Friday, July 29, 2011


In my last post I shared with you the color evolution of the farmhouse living room and how it came to be. I thought you might want a further sneak peek at some of the fabrics that are going to make their way into the room as well as sofa swatches.I spent a delightful day, yes, I said a whole DAY, well almost a day, in the fabric store matching fabrics and getting a feel for the direction I wanted to go with the room. I seem to be on a lucky streak because the remnant table was full of frugal choices. I took one of the curtain valances and a sofa pillow cover from each sofa with me and matched away.

First I found a super soft stripe fabric that has both the light and dark greens of the curtains as well as a stripe of each sofa color. A swatch of Dupioni silk in a lighter brown color and a deep chocolate nubby fabric were also perfect for pillows! Everything was going a bit dark so I added a quilted ivory fabric to lighten things back up.
I chose a vivid apple green and a sunshine yellow to update the curtains and to use as welting on the ivory pillows. I have a little something extra in mind for those ivory pillows. I also chose some gimp to use on the curtains. A piece of indoor/outdoor brownish-goldish canvas will be durable enough for a tufted ottoman top, project tutorial coming soon!Still wanting to bring the vintage vibe into a more modern feel I chose a dark green silk with a bold lighter green flower and leaf print on it for more still more pillows. I love pillows! They are an easy way to accent a room and bring in color without breaking the bank if you make them yourself.

I purchased a pillow pattern that had some interesting shaped patterns to use, Simplicity 5605. This pattern has that country charm and quilt like feel but will have a sophisticated look with the more modern fabrics. I am trying to find a balance between the old and the new to create a cohesive look.
I was feeling a little unsure of my choices so I sent a photo of the fabric stack via text to my best friend Pam to ask her what she thought of the color combo. Here is what she had to say, " I like has cool, crisp fresh veggies." Stamp of approval, farm fresh!
I gathered up my goodies and practically skipped to the checkout counter without busting the budget! I have all the pillows cut out and ready to sew. I want to see if my grandmothers sewing machine still works and if it does I want the make them on that at the farm. If not I will sew them at home.

Today I am off to see if I can hunt up some lamps, side tables and chairs, wish me luck!

It seems like flea marketing and sewing are my big weekend plans. I would love to hear what you are doing. Have a beauty filled weekend!


Robin said...

Love your fabric choices, and what a heavenly weekend you have planned :)
Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing your beautiful pillows.


Lovey said...

Oh look at all these goodies!!! I love your color pallette! I recently had a thrift store run...I racked up but boy when I saw my total reach almost $ was time to go...heehee. Have a great weekend!

Dorthe said...

Dear Sandy-
I love them, your fabric`s -love the flowered one with the striped one-and all the other plain ones-
they will make a beautiful feeling of fresh country style-as your friend said-
Now you have some work to do.... but it is cosy with some pauses on fleamarkets- I wish you a wonderful week-end.
Hugs, Dorthe

Vee said...

Very nice fabrics and the colors are the ones I remember from growing up. I always used to say that I would always decorate in autumn colors. I've strayed quite far from that. I'm excited about seeing this all come together.

What am I doing? Oh, I don't know. Today was my Friday Nonni duty day, which I've so enjoyed this summer. It's great to have a regular date day with the grands. The weekend is open-ended. (I should clean.)

Marianne said...
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Sonya Badgley said...

Hello Sandy,
I love all the fabrics you chose. I can't wait to see the pillows they will be beautiful, I just know it. Enjoy this weekend looking for lamps, tables and chairs. Hopefully, you will continue with your run of luck finding the good deals! Isn't it fun? :)

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Gorgeous Sandy!
Warm and Inviting Colors and So Fresh! Can't wait to see the End Result!I am Certain it will be Gorgeous!
Have a Wonderful Evening!

Unknown said...

This sounds lovely! Girl, how much fun can you have? Hunting around and all that is what its all about! I know youll have a blast! Love all the colours and textures you chose here! :D


Anonymous said...

They're beautiful, Sandy! Cool, cohesive, comforting, welcoming, just as I expected. And, I think your grandmother would love them because they also have a "vintage vibe". :-)

Hugs, my friend,

PS: Sewing day here today: a nightgown that was big enough for TWO of me that ended up in the closet of fabric, cut back up into pieces! And, alterations to blouses that were too big in the shoulders. Hmmmm...have to buy for the biggest part of the anatomy...which is....the the shoulders have to be taken in.

Thank God for Sewing machines! ;-)

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