Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Fine Art of Compromise.....

"Compromise, if not the spice of life, is its solidity. Its what makes nations great and marriages happy."

I have been much inspired by all the fall decorating going on out there in the land of blog and finally got a little bit done myself this morning. I was having a hard time getting motivated due to the fact that I am still in mourning for my mantle! Seriously, it has been a year and you'd think I would have gotten over it by now but I haven't. It all started when handy hubby and I decided to remodel our fireplace. We had redone the entire room and the old quirky stone was just not working with the new room. BEFORE.....
So, we dismantled it. I went tile shopping and came up with two choices. I took my budget and finance committee (handy hubby) with me to see the selections. There was a bit of a debate over the two due to price difference but he suddenly changed his mind and gave in to my top choice. I should have known then that he had something up his sneaky little check book.I quickly went to work tiling, grouting, and sealing, loving the final result. We decided to recycle the old mantle as it was the right size we just engineered it to be free floating and left off the old brackets. I then sanded, primed, painted, and sealed it using the same color as all my trim. We also converted the fireplace from wood burning to gas logs. I readily admit that I miss a real wood fire but don't miss the mess. DURING.....That is when he casually mentioned his desire to get a flat screen TV. I admit his plan was very clever. He said that by doing that we could eliminate the entertainment center all together making our little cottage living room more spacious. Living in a small home, space is always at a premium and I liked the idea of more floor space. Then he subtly hinted that we could have even more room if we hung the object of his affection over the fireplace. Then he went in for the kill suggesting that he could hang the TV in such a way as to conceal the wires, even better, by utilizing the built in book shelves for all the electronic gadgets ALL the wires could be hidden. A small, well concealed door could be fashioned into the side of the fireplace to access any cords as needed. I caved! I mean how could I resist no cords showing? Cords are the demise of every design! AFTER....We managed to marry our two design differences, leaving a little room for a bit of beauty.For us it was a great compromise, he loves his TV and I love my tile with nary a cord in sight! That's really what marriage is all about, a little give and take for one anothers sake. As of this coming Saturday, handy hubby and I will have been practicing the fine art of compromise in marriage for 28 years! Now if we could just come to an agreement about those outdated tiles on the floor! I'll leave you with a few sneak peeks at another decorating project I did this morning and will post on it when I return on Monday. Have a great weekend!
Miss Sandy


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

You're a better woman than I, Miss Sandy! This makes me wonder what I would do in a similar situation. It also makes me wonder what others are doing with those tvs. I don't like big tvs either, but I've got old eyes.

The Feathered Nest said...

Sandy, the remodel turned out so beautiful!!! I love the tile that you chose and I know good and well that my husband would so love the tv your husband chose!! Such beautiful fall decorating sweet friend ~ can't wait to see your mystery item...xxoo, Dawn

Susie said...

Oh Sandy, I love all your fall decorating. It looks so lovely. Even though I can certainly understand missing your mantle everything looks great the way you did it. It's unfortunate we have to compromise but still very important. Congratulations on 28 years. That is fantastic!!!

Fete et Fleur said...

The tile you picked is so elegant. If it's OK with you I would like permission to keep a photo of it saved. If I ever have a fireplace re-do I would love to use something similar. It gives the fireplace a limestone feel and I adore that look. Thank you for the inspiration.


Myrna said...

I just checked in today...and chuckled at your post. My husband, too, desired a flat screen TV over the fireplace, but alas, could not hide the cords--I have to get very creative with greenery and even so it shows. sigh. I have to remind myself this is a HOME not a showplace!! ;-)
Your fall decor is beautiful--I'm in the throes of it myself!!

Scrap for Joy said...

Sandy~your remodel looks beautiful. The tiles you picked for the fireplace look great. I want to replace our woodburning fireplace with gas logs. You didn't do that work yourself did you? I'm wondering how much work is involved to do that job. Your other Fall decorations look lovely, too. Your husband may have wanted the big flat screen but HGTV will look just as good on it.

Elizabeth G. said...

You are so very talented at putting things together. I loved how you organized the books in your bookcase with other objects/pictures, etc.

The new mantel is pretty. I really like everything that you have done!


bluemuf said...

Miss Sanday, this morning I am giving myself a treat and catching up on some of your lovely inspiring posts. I love how you compromised and the results are beautiful. Your fall decorating has inspired me to do the same today.

Hugs karen

You will also see me on many more of your posts today. *smile*

Shopgirl said...

I have a big nice intertainment center, and we live in a cottage farm house. I think this is a wonderful idea. You get more room and it looks wonderful. I will show it to Arney.
Julie and I are having a fall challenge. If you get a minute, come peek and see if you would be interested. There is an award.
Hugs, Mary

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Miss Sandy!
Your fireplace makeover is awesome! What a difference that makes!! It looks so rich and classy looking. Isn't it wonderful to have a hubby that can dig in and help our vision come to reality? I sure do!!
Hugs, Sherry

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

A great collaboration!

Ace said...

Oh, he is good Sandy, that little stinker, he is very good. Reminds me of my DH, The General. But I daresay you both made out, it looks beautiful.

Many Blessings :)

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