Friday, March 9, 2012


Please note that this giveaway is closed.
I said in a recent post that I would not be posting on the studio any more for a while but I keep getting requests for closeup looks at the new studio storage desk, especially the recycled can designs that hold supplies.  Since you asked so nicely, request granted.
 Just a little refresher of Before & After (you can see a more detailed post on this project HERE)...


I made one little addition of a shelf in the blank center area that I could not quite figure out what to place there.  Fingers crossed and the final brace and under mount lighting will be installed this weekend and bring this project to a close...

Now for a closer peek at those recycled tin cans...
(This little domino art piece was a gift from Beth)
I used vintage sheet music, burlap, muslin, and lace as background pieces on the white painted cans...
Various bits and bobs from around the studio to make interesting embellishments such as an old spoon, rusty screws, and hair pins...
A vintage bottle cap, photo, and jewelry piece...
Tarnished silverware and mini drawer pull...
An empty watch case...
Tiny tin toy spoon...
Old buckle, vintage graphic, chandelier crystal...
A clay checker, pattern paper petals, mother of pear button...
Mother of pearl buckle, hand woven wire birds nest, vintage millinery...
Handmade muslin rosettes, vintage pearls...
I also finished the cans to hold all my paint brushes...
Now, enough studio stuff for a while unless it is actual art.

At the end of this recycling project I ended up with an extra painted can.  I thought it might be fun to design just one more, fill it with ephemera and small supplies to use as a give away prize.  I want to do a custom design for the winner so READ THE SIGN UP RULES CAREFULLY, this will determine the winners personal design.  No restrictions apply to the participants, any and all are welcome!  If you do not have a blog or link back please include and email address as contact information in case you are chosen as the winner.

To sign up:
In the comments section leave the following information:
*Favorite Color
*Favorite Flower
*Favorite Collectible
*One word to describe your style (ex: vintage, modern, etc.)

If you do not have a blog or link back please include an email address as contact information in case you are chosen as the winner.

A winner will be chosen and announced one week from today on Friday, March 16, 2012.

I hope you all enjoy a beauty filled weekend!


Lorrie said...

I love all the details you've put on your organizing tins. Each one is a work of art in itself.

Favourite colour: blue
Flower: white rose
Collectible: hmmm, that's a tough one - fabric/buttons
My style: Elegant-vintage (can that be one word since it's hyphenated?)

Thanks for giving us a close-up look of your studio details. Have a wonderful weekend.

Karen B. said...

Sweet Sandy,
I am so jealous of your beautiful workspace you have created for yourself!! Please enter my name for your giveway.
I love anything vintage and off white or white. Old keys are something I think are very neat and my favourite flower is a little white rose.
I wish you a wonderful weekend.
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Unknown said...

How wonderful! I adore your holders.
I love Lavender, Pansy comes to mind, I guess I am Early Rummage sale in design with music sheets lace and buttons sort of prim yet vintage and cottage. Golly sakes that was a hard one.

Sandy said...

Elaine W. (have email on file)

Thanks Elaine, I got you entered!

Dorthe said...

Dear Sandy,
Your cans are all so wonderful little art pieces, all different from one another, and all so gorgeous-
How sweet of you to make this giveaway for someone to have a costum designed can from you.

I love all things vintage in white roses are my favorite bloom- and angels or bird themed things I collect with joy.

Thankyou for this wonderful chance to win, dear Sandy.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Sandy!
How exciting... Please enter me in your giveaway! This is so fun - fav color is pale lilac - fav flower is violets - fav collectible is anything frenchy or crystally - my style would be Vintage.

best of luck to all that enter but boy would I LOVE to win... just sayin'!

Big hugs, Sherry

Unknown said...

I just have to say how impressed I am with that desk and desk top thingy. It really looks awesome.

bobbie said...

You've done a wonderful job!!!

Fave color ~ turquoise
Fave flower ~ old roses
Fave collectible ~ old keys
Style ~ ShabbyChic


Leanne said...

woo hoo! a giveaway!

Ok, here are my answers:

*Favorite Color: Lavender. My space is lavender and pink.
*Favorite Flower: pansy/violets
*Favorite Collectible: lace
*One word to describe your style (ex: vintage, modern, etc.): I haven't really got a style yet ... but I would say vintage ....

Unknown said...

Favorite color: Burlap/Khaki
Favorite flower: geraniums
Favorite collectible: primitives
Vintage or English Country

You are so kind to offer such a fun giveaway! Hope I am the "lucky ducky" and love the desk and all the cans...your are so talented. Thanx for sharing, Tiffany

Sonya Badgley said...

