Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's In The Boxes Guessing Game Winners.....

Oh my goodness what wonderful guesses there were for what was in the boxes on my shelves. I can only wish there were "love letters written in the 1850's, written in spidery script, tied in silky pink ribbon with a faint smell of lavender..." as Kathy guessed.

What fun it would be to find Grandmother's "elastics" for holding up her stockings like Mildred guessed.

Myrnie tickled my funny bone with guessing that there were pieces of wrought iron fences in one because they are beautiful and her aunt collects them.

Lala (sorry, no blog link) shared a precious memory of a cigar box filled with little plastic purses that held a rainbow of plastic rain caps.

LDH guessed precious remnants of babyhood might be tucked into one, "a small envelope with a milk-white tooth collected from beneath a sleepy head by a tiny fairy."

Nancy thought perhaps the rattling was a precious antique baby rattle.

Kathy B. thought there must be interesting buttons, lace, fibers, and trims, all the things needed for creating beautiful things.

Barb T. (sorry, no blog link) wished one held inventive ideas. Her paternal grandfather was an inventor and drawings, idea notebooks, and patents would be a fun find!

I loved each and every answer and the special little thoughts, wishes, and personal stories you shared. In my book, each one of you is a winner for helping to make an unpleasant task more pleasurable. Before I share the winners, I'll show what was really in the boxes. A dapper gentleman bows to a pretty little maid...Inside the box rests tiny crochet dancing slippers and pretty petals, gifts that were made for me by my dear friend Pam. This sweet lady was concealing...A trio of tiny silver plated trays, old tickets, vintage pale yellow velvet leaves, and a ribbon tied box of trinkets...This faded cream and gold beauty holds...Eggs... I wondered where these went. The paper mache ones are all ready to paint a pretty blue now that I found them and the shells were some I cleaned and saved for a project experiment. I must have put them in the box to keep them from getting broken.

A tiny trio of drawers...Tucks away itty bitty beads from broken necklaces...This diva had a fun stash hiding behind her fan...The card Beth gave me, a touch of lace, and a wasp nest...An Etsy purchase that I thought I lost...A card of lace...And lastly this old monogrammed leather mens wallet, I hope P.J.S. does not want this back as I am rather fond of it even if it is empty... A darling duck box shelters...A sweet stash... Of vintage post cards featuring more sweet tweets... Tick~tocks and tea pots... Cuff links, cameos, bobbles, and a mini photo...A baby bottle box...Holds a single wee leather doll shoe...A faded rose greeting card box holds... Nothing and everything, anything the imagination wishes to fill it with, dreams, hopes, desires...This satin handkerchief box hides bits of... Bitter sweetness, a small square of lace, a handful of shell buttons, and a card I found tucked inside my grandmothers Bible, a card given to her by a family I don't remember being in tact, myself, my mother, and my father. Our names are there, written together, a family. A handmade paper box...Filled with small squares of handmade paper, perfect for tiny watercolor paintings...A fancy floral box trimmed in satin ribbon...Spills out wide antique lace, dreamy creamy satin ribbon, and one lone shabby sheer ladies glove... A bonny blue Exquisite box...Houses a barley blue baby gown, a petite portrait, blue suede rose, and two tiny vials of vintage glass beads...A bright blue ribboned box...
Holds broken baby dolls, rescued from a dingy plastic bag, awaiting their turn on the work table to be put back together again.A satin padded glove box...Is full of blackbirds...Tucked in tissue paper...They escaped...And it started to get scary, kind of like the movie, The Birds, perching on the box rim...One poor bird lost his beak. I promised him I'd glue it back on...This one has a secret...He whispered it to me...
See his cheeky grin of glee?He loved each and every guess,
And could not choose one which he liked best,
This is what he suggests,
"Don't just give away prizes one, two, and three,
Include everyone whose name in this post you see!"
I wholeheartedly agree!

LDH wins the Mint Chocolate Dreams Paper and Ephemera Kit with added surprise goodies tossed in for her precious guess of babyhood memories!Myrnie wins the Anna Griffin Card Kit with added surprise goodies tossed in for tickling my funny bone with her wrought iron fence pieces guess.Kathy wins the Black and White Collage Kit with added surprise goodies tossed in for her romantic guess of love letters as well as her dreamy list of lovelies!Now, the rest of you listed will receive a little surprise handmade goodie from me too for your wonderful guesses.

If you will all kindly email me your mailing address, my email link is on my upper sidebar, and I will get your packgaes in the mail on Monday of next week. I will be taking a little holiday blog break to visit with family and will mail them as soon as I return. Thank you all for playing and a hearty congratulations!

I slipped one other box up on the shelf, a little gold foil one...It holds, JOY...Which is what I wish each of your holiday's holds too! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Miss Sandy


Anonymous said...

What fun this has been. I love seeing the treasures in the boxes. Thank you so much Sandy for your graciousness and good wishes. Blessings to you and yours this holiday season.

Claudia said...

What a beautiful post, Sandy. Boxes full of treasures - each with a special meaning. Lovely.


BellaRosa said...

Miss Sandy, what wonderful guess for all your lovely treasures, Congrats to all your winners! I can't decide which box held my favorites...I think a lil bit of each :) especially the card with your family in it, the lone bebe shoe and the box with the broken bebe dolls, and the box with the laces and ribbons, the baby dress...oh who am I kidding I loved them all :) Have a beautiful Thanksgiving. Besos, Rose

SharDon Exclusives said...

It was so fun reading off all of the comments & then seeing what was in each box! What a fun thing to do!I am sure the winners are thrilled by their good luck.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day.

LDH said...

Oh Sandy! That was so fun! I am so excited and want to thank your for your kind generosity! I enjoyed scrolling through your post to see the contents of each box. Such sweet treasures... although the birds did look a bit... well, realistic :)

Joy to you to, my new blogging friend!

Myrnie said...

I was right, one box DID have doll heads! Oh, that makes me giggle :)

What a fun game, thanks for letting us play! I'll e-mail you shortly :)


Lori said...

i missed your game...i did see the post in reader, but my computer was being bad again, and i couldn't leave a was fun to see what was really in your boxes Miss Sandy...i love those blackbirds!!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I had seen this giveaway but did not play as I have been lucky enough to win a sweet prize in the past. However, I was DYING to know what was inside. :)

Congratulations to the winner!

LiLi M. said...

Congrats to the winners! I was too late too, time flies when you are having fun! What fun to reveal all open boxes, I knew I would enjoy this! Thanks!

kathy said...

SAndy what a delightful surprise to win !! I was checking in while I had a moment between cooking --Ad almost forgotten the giveaway -- as the day you posted -- I had such fun and delight thinking of the wonderful things each box could contain --OH !!! your boxes contained such delights -- all things we mixed media --shabby ,, vintage girls love -- Such sweet things and remembrances for you ---
THank you so much !!! will e mail you --
HAve a Blessed Thanksgiving !!! KAthy - ga ♥

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