Monday, October 26, 2009

Autumnal Glory.....

"I love to wander through the woodlands hoary
In the soft light of an autumnal day"

~Sarah Helen Whitman - Still Days in Autumn~
I seem to be all caught up in the glory of autumn. I am trying to cloak myself in the warmth and richness of all that this season has to offer before the bare threads of winter are woven my way. Sunny days with crisp blue skies have been scant. We are experiencing a soggy autumn. However, yesterday was bright and cheery, with a hint of warmth in the winds. I took advantage of the opportunity late in the afternoon to crunch about the new carpeting of leaves here at the Quill.

Everything beyond my door stoop is cloaked in autumnal glory. The trees were in a talkative mood and offered up their sacred story. They invited me to sit awhile...
to observe, listen, and learn from their sage advice. Clearing their throats with a rattling clatter they whispered on the wind, excitedly gesturing as they swayed, quivering with emphasis, showering me with leaflets speaking of their seasoned lives.
A few brave trees were trying to hang onto their vestiges of summer greenery like some try and hang on to their youth, clinging, yet painfully aware of the passing time and seasons with the inability to stop the inevitable... Others were giving up the bounty of their beauty most freely, accepting their fading and imperfections as badges of honor, sharing the wisdom of their ages, offering up the fruit of their experience, emptying themselves effortlessly to embrace the seasons yet to come...Some embraced their scars earned through the ages by flinging their arms wide open to cradle and nurture others, housing them in the shelter of their bosom... These delight in handing out little nuggets of truth to the fledglings that fly their way, assuring them that all is not what it seems... They were young once too with hopes and dreams and wishes...The path to maturity did indeed get murky at times...There were days when they felt a mere shadow of their former selves... Where their usefulness felt spent, crisp, brown, dried up, barren and exposed for all to trample upon... They stood stoically around me, deeply rooted in thought, as I listened to them breathe... Remembering when unwanted things crept up on them... Joints that began to creak and bend in unwelcome ways... Oh, how some of them longed for those golden halcyon days... Those with a brighter countenance lifted up their arms in praise for each and every one of those golden weeks...crimson months...apricot years...saffron seasons...and dappled days... They dropped at my feet a little nugget of truth... True beauty is not found in youth, where skin is flawless and bodies show no effects of aging. True beauty is found in the taking of joy in living. It is mirrored in the eyes, a reflection of what is in the heart. True beauty is a beauty of the soul and it far outshines the exterior of the package it comes in. Every season has its pleasures, spring may boast of its flowery prime, yet the ruby treasures that brighten autumn, what fruitfulness is on the vine of time. The dear season of autumn with its blessings take not away but add to depth and hue of beauty, "it fills the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape lays as if new, created in all freshness of childhood"(Longfellow ~ Evangeline), that beautiful still useful season of life.

These are things the trees whispered to me, that,
"Sweet and smiling are thy ways, Beauteous, golden Autumn days." (Will Carleton ~ Autumn Days)

Miss Sandy

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Linda said...

Thank you, Miss Sandy... as you know, I deeply needed this. I loved your gorgeous words and photos. This weekend, at our reunion gathering, I felt exceptionally youthful and as I came together with my old friends, it was interesting because none of us had really changed at all. Inside, we were the same personalities that we had always been and when I look at the photo of the three of us, I see only the kids we used to be. Life is funny like that. ♥

Becky K. said...

Inner outer beauty every time!
Wonderful photos to go with a lovely message.

Becky K.

LiLi M. said...

I am almost looking forward to my autumn, as I still am in my summer ( I think). The other day I had this conversation with my daughter (15) and her friend (14) and of course in their eyes I am old (48), but I told them that the only way I was going to be young was if I died at this very moment, then I was too young to die. I just love every stage in life until now, until I know it. I think it's so much easier when you just don't have to think every day: what shall I wear, what do I look, but think about the more important things in life and reading beautiful posts as yours in stead of going shopping all the time. Outer beauty is your first impression of the eyes, but inner beauty is what can really set a mark on your soul.

Anonymous said...

Yes Sandy, it is also the Autumn of our lives (me and hubby). At least I think it is. We never know when the winter will come early. This was a beautiful piece of writing and photos. Congratulations.

Susie said...

Pretty fall colors Sandy. Love the outing!

Charlene said...

Beautiful Post & Photos! Autumn is indeed a beautiful, colorful, inspiring time. Thank you for your views into this special time. Are you back in the swing of things after being gone? It always takes awhile to get all the laundry done & the mail & bills taken care of.

kathy said...

Sandy -- oh such beautiful pictures --- There are some glorious trees here also -- been raining so I am afraid I will miss the opp for pics and they will fall - so thank you for these -- your banner is lovely - Kathy - ga ♥

Cheptoek said...

You are truly gifted with words. I really enjoyed reading this and as usual your photos are beautiful. Thank you.

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