Thanks for showing us close-up pics of your lovely cans! I love the bird's nest one A LOT! You're having such a fun giveaway!

Favorite color? I love all colors. But for my house it is mostly creams, tans, browns,pale yellow and a touch of red. Except my bedroom is pink and lavender! :)

Favorite flower? Another hard one! For my house...white and cream colored roses. But I love sweet peas, and pansies too! The pansies because they survive the winters here.

Favorite collectible? I collect doorknobs, keys, birds, nests, and old cream/muted brown/black dog figurines...oh and dolls! lol! No, I'm not a hoarder.;)

One word to describe my style-vintage, definitely!

Thank you so much for asking and offering your fun giveaway, Sandy.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Unknown said...

Hello dear!!!
First off, I LOVE the idea you had with your desk... WOW What a stunning idea!!!

Hmmm my favorite colour? cream, or at least very toned and pastels. :)

fave flower? ALL of them! :) I've absolutely no favorite there!

Fave collectible? Ohh boy, teddy bears, teacups, birdies, matches, old photographs :)

My style? Vintage! :D No doubt about it!

Thank you for this great giveaway!!!


peggy aplSEEDS said...

thank you for sharing these amazing closeups. these are all so gorgeous! now, you've got me thinking as i am one of those people who like many things and find it hard to pick a favorite!

*Favorite Color - i guess cream or white since my closet is full of clothes in those colors
*Favorite Flower - lets just say a rose
*Favorite Collectible - hmmm, skeleton keys andvintage jewelry
*One word to describe your style (ex: vintage, modern, etc.) - i love vintage

thanks for the chance to win your gorgeous giveaway!

Simple Pleasure said...

Your workspace is fabulous...it's always in the details!!!
Thank you for offering such a creative giveaway:

Buay Hands...Happy Heart

Vee said...

I am not entering this one...Someone else must win! What I want to say is what wonderful detail you provided to each and every creation. You took your time. I am in such a hurry that I just want the thing done. I'm thinking that you take pleasure in the details. And, as we all know, God is in the details.

Decor To Adore said...

Oh the ones with the spoons have me thinking about what I could store in them in the kitchen.

You are a wonder!

cindy said...

I love, love, love this!!! I have a 13yr old daughter who is always drawing, and I do the same; only recently I am branching out to write books too. I would love to have a vintage desk like this to organize all my art supplies and to write my stories on.
*Favorite Color: Turquoise and ivory
*Favorite Flower: lily
*Favorite Collectible: sea shells and books
*One word to describe your style (ex: vintage, modern, etc.):I like all elements natural, earth tones. Is that a style? I love all the birds you place in your crafts.

Thanks for sharing your gifts!

Heather said...

I have had so much fun browsing your blog! You are so creative! Thank you for offering this giveaway! Here are my faves:
Colour: Blue (duck egg blue is delightful!)
Flower: Peony
Collectible: song birds always seem to steal my heart
Style: vintage country and shabby chic - can't pick one or the other.

Your cans with the hot glue sticks and the reading glasses are my fave in the list of wonderful photos. Vintage ephemera is so much fun! You have such a way with creating wonderful things!


Jamie said...

What a wonderfully creative idea! You are an inspiration! This would be an awesome and very welcome treasure! Jamie V in MT

Favorite Color - robin's egg blue
Favorite Flower - Carnation
Favorite Collectible - sewing & stitching emphemera
Style - vintage

Angela said...

very sweet of you to do a giveaway - all of your designs are so beautiful! I love pink, ranunculus flower (buttercup), I collect vintage postcards for my paper crafting but also love lace doilies, my style is romantic, ecclectic, lover of cute things! :)

kimber said...

I love your blog and your work! Now to offer a give-away~my favorite color is purple, flower~violets, collectible...do I have to pick just one??? Sewing gadgets are my fave! My style is eclectic, that way everything goes together!

ekewin said...

Love the desk and storage ideas. Favourite flower - Rose
Style - Vintage
Favourite collectible - ocean, shells, mermaids
Favourite colour - pinks or offwhite nothing too bold :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sandy,
What glorious works of art! I love each and every one of the set - what an inspiring artist's retreat you have made for yourself. Now, I must run out and gather some muslin, burlap, and all those fun whatnots and create - something!

Yes! Do enter me in your give-away! Let's see now . . . I do love muted shades of blue and burgundy and green; my favorite flower is the lilac; I collect antique books and hats of a 19th/early 20th century flavor; this would make me decidedly vintage. It would seem I am oddly out of place in this century, preferring the more contemplative simplicity of country cottages and the beauty of God's creation.

Your Quill Cottage is always a lovely respite of inspiration - and I just love your musical selections . . .


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