Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Potpourri Post....

Dear Readers, today I have a potpourri post for you. A mixture of material to share. First off in my mixed bag of tricks I wanted to tell you about a give away over at French Garden House . Lidy is giving away a signed copy of the new Romantic Homes publication entitled Vintage Vavoom! Lidy has posted some of of the wonderful contents of this book on her site so head on over for a sneak peek and a chance to win.With all the hoopla gong on in Hollywood about the writers strike and lack of awards ceremonies I am glad to report that this has had no effect on the blogging industry. Blog writers are happy to post with no pay and sometimes no comments! AND they are generous in giving out their awards. I am happy to report that I am a recent recipient of two blog awards from the lovely Heather at Mommy Monk. Heather and I recently met through the Proverbs 31 writing contest.

Here is the beautiful presenter, Heather, esteemed wife, mother, speaker, writer, teacher, and daughter of the King, all glorious within:

Here are the awards:

Here I am in a pouty pose for those pesky paparazzo as I am about to enter my big red ride to the red carpet event:
They always catch you at your very worst and publish your photo is the oddest places. "Please stop, your flashes are blinding me!" I say as I squint and try to turn my face into my hood. And here I am arriving on my limo, a girls gotta make a memorable entrance! The look on my face is because the hood is hot :)Here I am all gussied up for my strut down the red carpet.
"Sandy, Miss Sandy, who are you wearing?"

"Why Jack and Jill of course!"

"Tell us a bit about your gown."

"Well, It is red velvet over sheer white organza with a peter pan collar trimmed in lace and ruffles topped off with a little velvet bow at the throat. The underlay of the dress is a soft white tulle and is positively musical when I walk. A must have for every Southern Belle! Little gold bells on red velvet bows are stitched to the tulle and I sound like Tinkerbell every time I move."

"Who's shoes are you wearing?"

"These are Buster Brown's best! I decided to go classic with a black patten leather strappy little number. I love the darling details of the triple heart cutouts above the toes and chose to accessorize with the elegant but classic white lace ruffled turned down sock."

"No jewels this year?"

"No, I thought the gown spoke for itself and didn't need any bling to make it stand out."

"Tell us about the new do."
"Well, I have this look from my recent role as a toddler and I'm trying to grow it out but it is a slow process."

Now for my acceptance speech:

"She likes me, she really likes me!" (Sorry, had to spoof on Sally Fields just a little! ;) Seriously, thank you, Heather, for your kind and thoughtful support. I look forward to getting to know her better through her blog and pray that her writing, speaking, and teaching ministry will continue to expand a she blesses others with her gifts. I am honored and I humbly accept.

Here I am leaving the awards ceremony all smiles with bloggy awards firmly grasp in my hand. Can't see them you say, of course not, they are virtual awards silly.
"Sandy, Miss Sandy, just one more question! Where will you display your awards?"
"Why on my blog sidebar on my blog mantle, where else?"

I hope this helped you get your red carpet and awards ceremony fix! (My daughter just came in and said I have way too much time on my hands :)

Now on to the next ingredient in my mix. I do not know how these things get started, rumors and misconceptions here in blog land, it must be those terrible tabloids, but I'd like to clear one up. My name really and truly is Sandy, well, actually it is a nick name for my given name of Sandra, but I never go by Sandra, it's always been Sandy, although I did not know my given name was Sandra until I was six years old.

Picture the first two weeks of first grade. Every morning we lined up and filed into our class room behind our teacher, Miss Butts being my teachers name. (No kidding!) After scuffling and shuffling in the cloak room removing sweaters and jackets and hanging up book bags and placing our lunch pails on the shelf we each went to our assigned seats. Announcements were made over the loud speaker, we stood for the Pledge of Allegiance, the singing of the Star Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful, and bowed our heads in prayer as our school principal prayed for us.

We sat in our seats and our teacher called role and you were to stand up and answer, "Present." Everyday Miss Butts called each student by name and received the proper response to all but one student, Sandra. I wondered everyday why the teacher never called my name, being painfully shy I never asked. I also wondered why Sandra never showed up for school.

The teacher contacted my mother and said she thought I had a hearing problem and so I was tested and no problem was found. My mother told me I needed to answer my teacher when she called on me and I said I would. This went on for about two weeks with notes going back and forth between home and school. Finally in frustration my mother met with the teacher face to face to try and figure out the problem. She asked Miss Butts what she was calling me and was given the answer, "Sandra." My mother burst out laughing and said that was the problem. Never in my life had I been called by my given name only my nick name and I probably did not know it was me she was addressing. The next day I was thrilled when she called my name and I too got to stand and say, "Present!" So yes, my name is Sandy but I will not answer you if you address me as Sandra, I'll wonder who you are talking to.

