Monday, November 23, 2009

Let's Play A Game Give Away.....

Put on your thinking cap and come play a guessing game with me...In my last post I mentioned playing a guessing game. I also mentioned in an earlier post that I have a habit of buying interesting boxes or containers and filling them with smalls as I shop in flea markets. I try to unpack them as soon as I get home but sometimes I get busy and forget. These are the boxes I shoved up on the shelf last week to get them off the floor while I am in the process of the last push to get the studio in order.
I heard something rattle in one and took a peek, delighted at what I found. I shook a few more and heard them same intriguing rattle. I didn't have time to explore them at the moment so I thought we could do that together through a little guessing game.It has been anything but fun sorting through all the stuff that my daughter left for me plus reorganizing my own stuff, so, I need a little entertainment. The rules are simple, guess what is in the boxes pictured in the photos of this post. You can pick a particular box or set of boxes or all the boxes if you wish, then tell me in your wildest dreams what you think that box or boxes hold. Use your imagination, make up a story about the box, or just guess what you think it actually holds, just please entertain me while I finish the drudgery of sorting!In case you are wondering, yes, there will be prizes! Remember all that cool stuff my daughter left? I have sorted and set some aside to share a prizes. How many prizes you ask, there will be three wonderful art kits for your creative pleasure by days end. Anyone is welcome to play along, no requirements to have a blog and I will ship internationally. I will select three winners and post the results on Wednesday morning as well as the real contents of the boxes. Comments will close at 10:00 PM CST.

Chocolate Mint Dreams Paper and Embellishment Kit...
Anna Griffin Card Making Kit...Black and White Collage Paper Kit...I'll be adding some other goodies to these basic kits!

Have fun guessing and have a great day!



kathy said...

Sandy , How fun - as I have been sorting (in spurts ) I also have found things I didn't remember --I choose the jewelry boxes (cream ) as I found some at a flea mmarket -- nothing in them yet -- But in my wildest dreams they would be filled with -- a few old love letters --from the 1850' written in beautiful spidery script- tied with silky pink ribbon with a faint smell of lavendar --and a pressed flower inside --- a small locket -- revealing an old photo of a love and on the other side of the locket -- a curl of hair --
also a few pearls --coming unstrung from a necklace --an old button hook for high top shoes --
a few mother of pearl buttons and a beautiful belt buckle -- a small
dance book -- with the same name on each page --and a pressed four leaf clover inside it also ---
several sepia pictures of a family -- the culmination of the love represented by all the sweet things inside ,
The next box would have a tiny silk baby sock pale pink and a tiny soft hand tatted booties -- little pieces of lace --and a picture of a man in uniform --very austere and handsome -a calling card with a turned corner -- as was done in victorian times --a tiny book of poetry --with a soft leather cover --inside a bookmark -- hand made from pressed flowers and a flowing ribbon --two hair combs -- and a needle case --made of carved ivory -- with sewing instruments inside -- a peau du soie -- drawstring purse -- with a
small perfume vial inside -and a tiny glass limoge snuff box -- with a hanpainted rose on the cover -- ah just a few favorite things -- ( I am lucky enought to have all these things myself -and some purchased by my own love of 44 yrs for me for B- days --etc -- How I love them and all things french ( that is my Chintz and lace side --) Hope you enjoy my fanciful tale of romance -- ( once a few years on Valentines , I came home to find a message tied with a ribbon placed into a bottle
with a box next to it tied with ribbon and inside a thin gold bangle bracelet --( OH a message in a bottle -- a fav movie of my HUbs and I -- also we love the movie "Somewhere in Time "-- and Pride and Prejudice as well as
"ANNE of Greene GAbles ""
Blessings _- KAthy - ga ♥

Anonymous said...

What fun this is for us! I think I see an old cigar box...Grandma kept her old wooden spools of thread, her favorite scissors, sewing machine oil, tomato pincushion, and occasionally her "elastics" that she used to hold her stockings up in an old cigar box.

Myrnie said...

I'm going to guess that one holds antique skeleton has vintage porcelain doll heads, and the last....ummm....little bits of wrought iron fences. My aunt collects pieces of old wrought iron fences, they're gorgeous!

Good luck in all the sorting!!

lala said...

You have such a lovely collection of boxes - as did my grandma. Whenever I would visit her, she always let me help her with sorting and adding to their contents. I spent hours playing with buttons, snippets of silk and satin, old keys, tiny silver spoons, fancy broken earrings. old cards and photos, medals and ribbons. But my favorite box was a cigar box filled with rain bonnets in little plastic purses. They were in every color imaginable, in solids, pastels, stripes, polka dots, even from Wonder Bread!! Oh how I loved trying each of them on and parading in front of her and the mirror. Hope your boxes contain some very special treasures for you.

LDH said...

Hello Sandy, stopping by from Mildred's recommendation to play your fun guessing game.

My eyes fell on the little pink box on the top shelf. I think it holds a pair of high-top baby shoes, a small wisp of hair tied with a tiny pink bow, a small heart locket with an initial engraved on the front and a small envelope with a little milk-white tooth collected from beneath a sleepy head by a tiny fairy.

Such a sweet place you have here ~ I will need to return and get to know you better.

Kindly, ldh

Fete et Fleur said...

Just stopping by to wish you and your family a joyous Thanksgiving!


PS Perhaps some of the rattling may be a precious antique baby rattle?

KathyB. said...

Looks like you're making a lot of progress and sorting can be fun at your place.There must be so many interesting things in those boxes, buttons and laces..fibers and trims. All the things that need to be stored away for use in creating so many beautiful things.

Barb T. said...

Loving ephemera the way I do, I would like to think one of those boxes holds invention ideas. My paternal great grandfather was a railroad man who invented a card case and paperclip of sorts and actually had a patent on the case. Maybe one of those boxes contains an antique idea notebook, patents, drawings, etc. Just a thought, Sandy.
Barb T.

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