Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Father's View.....

Today I wanted to share a personal journal entry with you. The entry is accompanied by a poem that I wrote to sort out how I was feeling at the moment. I often feel like such a struggler and straggler in my walk of faith. On this day, I realized that I often see myself in a negative light and it made me wonder what the Father's view of me was. The first seven answers to the question posed in the poem portion of the entry are what I think He sees and the last answer is what I hope He sees. My prayer is that a fellow struggler will be encouraged by this offering.


October 10, 2005

Have you ever wondered what the Father sees when He looks down upon His children? I pondered this question the other morning as I read Psalm 53:2. Scripture says that God looked down from heaven upon the children of men to see if there were any to understand and any that were seeking God. In Psalm 102:19 it says he looked down from the height of His sanctuary and beheld the earth. And in 1 Samuel 16:7 it says that God looks not upon the outward appearance, but upon the heart. These verses made we wonder what God saw when He looked at me.

In His mercy and grace He sees me not only truly as I am but with all the potential of what I can be. He looks at me through eyes of grace. His view of me is much kinder than I often have of myself. His focus is more clear and not on outward appearance. His view is not biased or based on society’s standards. It is not about fad, fashion, or frame size. His view is never hinged on the opinion of others and it never swings or changes. It is not based on our attitude or actions for we could never be or do enough good to merit His loving look. His view of me never dims, darkens, or fades for He knows me the best and loves me the most. He even tells me in His Word that I am the apple of His eye.

God’s eyes view us with great attention, observation, estimations, and judgment. He observes us with great care and is extremely attentive to us. We attract his attention and He looks upon us with either disappointment or pleasure. He is interested in us and wants our attention in return. His eyes are watchful over us. His penetrating stare can often grab our attention and make us aware of our shortcomings. From His view, God, pays close attention to His children.

His looks are long and loving. They are kind and gracious. They are generous. They are often searching and sincere. His gaze offers compassion, protection, and direction. His mere glimpse can shed light. His wink can encourage. In a blink of an eye He can return.

And so I wondered,” God, what do You see when You look at me?”


Father, what do You see when You look at me?

Your daughter wounded and starving

Not knowing what she is doing

Void of hope with no peace, dying in despair

All because she ceased to lift heart and eyes in prayer

Forgetting to look unto whence her help comes

Sitting and complaining with loud groans

Forgetting that her heart is Your home

Father, what do you see when you look at me?

Crying for help with a desperate plea

Earnest in prayer, lifting every care

Wholly and souly dependent upon Thee

Bowed and bent, service spent showing others to Thee

Father, what do You see when You look at me?

Full of joy, laughter bubbling

No soul travail or troubling

Fully trusting in Thee

Father, what do You see when You look at me?

A soul that’s dirty, a heart that’s hurting

Needing cleansing to be free

Wash me, will me, Lord please fill me

With more and more of Thee

Father, what do You see when You look at me?

Bowed and humbled having stumbled

Broken unto Thee

Worn and weary very clearly

Needing restoration and salvation from the sin

That so easily besets me

Father, what do You see when You look at me?

Tears I’m sowing, sorrow owing

To trial and troubling worldly care

Heart despairing, not well fairing

In holding the hope promised by Thee

Father, what do You see when You look at me?

Celebration, jubilation, pouring out of praise

To my Savior whose divine favor set me free

Power overflowing, blood atoning grace enjoyed by me

Spirit guiding, behind You hiding

In comfort and in safety

A heart that’s racing, a joy beat pacing, with every pulse

O Sovereign Savior, such sweet savor ,Thou art to me

Never ceasing, but increasing

Love and grace and peace

Father, what do You see when You look at me?

A child that is forgiven

Who has a home in heaven

A daughter all glorious within

A saint from sinner, allowed to enter

Fellowship with Him

Not forsaken or forgotten

With high price thou were boughten

Precious treasure, no depth can measure

My love for thee

Sweet daughter, I, Your Father, can only see

Plans that prosper and that foster

All my hopes and dreams for Thee.

I hear your prayers and all your cares

You can always depend upon me

I know your faith

When it is tested and when it is rested, in me

I see you heart and its intentions

And your past sins I never mention

I see your desire and I inspire

The best that lives within

I see your struggles and I double

My Spirits strength within

I see your tears, I know your fears

And calm them with my peace

I know your battles and from fighting them, I will never cease

My might will only increase

I hear you laughter and your praise

They bring joy to my heart and a smile to my face

I know you moods and your motives

Nothing is hidden from me

I love you dearly and sincerely

For all time and eternity.

Miss Sandy


The Feathered Nest said...

Dear sweet Sandy, my eyes are spilling tears as your beautiful poem and writing has touched my heart today ~ as Christians, as human beings, this is a question often asked and your precious poem washes through my soul like cleansing waters...and covers me like a warm blanket of security ~ our Lord sees us not only how we are, loves us anyway and sees our a true Father should. Thank you Sandy, xxoo, Dawn

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

How wonderful is the Father's response to you...exactly so. He loves us lavishly. It's been such a blessing to remember, yet again, that the Lord took all my sins on that cross...every single one...past, present, and even *gasp* future. What love!

Anonymous said...

Sandy, I had googled the video "This is My Father's World" sung by Amy Grant and then clicked on your blog. What an uplifting poem for me as I struggle with the recent loss of my Mother. Thanks for sharing. Mildred Nalley

Wanita said...

Thanks for sharing your heart with us today. Your post really spoke to my heart.


Susie said...

Sandy, What a beautiful poem! It's so comforting to know that God is always there, watching and waiting. He sees me when I fall and is always there to pick me up and send me on my way.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a warm comforting hug. It was just what I needed.

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