If you wonder about the Miss in front of it, it is a Southern thing. We are raised to be polite in the South and always address our elders by proper titles of Miss, Mrs, or Mr and their last name. If one is on very familiar terms with an elder and permission has been given you call them Miss (even if they are married) or Mr and their first name. I am widely known in our area as Miss Sandy. It started with my children's friends and carried over into my church and it just stuck. I have no secret identity, my first and last name are published on my blog banner if you care to know this information.

I am a regular real person with no hidden identity! (But it might be fun to create one!) Now, go and have yourselves a really great weekend. I hear the call of scissor, paper, glitter, and glue so I must answer.

Miss Sandy


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Ohhhh, you're so cute whether you're a wee toddler or in real time. That was a fun read...lots of grins and ahhhhs here.

Have a happy weekend. Oh, thank you for the head's up on the Krylon product. I'll look for it next time I'm at the hardware store.

Lori said...

Miss Sadny, what a darling post!!! i just loved your cute acceptance speech!!!
happy creating:)

Lori said...

errrr...SANDY!!! oops!!!

Heather@Mommymonk said...

Miss Sandy, your gown was exquisite and the acceptance speech wowed everyone. The invisible award looked like it belonged in your hand.

And besides all that, you sure know how to have fun (maybe you DO have too much time on your hands!) :) Congratulations!

Jennifer said...

What a cute story! My mother used to talk about a teacher she had named Miss Lipshits. My fifth grade teacher was Mrs Wiener...poor things! Talk about my lucky thing...all that yummy ephemera!!!! Have fun with it!!!!

Cindy Roberts said...

So funny! I love the Buster Brown shoes. I remember my excitement when my parents purchased them for me as a child!

Thank you for the encouraging words in this rainy weather. The sun may come out tomorrow, but it definitely came out today! Yay!

Catherine Holman said...

Sandy, Congratulations. What a speech maker you are. Really, that was just so cute. You're adorable!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

How funny to read your story. I am the next to the youngest of 7 (Irish Catholic family). My given name is Cynthia, but I have never been called that ever. Okay, when my Mom was mad at me she woould say through clenched teeth, "CYNTHIA ANN!" I was much older by that point.

I grew up in Baltimore, MD and we addressed every female as Miss and there first name. Of course, I knew them all well. It is a given that you call them Miss XXXX.

It is nice to have a face to put with the pictures. I have a pic when I was little wearing a pink dress and the B-Browns. I was standing next to my Mom's robin's egg blue Mustang Convertible wearing my indian headdress my Great Aunt Lil brought me from IL. Oh how I was styling!

Laurie said...

Hello Miss Sandy! I love your blog and this post! You must have been tickled pink opening your box of treasures!

I look forward to reading more about you! Thanks for sharing!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

This is the sweetest, most fun post I've read in a LONG time!!! And you are a gem and a true Southern Belle, too! I fondly remember the days pledging Allegiance in the morning, followed by a long list of patriotic songs (all of which I remember word-for-word to this day)! AND... my mother recently found an old box of my childhood Buster Brown's! Sans shoes, but the box looks nearly new! What fond memories you've brought back. Have a blessed day!!!

Sherry said...

Miss Sandy, this was a delightful post to read this evening!!! The photographs are lovely -- the before and the after and I love how you did the red carpet for your awards -- it's always good to laugh and I certainly did. Especially at you not answering to Sandra in school -- that was priceless!!! :)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a darling you are. Then, AND now! I think Miss Sandy fits you, it has that "sweetest lady down the street who serves sweet tea and cookies" kinda feeling.:)

Thanks so much for this post (and mentioning my give away,too!)
xo Lidy

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Hi Miss Sandy! This was such fun! :-) Absolutely delightful!


Sea Dream Studio said...

Sandy~ What a sweet blog you have!! Thanks so much for visiting mine. I'd be delighted for you to mention me on your blog. Feel free!!!

Bejeweled said...

What cute pictures of little you!! How darling you are in that little red coat and dress!

Congrats on your awards! And thanks so much for sharing that awesome giveaway with us. That book looks like a wonderful dose of eye candy!

Helen Read said...

What a wonderful post! So creative :) And your little red dress looks very much like one I remember wearing to the first day of first grade!
Thanks for sharing some many facets of your interesting life!!

Pinkie Denise said...

Miss Sandy,
I loved your beautiful post, I had to come back and read the whole thing, love hearing your stories....You are very beautiful,I don't like having my
picture taken so I don't like how I look, I think we need to get over though......Thanks for sharing Pinkie Denise

Fete et Fleur said...

You my dear are lovely and never think anything different! This was a great post. Thanks for the laugh!!

Sand Flat Farm said...

Your post brought back good memories of my childhood, taking turns leading the pledge and the prayer, scratchy net petticoats and little dresses that stand straight out on top of them, and squinting into the sunshine while mommy takes your picture. Loved your little pics. I'll have to dig some of mine out. Thanks for the smiles today! Blessings - Vickie

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