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Dear Readers, I have just a few more Easter basket crafts to share with you and then we will move on to some other Easter traditions. I was going to post this yesterday but I had a young gentleman caller, gorgeous grandson, and well posting just went to the wayside. We had so much fun! He has been very ill the last two weeks and to see him up, about, and smiling was good tonic for this Hannah's heart!

I am working on some Easter treats to give him and I posted on a little bunny family I will be making for him the other day. I also unearthed a chick and a lamb I made many years ago and decided to make him updated versions. I will have them completed once I am able to get to the craft store for a few items I need to finish them off, then I will post their pictures. Below you will find a little yellow chick and a fluffy lamb that are simple and quick to make and sure to delight any child when they find a little treat hidden inside.

OK, confession time, I do not crochet. I only know one single stitch, the chain stitch and I can crochet the
longest chain but, hmmmm, what to do with this said chain? Well, you make a chick and a lamb of course!

To make these you will need:

Plastic Easter Eggs (I used eggs that are about 3 1/2 high)

Size H crochet hook
wiggle eyes and/or buttons
glue gun and glue sticks or heavy craft glue of your choice
Black fine tip permanent ink Sharpie

For Chicken Little you will need to single crochet a chain 2 yards long for the egg top, a chain 22 inches long for the egg bottom, and 2 chains 16 inches long for each wing. NOTE: The previous measurements are if you are using a thin yarn, if you choose to use some of the plush, thick, or furry yarns you will need to use these guidelines: a chain 1 yard and 6 inches long for egg top, a chain 22 inches long for egg bottom, and two chains 12 inches long for wings.

When chains are complete secure each end with a sturdy knot and trim off excess yarn.

For this next step you will want to work with your egg snapped together, being careful not to glue the seam of the egg shut, begin adding small amounts of glue on the top of the egg and work you way down by winding the chain around the egg until you get to the seam line. Clip and excess yarn and secure ends with glue. Allow to dry, if using a craft glue.

Where you left off above the seam, begin gluing below the seam, winding the chain around the bottom of the egg until you get to the end, clip and excess yarn and secure ends with glue. Allow to dry, if using craft glue.

For wings you will need to draw a tear drop shape. Begin in the middle of the wing, gluing and winding the chain outward until you have filled in the wing. Repeat for second wing. Secure the wings to each side of chick gluing to the top half of the egg above the seam line. NOTE: You can also
use yellow feathers purchased at a craft store for wings instead of making the wings. Just glue on feathers!

For chicks feet and beak you will need a small amount of orange felt. For the beak you will cut a small
diamond shape. Fold in half to make a triangle and glue to chick face, details can be drawn in with a Sharpie.. For feet you will draw out a foot pattern on cardboard and cover with orange felt, securing with glue. Glue chick to feet.

Add wiggle eyes (or buttons for eyes) and any embellishments such as hair bows for girl chicks and bow ties for boy chicks. Add a hat or bonnet, embellish away!

This can easily be turned into a bunny by covering the body and then making long drooping ears covered in the same way as the wings. Just add a pom-pom tail, muzzle, and nose, yarn whiskers and wiggle eyes. For a girl bunny add bows above the ears and for a boy add a bow tie!

For the little lamb you will need to make several mini chains of 10 to 12 stitches. Secure ends with knots and cut away excess yarn.

Begin with your egg in tact and start at the top of the egg, gluing the mini chain in a small tight circle. It
is OK to let this lump and bump up a bit to give the nubby lambs wool effect. continue working around and down the top of the egg until you get to the seam line, then repeat the process below, allowing to dry in between if you use craft glue.

For ears you will need to two tear drop shapes of cardboard, cover the ears in the same manner as the body and glue to sides of the lambs head on the upper par off the egg.

Add wiggle eyes (or buttons if desired), a nose ( a button or a pink pom- pom)

I used a bit of black yarn to make the lambs mouth.

Embellish lamb with bows over the ears for a girl or a bow tie for a boy, fill and enjoy!

I also found a super easy bunny that you can make for or with your child, grandchild, or if you are a classroom mother, these are a simple, fast, and easy treat you could make for each child. All the things I have previously posted and post here are geared towards children, I have a few crafty things up my sleeve for Easter treats and decor for the the big kids too, so tune in later this week for those.


You will need:

Plastic Eggs
Matching fabric (cotton) for ears for each egg
Wiggle Eyes
White Pom-Poms
Pink Plastic Heart Craft Beads
Wooden Hearts
Craft Paint in colors to match eggs
Paint Brush

Pinking Sheers
Heavy Craft Glue or Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Paint the wooden hearts and allow to dry.

Using pinking sheers cut out an ear shape like plane propeller and tie ears in a knot, secure with glue to top of egg.

Glue bottom of egg to pointed end of heart allowing the the top of the heart become two little feet, this allows the egg to stand.

Glue a white pom-pom tail on the back lower half of the bunny for a tail.

Glue on wiggle eyes, heart shaped bead for nose, and two white pom-poms for muzzle. You can also glue on yarn or pipe cleaner whiskers if desired or draw them on using a fine tip permanent ink Sharpie. Fill with treats and enjoy!

Happy Crafting,
Miss Sandy

P.S. If you desire patterns for ears or wings, just email me and I will send the to you.


Andylynne said...

These are so cute, and so easy to do. Great instructions too. Love your music today:)

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

These are all so cute! They'd make great characters in a children's book about Easter.

So glad that your little fellow is up and about and doing so great. It certainly must make his Hannah's heart very happy indeed.

Unfortunately, even though I can crochet, I don't do it very much hands and wrists won't tolerate it. I miss the days of creating snowflakes for the Christmas tree. It's okay, I can still sew! LOL!

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