Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Face On A Book.....

Now, before you get all excited, this is not a post informing you that I will be writing a book...yet. It is to tell of my recent misadventure. It all started out with a simple email from my super sweet city cousin. (I am the country cousin) She was informing me that she had set up a Facebook profile. I am thinking to myself, "Gee, I want my face on a book too!" I mean, don't all aspiring writers want their face on a book?(To make your own magazine cover go here.)

Her message said that I could not play unless I set up an account for this super secret society where she was going to be able to post photos, videos, and all kinds of cool stuff. It also said that we could not even be friends unless I did! This suddenly whisked me back to kindergarten hoping beyond hope that someone would want to be my friend and let me play with them. So, me being nosy about her super secret cool stuff with photos AND seriously wanting her to be my friend, I clicked on the little link thing to join.

Little did I know that when you go to join said society you will be interrogated! I am serious, they ask some very personal questions. Some of them I really did not want the answers to floating around in cyberspace for some hacker to come and steal. (As if that would happen) I skipped as many of the questions as I could but it made me put in my birth date and now everyone knows I am OLD! I clicked the little submit button, with a happy sigh I was informed that I was now officially H's friend! This made me very happy indeed.

Now that we were friends and all, I got to see if any of her other friends wanted to be my friend too. Didn't we cover this in kindergarten too? Much to my delight I saw that her sister was on the friends list so I picked J! I was really moving up in the world, two whole friends! I logged off feeling pretty satisfied with myself and my new skill and two whole new friends!

The next day I get an email from J which informs me that she WROTE on my wall! Being the free spirited designer (and here) that she is I should have expected something like this from her. She has children, does she not know how hard it is to get those stinking crayon marks off the wall? I am thinking that there has been good success reported with those Mr. Clean Magic Wipe things. I looked for my wall thinking I'd better clean it up. Who knew a book had a wall? Why is it not a page?

Anyway, I think it is OK that she wrote on it because I think it is invisible because I couldn't find it. She probably used invisible crayon so we are good. What did she write? "Where are you hiding the pictures? I know you have a million. How are you?"

I will tell you how I am, CONFUSED! I don't know how all this works. I can't find my book to put my face on, much less figure out how we are going to be friends and visit one another if I can't figure out how to see their super cool secret stuff with photos!

To answer J's question, there are no photos because evidently I never hung them on my wall or better yet, they are invisible photos hanging on my invisible wall, millions of them! You just need some of my super secret spy glasses to see them! I am thinking that we cannot be friends after all, this friendship is way too complicated for me. Just so you know, I am off to start my own super secret society of super cool stuff with photos (invisible ones) and it will be called Facelessbook!

Facelessly Yours,
Miss Sandy
UPDATE: Sweet cousin J sent me an email this morning walking me through the whole deal. She said that I should be able to figure it out after a half an hour of just clicking around, until then, she will continue to write on my wall just to taunt me. Nice huh?


Fete et Fleur said...

Oh I've missed your wonderful posts. This one was great! I feel the same way about facebook. It really shouldn't be that hard, but it is! Thanks so much for your wonderful sugggestions about mirrors. I was thinking the same thing.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Very clever take on Facebook! I can NOT for the life of me figure it all out and I guess that I'm just old-fashioned enough to stay out of it for my own good. :D

Hope that it proves to be an excellent way of keeping up with your relatives and friends.

Miss Rhea said...

lol, you crack me up !! Well, I am your friend, and I will walk home from school with you, have no fear. :)

Susie said...

As I was reading your posts I was cackling! I'm glad I was sitting here by myself. Good luck figuring everything out!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...
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Helen Read said...

Great post, Sandy! I'm going to look for you on facebook now!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Hmmm~ the lady in the picture doesn't look old, so it must not truly be you.
I see someone with lovely brown wavy hair and a great taste in earrings.

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