Thursday, November 13, 2014


"My connection to the earth is reinforced through the rhythm of the waves."
~ Mike Dolan ~

"Serenity by the Sea" mixed media necklace:
I recently viewed a new video class, Mixed Media Etched Jewelry, by Ruth Rae through my Craft Daily subscription (it is also available for purchase through the Interweave Store).  I am enamored by Ruth's artwork and loved getting a chance to learn from her via video.  I used some of the tips and techniques in her class to create a new piece of jewelry.  While I did not follow her tutorial exactly as I did not have all the metal etching supplies on hand I did not let that stop me from diving in and doing what I could with what I did have.  That said I have metal supplies on their way and can't wait to try my hand at etching!
Some of you asked how I would use the hand made beads from my own free embellished fabric bead tutorial in a piece of jewelry and this was a perfect opportunity to incorporate a couple.  Here they are below: 
Ruth's class sample was demonstrated as a wrap bracelet that could be worn as a necklace.  My piece is just a necklace.  I was most proud of being able to make my own closure, never done that before!
I used her crochet, wiring, beading, resin, sewing, joining, and clasp forging techniques in this piece.  I chose to create my piece with a summer feel, that of a stroll along the shore incorporating glass beads, stone chips, cultured pearls, and tiny shells.  I titled this piece Serenity by the Sea based on the feelings of serenity, peace and calm that accompany a visit to the shore.  I applied those words to the back of each sewn section, tucked away like sweet summer memories.  
The piece can be worn either way.
Thanks Ruth for sharing the inspiration of your teaching.  Ruth also has some other fabulous new videos as well as a couple of new books with fellow artist Kristen Robinson out and I want to explore them all!

What is something new and artful you would like to explore?



bobbie said...

This is marvelous, Sandy!! You know me and my obsession with the ocean... this really caught!
Hugs ~

Lululiz said...

What a fabulous piece of jewelry! It really does whisper of the sea, you can almost hear the waves gently rolling in. I love seeing two of your fabric beads used in the design. I had so much fun following your tutorial on those.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Such a pretty necklace - I love all the different elements in it. If I were to answer your question at the end, I would need probably more space than comments allow! Top of my list is to learn hardanger.

iHanna said...

Oh what a beautiful piece that is, love that you "went with what you had" to make it too. :-) I've got so many ideas for jewlery too, but needs to sit down someday and sketch them out at least...

Createology said...

How lovely to see your Serenity By the Sea creation. Every detail is just perfect. I also reviewed your previous posts I missed. Someone must have over-wound my clocks as time is passing much too fast. Creative Serenity Bliss...

Dorthe said...

Oh Sandy, your necklace is gorgeous, dear .
It is filled with beautiful elements , : your fabric pearls, the sewn pieces , so wonderful on each side,- and the crocheted string holding it all together. Your closure is so wonderful, too.
And tryly it brings to feeling of a day enjoying the beach, so sunny and relaxed !!
You created a fantastic piece.
Hugs from Dorthe

lynn said...


Decor To Adore said...

Oh the colors you selected are superb. I am trying to get my newly moved house in order so I can begin playing with Christmas crafts.
Have a beautiful week!

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