Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We spent the weekend unwinding at the farm...Which allowed me time and space to uncork a few new thoughts and ideas...That gave me back a little sparkle and shine...Pinning on new hope...That the passing of time will indeed renew both frail body and creative spirit...Life is sometimes a beautiful mess that cannot be controlled or contained no matter how pretty we try to package it...But whose contents must be spilled out in a bright, brilliant, beautiful mixture of whatever comes our way - sickness, health, poverty or wealth... Each facet has a joy or sorrow all its own. How we spend our time, on what we pin our hopes, and the way in which we uncork our dreams all become a beautiful part of who are meant to be. We entwine our lives with that of others, giving and receiving, blending the beauty, making a interesting assortment encouragement among the vast contrast of experiences that we share.

I thought about you all while we were there and wished that we were physically walking side by side through the countryside seeing the same sights and experiencing the same pleasures. It dawned on me in that moment...that is what we indeed do, this is the very essence of blogging - walking alongside one another sharing encouragement, cheering one another on, sharing the unique facets of our individual lives, forging friendships which otherwise never would have existed due to geographical constraints, communicating the joy of who we are, and sharing the hopes and dreams of what or who we wish to become. A perfect blending of beauty and bliss - thanks for being a part of the beautiful mixture of my life!

What beautiful bountiful treasure have you discovered in your blogging experience?

Miss Sandy

Flea Market finds - Vintage Hat Boxes, Crazed Platter, Glass Bottle Stopper, Watch, Ball of Twine, Large Metal Pin, Pearl Necklace, and Large Peach Pearl Hair Clip

Family Treasures - Paste Jeweled Necklace, Pink and Silver Necklace, Gold Filigree Pearl Studded Hair Clip, and Buckle Ring


myletterstoemily said...

the beauty i have found is within each
woman who blogs here. so much talent
and goodness.c

Jonny said...

Written so beautiful!!!-I find beauty in the encouragements, inspirations and the passions of all the women who blog. I have met so many talented and so many kind hearted women whom I admire.Sincerly, Jonny

Vickie said...

I feel the same way, Miss Sandy! I don't know what I'd do without my bloggy friends now! And you have such a beautiful talent for expressing your thoughts, not only through your words but also in your lovely pictures! Well said!

And I hope and wish and pray that you feel good and strong, and that your day is blessed!

Vee said...

Many wonderful blogging experiences and the meeting of such vibrant spirits. For that's really how we know each other in Blogdom...on the spirit level. My spirit just loves your spirit! (I told my mother yesterday that I was quite convinced that blogging was the only thing keeping me sane at present.)

BTW, I do believe that you would adore Elizabeth Goudge books. Have you ever read them? You express so many of the things that she shares in her stories.

Have a delicious day, my friend, and one that is taking you closer and closer to optimum health and refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Sandy, Lovely post. Do you know what I've most found through blogging? Kindness. The kindness of strangers who are no longer strangers even though I've never physically met them. Inspiration too... The way bloggers share...
The way they empower others...

I find very little selfishness on the blogs I visit - only open hearted giving.

Blessings, Sweet Friend! I'm glad you're feeling better!

The Feathered Nest said...

What a wonderful post sweet Sandy!!! I'm so glad you were able to unwind this past weekend ~ sounds like you have a lovely time. And you are so right about blogging...it has been such a rewarding and blessed experience for me these last 3 1/2 years ~ I'm amazed each and every day at all of the precious friends I've made and continue to make on the blogging journey. Such inspiration and love is found through this blogging world. I hope you are feeling well and wish you a creative happy week!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Charlene said...

Hope you are feeling much better. Your treasures are beautiful! Have a wonderful week.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Words I needed to hear this very early morning..thank you for putting such simple, clear and beautiful messaging out to all of us ;-D

Sonya Badgley said...

Through your words and pictures I feel like I do walk along side of you.
I think blogging gives women freedom to be who they really are and what God expects them to be...I've only met kindness, creativeness and encouragement. I think that gives us... hope. Don't you think? You can feel the love through their words and their vulnerabitlity that I think that we all have. And the responses that people get are affirmations that we are not alone. God gives us all gifts and I think this is what we are supposed to do.. share them with one another. It's supplication. :)
I am glad that you are feeling better. Have a wonderful rest of the week.
Blessing to you my friend,

Elizabeth said...


I'm back to visiting after being without a computer for 2 months. I hope you are enjoying your time at the farm. It sounds wonderful.

Love the pictures.
God bless,

Linda said...

Those are gorgeous photos :)

The greatest blessing I've received from blogging is the personal satisfaction of seeing the chronical of my life before me in print, as a lasting memoir for my daughter, and of course, the blogger friends I've made along the way.

Laura said...

Good Morning, Sandy,
What a lovely and touching post. What do I love best about blogging? Well, it feels so wonderful and supportive to know that there are others out there who share your dreams, loves, hopes, ideas, passions, commitments, and faith. You have a wonderful blog.

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