Saturday, July 23, 2011


(Not our lovey but a close representation)

My tiny not quite two yet granddaughter has a " lovey". It is one of those little blankets with a stuffed animal head. Hers is a soft plush pink elephant named Ellie. She literally takes it with her everywhere she goes. Recently Ellie got lost. My son and daughter-in-law tried in vain to track her down to stay the puddle of crocodile tears that were unceasing. They even went as far as to buy a new friend, Ellie's are no longer available, a sweet little bunny named Honey. This did not go over well.

After days of misery and wondering if they needed to start posting fliers of " Have you seen this Elephant?", in desperation, my son set off to every place they had gone on the day that Ellie went missing. He said, " Mom, do you know what is like for a grown man to walk into businesses and ask if they have a pink elephant lovey? Do you know the strange looks you get? The things you do for love!"

Finally, at his last stop, a grinning waitress pulled Ellie from behind the checkout counter with a flourish. My son said he snatched Ellie from her and hugged her to his chest on impulse of relief, and in an instant realized what he had done, in public...hugged...a pink elephant lovey! He said after trying to stammer an explanation to the highly amused waitress he just gave up and left. His reward was one very happy little girl who saw her daddy as her hero. Sometimes only the original will do!

I have a Lovey in my life too, (Fabric Photo Memories), only she is my new blog friend! I have long admired her work and quietly cruised her blog with nary a comment until recently. I am as happy to have found a new friend as my little granddaughter was to be reunited with her Ellie.
(Photo used with permission)

Lovey is the author of a wonderful new craft book, Fabric Photo Memories by Lovey. But wait! Don't order yet because she is having a BOOK SALE, visit this post for all the details!
(Photo used with permission)

Not only did Lovey write the book but she did the layout, the photography, and got it published! I see this Lovey as my hero, an artist who is sharing not only her passion but her heritage through her art and writing.

Lovey is a vintage girl like me and she makes amazing Fabric Photo Collages using images of African American Women from the ~early 1700's- early 1900's~.
(Photo used with permission)

Her creations have been featured in national magazines as well as on many websites and blogs. While you can certainly learn her tips and techniques in her new book sometimes only an original will do and she just opened an Etsy shop, LoveyJ, where you can purchase her creations.
(Photo used with permission)

I know I am going to treasure her friendship just as much as my little granddaughter treasurers her lovey, Ellie. I hope you too will enjoy visiting with Lovey and viewing her art.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Lovey said...

Brought to tears. This has got to be the most beautiful blog post ever! Thank you Sandy. I am so glad that you left me a comment when you did. I am so glad that your comment brought me back to your blog. I am so glad to know you. It has been my sincere pleasure meeting you this way and having you in my circle of Blog Buddies. Thank you for your kind words...truly from my heart to yours..I have been blessed tremendously by your words today. xoxo Lovey

Vee said...

Two great stories rolled into one! Love them both. I am not at all surprised that you are drawn to Lovey's work. It's truly beautiful!

Decor To Adore said...

What a wonderful story!

Interestingly enough both my children had lovies. I once had to drive an hour to retrieve one and another time the lovey had to be mailed. Both were one of a kind handmade lovies so replacement was not an option. :)

Unknown said...

Cute story! Our dd, now 10yo, has had a lovey all her life and still has him......Pooh! It's a little stuffed Pooh and after "misplacing" him, but luckily recovering him, for a second time we decided to buy a backup...just in case.
The backup resides up in her closet and the original lives on her bed but has been many places with her and many adventures.....I'm so glad yours was found...such a great feeling to make your child happy!

deanna7trees said...

came over her from Lovey's blog. your ellie story was such a joy to read. brought tears to my eyes. thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

That is the sweetest story! I understand quite well.. the things we do for love! LOL Simply adorable! As is of course, the book and your new friend! :)


time worn interiors said...

Thanks for sharing info about Lovely! On my way over to check her out!

Shopgirl said...

Our Annabelle has one of these and I am sure she will love it. I hope you are having a wonderful summer. Mary

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Hi, I received my copy of Lovey's book today, and from her web site got to yours. I like your blog, and will certainly visit again - in fact, I'm your newest follower! I'm working my way through Where Bloggers Create and am far from the Qs, but it was nice to meetcha while still on the Ds. Love, Linda

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