Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Closet Dreams.....

"The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau..."

~Dan Rather~
(Beth ~ Altered Tin)

Today feels like a closet cleaning kind of day. The kind of day where your hands are busy doing the necessary work set before you while the heart and the mind are free to dream. Darling Daughter came and got the last snippets of her life here and packed them in a box, toting them out to her car. With a slam of the trunk, she was gone...almost. The hall closet still houses her special quilts made my her great aunt and her great grandmother. Her warm flannel sheets are tucked in there too as are an assortment of curtains from bedroom decors of the past and I am not sure what else.(Lori ~ Beautiful Box)

Yesterday I spent the afternoon teaching her how to reupholster chair cushions for her antique dining set. They came out great and she has given me permission to photograph her post stamp place and share it with you once she is finished unpacking boxes.(Dawn ~ Fairy Baby Jar)

I also have to tackle the closet in the studio because there will be some major changing going on in there. All my nice clean tall white cupboards that house supplies will be moving out. Handy Hubby is going to install shelving all the way across the current closet and all my supplies from the cupboards will then fit in there. YES!!! That will give me more room for pretty yet practical around the room.(Dawn ~ Paper Clay Snowman Ornament)

Since Darling Daughters Closet is now empty, all the extra storage that was not studio related can can now move into her previously occupied space. I don't have any current plans for the room itself right now, just the closet. I want to plan the space very carefully. You see, I have a dream. A dream that has been kept in the secret closet of my heart for some time now.(Karla ~ Paper Doll)

In that dream I want to host and teach small open studio art classes here at the Quill but, living in a cottage in not very conducive for crowds of any sort. If I had an actual dining room then there would be no problem.(Nerissa ~ Vintage Bling Rings)

I have considered the writing cottage but with no easy access to bathrooms, water, etc. necessary for such a thing makes that not a viable option. So, this new spare room seems to be my solution, but I need to have everyday function as well. It needs to be a room that can easily be converted from grand kid space to studio event space.(Nerissa ~ Vintage Stamped Keys)

I could just reserve a room at the library to hold classes in, which is what a lot of artist in our area do, but it is so impersonal and uninspiring. The first issue I need a solution for is a bed for grands or guests. I am thinking of a Murphy bed. I have done some research and found a kit that lets you make your own and since I am married to a very handy man, I am going to pitch the idea to him. I think this would make a great winter project and that man does so love to build things.(Robin ~ A Pocket Full of Treasures Scrapbook)

This would solve floor space and leave room for a table and chairs to be set up in the center of the room for classes when needed. A couple of cute flea market finds could serve as cupboards for class supplies and flank each side of the window on the short wall with a nice window bench built in between for snuggling up with grand kids to read and a lift top for toy storage underneath. Sounds good so far, now to just get Handy Hubby to sign off on the plan.(Tammy ~ Homage to a Loved One Assemblage)

My biggest obstacle is to convince him to let me get rid of the carpeting and put in a floor better suited for a studio space in both rooms. So, as my hands are busy culling and sorting closet contents, my brain will be brewing up plans to make my closet dream come true.(Tia ~ VooDoo Heart)

Did you notice all the pretty photos in this post? These are a few of the projects for the Artist Class. Aren't they fantastic? There is still time to sign up. Class details can be found HERE. Be sure and use my discount code, quillcottage, if you sign up and you will receive a $10.00 discount off the class tuition price.
(Autumnal Banner taught by me as well as few small bonus projects with an autumnal theme)

Mary is doing such a great job of coordinating this event and she has been seeking out a variety of media and projects to suit all types of interest for the students. Although I don't have photos, Lisa will be demonstrating a Project Sampler Book and Karen will be supplying a bonus Marie Antoinette Collage Sheet for your artful pleasure.

Each of these projects began with a dream, an idea that tugged at the heart and pushed itself to the surface, leading to its creation, and the artist to a new plateau. Dreams are like that. A part of mine is being fulfilled as I join the teaching team of the Artist Class. Now to get down to the nitty gritty of pushing the new idea that tugs at my heart forward and see if it will reach the next plateau.

Miss Sandy


kathy said...

Love all your beautiful pictures -- That is also one of my styles of dreaming - Ah1 as we see dreams come true -- how wonderful -- and sometimes more wondrous that expected -Blessings kathy - ga

Lori said...

Miss Sandy, what a wonderful idea to have a studio space in your home for conducting classes...i hope your dream will soon be sounds amazing...what a nice thing that you showed off all of the projects for the artist class...thank~you:)

Barbara H. said...

I had to look up what a Murphy bed is. I have the same sort of situation turning my son's former bedroom into a craft/sewing/guest room. We need a place for guests to sleep but don't want a bed taking up so much space. We've pretty much decided on a futon: a store in town has a good selection. It will provide seating when the family comes in to see what I am doing or when I want to sit somewhere soft to do handwork or look through something. I'm stuck now deciding between a full-sized one -- which would really fit better in the space we have -- or a queen, which would probably be better for guests, especially more than one.

The studio is such a nice dream: it will be exciting to see it come to life. If I lived close enough I'd be taking classes there!

Linda said...

I too hope your dream comes true! All of these projects are so very lovely. ♥

Susie said...

Hey Sandy,

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. In answer to your question regarding Cade's Cove. Yes we visited there once and (I'm sorry to say)really didn't enjoy it at all.

We were not prepared for how long it would take and we were only in town for a couple of days. The traffic was horrendous. Everyone had to stop every 5 seconds to look at the deer. Well they are pretty but after a while they all look alike.

If we went back it would be when we had plenty of time.

KathyB. said...

I am just ahhing and oohing over your pictures and then I went back to your storage ideas post, and more ahhing and oohing. You do inspire me, and I did find we store some things the same way....thanks to the stores that sell wonderful plastic storage containers CHEAP!

My work room is our daughter's old bedroom. As she is married and mother to 4 children now, our sons' old bedroom ( they too are grown with families of their own) is the spare / guest room with double bed and set of bunks, plus all the things needed to encourage friends and family to stay for awhile. Gotta have a bedroom for grandchildren and their parents!

Decor To Adore said...

I'll show you my sweet girl's closet transformed into a crafting palace if you show me yours.... :)

Cheptoek said...

I love the autumnal banner!

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