics of the event!!


Lady Jane said...

Lucky lucky girl to have such a talented mom.... This will be one spectacular Wedding... Wow....

Anne said...

I love reading about the wedding preps, Sandy! Weddings are so much fun! When its all done and you have a chance to breathe again, I would love to know how you made those delightful poofs!!

Ido said...

Wow! I love those birdcages, the wedding will be fantastic, don't worry. I actually was going to request a tutorial on those beautiful coffee filter puffs, but you already thought of that, I can't wait for it.
Now deep breaths and keep on with the wedding plans, everything will be okay.

Vicki said...

You are off to an amazing start so let yourself breathe! Just a gorgeous venue. Love the coffee filter fluffs and puffs! The bird cages and topiaries will be fabulous! I just love where this is heading. All coming together so nicely.

Marianne said...

oh to be able to exchange vows in such a beautiful place !
Oh Sandy this wedding is going to be so beautiful. Your daughter is so blessed to have you as her mother.

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Hello Sandy!
Everything Looks Amazing! What a Beautiful Venue and your Topiaries are Gorgeous! Looks Like it will a Wonderful Day full of Wonderful Memories! Many Blessings to you and your Dear Daughter and Her New Journey!

Vee said...

Oh it all looks incredible to me. It's going to be a beautiful wedding! I hope that you are having fun with the poofs and everything else you'll be doing. (Do NOT worry about getting back to me on any comment I make. Goodness, you've got enough to do!)

Beth Leintz said...

There aren't any weddings in my future, but I'd love to know how to make "poofs". How nice that you can make so many decorations and add personal touchs to the wedding. Enjoy this special time with your daughter!

Unknown said...

I so enjoy looking at all the wedding decorations and plans, so much fun. I think the rusty cages with flowers are so so wonderful.
Thanks for sharing.

Dorthe said...

Oh my doodness, dear Sandy,
You are working ower-time now- and wonders you are creating- the puffs are fabulous, and the rustet birdcage you found is gorgeus filled with flowers,--this will be a very beautifull wedding Sandy.
The place looks wonderfull, too-
I wish you a lovely week-end, preparing more beauty ,--remember to sip a cup of tea, in between, sweet.

Sonya Badgley said...

Oh my goodness, Sandy! Her wedding is going to be absolutely gorgeous! What a breathtaking place! And I love the birdcage with the hydrangeas! And the coffee filter projects are fantastic!
I know you are really busy but take time out for a cup of tea. Or something! :)
Blessings to you,

LiLi M. said...

I know that you have written this post in what seems to be another time, but I still want to compliment you and your daughter with your exquisite taste and talent to make so many beautiful things. I do hope that you can continue this cooperation and that your mother will live to see the wedding.

Unknown said...

Looking at the wonderful things you make, its hard to imagine the wedding to be anything BUT absolutely stunning! And the most memorable day in your Daughter's life, especially because its being set up by her most precious person. I cant wait for the pictures of the wedding itself! (If you'll provide us) Im reserving a time for coffee too be able to browse the loveliness!

wishing you strength,

Lisa said...

Miss Sandy,
Wow Wee! Where were you 15 years ago?! This is going to be amazing! I cannot wait to see the 'after' shots! Your daughter is a very lucky girl.

daysease said...

OH!! I wish I could be there to help as YOUR assistant. I would LOVE it. To learn from you would be an honor.

The location for the ceremony is rustic but lovely!! The poofs are gorgeous!! I cannot wait to see how you made them! I love to see your supply closet... full of good and useful crafty stuff to spur the mind to create little lovelies. The shoes turned out lovely, and I really do wish I would have implemented the idea for my own wedding. I am drooling over the bird cage. How can one change a white bird cage to look like that??? Would you know? Oh!

The ideas you have are really what I need at the moment. My mind has been on an extended brain freeze creativily speaking, and it hurts. I ache to create, let off some vent, and BREATHE, but... I suppose the Lord is teaching me to rely more on Him and not on creating to vent. HE should be the first and only outlet, with creating a tool to add on joy, right? sigh... Trusting, surrendering, and hoping... sincerely, me

Unknown said...

I'm planning MY wedding right now and I've got to know: where is this?!

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