Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fun Stuff.....

Yesterday while I was out running errands I dropped into the local bookstore and found and special issue of Cloth Paper Scissors...This issue features over 20 inspirational artist studios and you know I love to peek into the lives of other artists. I am always motivated by the creative spaces of others and garner great ideas for storage and display.Wouldn't it be fun to create in a castle~like space with salvaged pieces creating the entry?Here are a few more peeks at some the pages...
I also dropped into one of favorite flea markets, Through The Years, looking for a chest of drawers for Darling Daughter. No such luck BUT, I did find Cinderella's shoes. Well, at least one of her shoes, the other one is going to be a 1800's vintage brides shoe when I get them done.I want to use them as containers for art kits for the new shoppe which I hope to have up an running very soon. Now that things have settled here I am working in earnest to get a bit of an inventory worked up before I list anything.

More projects are coming in for the Artist Class. If you would like a sneak peek at the blog you can do so by visiting HERE, but it will only be open to the public until October 24th. The blog will only be public until the class starts then it can only be accessed by codes issued upon registration. Check out the sidebar to meet some of the artists and view a few of the project submissions.

Class starts on October 25th and I am getting so excited. Remember that if you sign up using my discount code, quillcottage, you will receive a $10.00 discount, bringing the cost from $59.00 to $49.00. Did you know that if you break down the cost of the class you will pay just $4.00 per class when using the discount code? Pretty great deal for getting a dozen project instructions from some wonderful artists, with a bonus free downloads, supply lists, etc. I will be adding some mini bonus projects to my tutorial there as well as some bonus images for your autumn crafting.

And on the super fun front I got to spend the day with my two grandchildren. Thank heavens my mother was here too, otherwise no one would believe how this day really went. She is my witness and partner in grime. It was like an episodes of I Love Lucy meets The Three Stooges, I kid you not.

I am evidently very rusty at caring for a 6 week old, three year old, and one jealous dog. Throw in dog poo tracked in on a shoe and smashed into the rug, projectile spit up that would have surely won points in the Olympics, a child dripping from head to toe in a spilled Sprite with no change of clothes, potty training, baby bottles, diapers, burping, and a whole host of other mishaps and yes it was fun stuff. Talk about adventures in babysitting!

Thank you for all your sweet comments and insights on my last post. After today I am feeling pretty good about my parenting, now I think my grand parenting skills are in question after today's session. My son just rolled when I told him all that went on a few hours time. My daughter-in-law just smiled a knowing smile. I asked them would they ever want me to keep them both at the same time and they both asked if I would ever want to. You bet I would, will, that is after I quit reeking of regurgitated formula, shampoo up the poo or burn the rug, mop the sticky Sprite up off the kitchen floor, and recuperate enough to laugh about the whole day.

I think I have had enough fun stuff for one day so I am off to crash.

Miss Sandy


Janet said...

i LOVE the Studios issues of CPS! Must get to the bookstore this week! Hope they have it already! Thanks for the tip!

SharDon Exclusives said...

Sandy, You are so funny! I can just see you juggling everything and finding humor in it. Doggies are the worst!(I have I would love to join the class but $55+ dollars is way out of my league for now. I believe that is what it says so am confused about the $10.00 discount and costing only $4.00?? I guess I am blond and need to study the costs more. I would love to participate otherwise...Have a wonderful Sunday,

Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad there were no tv cameras recording all those babysitting adventures??!! Sounds like a wonderful time. Two precious blessings from Above!

KathyB. said...

Ha ha! Fun stuff for sure. I am always surprised by how much energy I use and how messy the house gets when I am having fun with my grandchildren, it really wasn't that way when my kids were little.Still can't get enough of the days of making messes and having fun with the grandchildren though and may God bless you and I with many more!

p.s. I have to find that magazine and check it out.

Lori said...

that looks like a great magazine...i need to do a michaels run tomorrow...i will have to see if they have it there...i LOVE what you are doing with those shoes...when Natasha had her re~vamp it party i tried to find a pair of shoes to do...but i couldn't find just what i wanted...yours are a perfect canvas for foofing!!!

kathy said...

Love these pics -- I love seeing ex of ways to display and things people create and store -- Have to check this one out -- I ordered the BOOK where women create when it came out --and now ge the magazines also --will have to see this one - Blessings _Kathy - ga ♥

Cheptoek said...

Been away again, so I am catching up. I am looking for a job so I keep disappearing a bit lately but I hope to soon be visiting daily. I love what you did with the shoe! Gorgeous.

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