Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tag, I'm It......

Pinkie Denise over at Pinkpomegranate tagged me. I am to link back to her, tell you seven weird things about myself, and then tag seven other people. Karin over at Creative Chaos was afraid the Blog Police would come and haul her off for being tagged and reposting (is that a word? well, we rewrite, so I guess we can repost too, anyway) answers from a previous tag. Well I'm going to do a bit of that too AND I am not going to tag anyone! If you want to be tagged then you are tagged, if not then just read about my weirdness.

I told Pinkie that I need a few days to ruminate over all my weirdness and this is what I came up with:

1.) The weirdest job I ever had was as an elf! You can read about it here.

2.) The weirdest thing I ever ate was fried squid. It tasted like an icky rubber band and it had gotten a bit cold and quite chewy!

3.) The weirdest thing (at least one of them) that happened to me was when I was minding my own business while walking in the cross walk in a parking lot when a lady on her cell phone was looking one way and driving another and gunned her big 'ol dual cab white Ford truck and hit me!

4.) All the women in the world will agree that this is weird and some say even unamerican, I hate chocolate!

5.) All the women of the world will also agree that this is weird, I hate going to the mall. I have not been to a mall in years!!!!! I hate to shop for clothing!!!! I only do it because it would create quite the stir if I were to go streaking around in public!

6.) I have a weird thing about textures, be it food or fabric, it has to feel right to the tongue or skin or I won't eat or wear it.

7.) I have this weird built in radar for when an object in my home has been moved, even slightly. My family thinks it is great fun to set things a bit off kilter to see if I will notice. I always do. I home in on it as soon as I enter the room and I am compelled to straighten it. They all laugh when I do this but I can't help it.


Miss Sandy


Lori said...

Miss Sandy, i am RIGHT there with you on #5 AND #7!!! i do NOT like the mall and only go there under extreme DURESS with my 15~year~old...and #7 LOL!!! one time my sister brought over a little bear {without my knowing}for me and when i was out of the room she said to those still in the room, "let's see how long it takes her to notice"...the second i walked back in i stopped in my tracks and looked in the chimney cupboard where the new little bear was and said "where did THIS come from?"HAH!!!

Fete et Fleur said...

These were great!!

Scary episode with the truck!!!

I can somewhat identify on the chocolate thing. I don’t like chocolate ice-cream. I’m a vanilla girl. I have the same radar for furniture movement and I can’t stand going to the mall either. What's really interesting is the food texture and material weirdness. I have the same feeling. I knew you were a kindred spirit.

Thanks for sharing your weirdness.

Hugs Nancy

cherub*wishes said...

Miss Sandy!!!
Absolutely wonderful blog :o) I'm so glad I found you ***smiles***
Have a sweet day!!
ps. I'm definitely #7 LOL!! My boys think I'm a kook :o)

Sea Angels said...

Dearest Miss Sandy how very wonderful your posts are to read, I also love your snippets of wisdom, and faith, you lift my heart.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Lynn xx

The Rose Cottage said...

thanks for sharing your weirdness *giggle* I don't really like tags so thank you too for not tagging me :)

I do however love the Instant Printable site, thank you for the link, I was here about an hour ago and I got lost after clicking on the link and looking around :)

Have a great weekend,

Vicki said...

Oh, what sweetness I've found today here at your lovely blog! Love all the links, too.

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