Thursday, January 31, 2008

Weather Woes.....

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. ~John Ruskin

A Change In The Weather
Dear Readers, sorry for dropping off of the radar so suddenly. We have been subject to some strange weather woes here at the Quill. On Sunday it was sunny and warm, it felt just like a Spring day, the peepers could be heard in the woods. Hearing them gave my heart hope for an early Spring but I knew this was just a tease. Sure enough, by evening the sudden warm front hit the cold front and storms started to brew.
Scenic Artwork
Storm Sky Background
These were not your regular storms but lightning storms. We live up on a rocky ridge line where there is an element in the rocks, or boulders I should say, that attracts lightning. It strikes with a fierceness and travels out from the stone contact point and sparks along the ground. It is as if someone is sitting in the heavens shooting fireworks towards the earth below. The bursts are brilliant to witness from afar in the safety of shelter.
The Line Storm
By J. Steuart Curry (1935) Oil
On Monday we had fierce winds come up from the South and then whipped in from every known direction. I sat and watched this force of nature twirl the trees, as if in some frantic tribal dance, to the ancient moan that accompanied it. I stepped outside and was literally almost blown over by a sudden 60 mile per hour gust. Clinging to the handrail on the steps I listened to the death like rattle of brittle leaves as they clung fiercely to the dried up old bones of branches clacking in the wind. I felt the strength of the unseen wind and was chilled by the banshee like moans and wails.
Undine in the Wind
Fine Art Print
This second storm knocked out our power. We spent two days living the pioneer way, heat from the fireplace, light from candles, and entertained ourselves with such old fashioned past times as reading aloud, telling stories, sharing memories and playing board games. OK, I totally confess we did not rough it when it came to food, we had take out! (but we did have to maneuver through the darkness to get into town to get it;) It was rather pleasant to have no phone, television, internet, even no cell phone service as something went haywire with that also. The only glitch in this lovely withdrawal from modern society was that our dear old faithful generator died and so did much of our refrigerated food. The old girl has been replaced with a newer sleeker model.
From the Painting by John Faed, R.S.A.
Last night the temperatures dropped and another front moved in only this time we are experiencing a winter mix of rain, sleet, and snow! I like the sound of the ping of ice pellets hitting the roof as I bask by the fireside. I don't expect any of it to stick around but with the strange events of the last few days who knows what to expect.
Fireside Reflections
Oil Painting by Herman Pekel

All this crazy weather reminded me of a favorite book I had when I was young, Dorrie and the Weather Box, (1966 - by Patricia Coombs).

Dorrie is a little witch whose “hat is always on crooked and her stockings never match.” She has a black cat named Gink who follows her wherever she goes. She lives with her mother, the Big Witch, and their house-hand, Cook. Dorrie finds a picnic basket and wants to have a picnic, but it’s raining. She decides to try to fix the weather by using the Big Witch’s secret magic room. Unable to find a recipe for melting clouds, Dorrie mixes two recipes together and hopes for the best. Instead of fixing the weather, Dorrie creates a colorful storm inside the house. The Big Witch comes home just in time to make things right.

I am happy to report that so far there are no pink storm clouds forming inside the Quill like Dorrie conjured up, unless you count pink glitter being sprinkled a "cloud". I'm off to finish up some "heart" art for a couple of Valentine swaps and then I will indulge in a few seaside dreams as I put the finishing touches on my mermaid swap goodies.

Warm Weather Wishes,

Miss Sandy


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh my! The weather has been crazily wild in your corner lately. I don't think a 60mph wind would budge me, but you are a peanut. Take care and hunker down! Loved seeing the paintings you posted...had never heard of the childhood story this weather has reminded you of. Sounds like a fun one.

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Stay safe Miss Sandy. Ice sounds and looks pretty, but can be much more destructive. I remember one year spending a week without power and I lived in the city!

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