Tuesday, October 12, 2010


In recent weeks I found a couple of ephemera resources that I thought I would share with you, two reproduction catalogs, a 1908 Sears Roebuck and a 1894-95 Montgomery Wards. Not only are these fun to look at but a great source for vintage style images from pocket watches and silver spoons,to shirtwaists and skirts...and wee dainty dresses... If you see these in a flea market, nab them, they are a great resource. You can use the original pages or make scans of the images you desire to use for your artwork. Below, I have scanned some images from some of them for you to save and use in your artwork, plus a sweet lady who might have thumbed through catalogs just such as these. Enjoy!

I have been working on a new free autumnal themed tutorial to share with you using some old ephemera and fabric. I hope to have it posted by the weekend. Karen gave me the idea with a little note she sent me. I told her about all my holiday decor being held wasp-age in the storage building so I could not decorate and she said she guessed I would have to just make something, so, I did.You might remember my being stung recently while near the storage building, turns out the seal around the window had loosened and there was a crack there. Enter... an entire SWARM of wasps! The window has been repaired and the wasps will be exterminated very soon. Until then I thought I'd just make a few items to get that holiday feel. So far I have some pretty pumpkins, skeleton leaves, and fabric acorns and I'll see what else I can think of that will be really quick and easy. If you happened to have taken or want to take Beth and Karla's class, Romantic Gothic Ghosts, these will fit right in with their sepia toned art pieces, decorating tips, and tablescapes.

I am off to dream up some more decor. Have a wonderful day!


Miss Sandy


Robin said...

Thanks for the images Miss Sandy....I just love those shoes!!


myletterstoemily said...

what enchanting images and so sweet of
you to offer them!


Lululiz said...

Aren't those ads fantastic? I adore those hats, can you imagine actually wearing one of those? Thank you for sharing the images.

Dorthe said...

Thankyou for the free images,Sandy,
what a wonderfull bunch of magazine sides you have shown here, and your pumpkins, are so beautifull.

Karen Valentine said...

Fabulous old pages! Love them. I'm so glad you are making some new goodies! I love your pumpkins. I am going to repost my pumpkin tutorial this week too!
Have fun sweet lady!

Thespa McLaughlin said...

I am fortunate as to have found several of those catalogs. A 1908 sears reproduced in the 70's, a 1910 Sears, and a 1902 Sears catalog. I love them! They are so much fun to thumb through and I have used many of the images inside in my artwork as well! Thanks for sharing and hope you have a great day!

Jeanette said...

I picked one of these catalogs up recently as well. I now have two.

The thing that surprises me the most is that my little BOYS fight over them! They love to sit and look through the guns, pocket knives, pocket watches etc.

The love them just as much, if not more than I do!

sonya said...

Hi Miss Sandy,
Thank you for the images. I just love those old catalogs. Your pumpkins are adorable.
Thanks for sharing and I hope your weekend is wonderful.
Blessings, Sonya

Barbara Jean said...

Thanks for all the great images!!

Lovely books you got.

barbara jean

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet friend!!!! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've been to see the beauty here... I just love your precious acorns so much and treasure mine :) I'm sure your tutorial will be wonderful Sandy!! CONGRATULATIONS on the upcoming published artwork too!!!! I knew it would happen..it was just a matter of time dear friend, I hope your week has been lovely, sending you hugs and love, Dawn

Big Girl Feet said...

Wow I love your blog! & thank you so much for sharing these awesome images!!

katecreativesalvage said...

Lovely books, thanks so much for the images.' By the way does anyone knows of a tutorial for the french manuscript candles I see all over blogland, thank you


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