Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Otto" Man: The Adventures of Ottoman Shopping...

"Rearranging furniture, adding some candles, or making even small tweaks can really make the difference."

~Anthea Turner~

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I hinted in an earlier post that Handy Hubby and I were ottoman shopping and I would share the tale of that experience with you. Actually I was the one shopping and he was supposed to come along as the muscles to load it into the truck but that would have just been too easy.

All because of that mattress purchase our house has gone topsy turvy! Things are begin shifted from room to room, needs are being assessed and it has led to a frenzy of cleaning away clutter, donating no longer used items, and resituating the house to suit our current life style. We should have just moved because I think it would have been easier. Each shift seems to bring on a need for purchasing something, hence the need for and ottoman.

Even though our second grandchild will not arrive until September I am thinking ahead to play space for Gorgeous Grandson as well as baby space for our new little blessing. Since floor space in our cottage is at a premium I needed to design the space so the port-a-crib could come back out and still have room for a lively little boy to play. I am thinking ahead to the need for toy storage for two as well. A simple shift of tables opened up the space in front of our sofas and a storage ottoman seemed the perfect solution. Functional for feet to prop up on, a tray on top could be used as a table top if needed, easily moved against the wall for extra seating and floor space, and toy storage all neatly packaged in one piece of furniture or so I thought.

All I wanted was a simple affordable, functional, fashionable, rectangle storage ottoman, preferably in a faux leather as I thought real leather would be out of the budget. So I scoped out what was available and decided on a moderate priced one at the famous store with the bulls eye logo. Even better it was on sale! I asked Handy Hubby to come along to do the heavy lifting and this is where my neatly packaged plan came unwrapped.
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Arriving at the store ready to grab and go Handy Hubby is sidelined by a big square ottoman gleaming at him from an end cap. Darn those end caps, they are placed there like a trap to draw one into an enticing purchase because they make them look so attractive. Nothing and I mean nothing could deter "Otto"~man when the saw his giant dream. I think he was thinking with this super sized item the sofas could become large lounges for watching that super sized TV of his. What is with guys and size?

"Oh no, no, no, no, no!" I said, "We are not even going there." He stood firmly rooted, I sighed, and we agreed to look around some more. BIG mistake! We got to the furniture store and what to our wondering eyes should appear but an even bigger ottoman with a giant sale sticker for less than the bulls eye wanted for theirs. I felt so like Charlie Brown, I was doomed! I tried to reason with "Otto"~man and explain that the footprint of our room was small and that I know that our home is his castle but in reality his castle is a cottage! We agreed to take measurements and then make a decision.
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When he came home from work the next day there was a large square of blue tape on the floor in front of the sofas depicting the outline of object of his affection. "What's this?" he asks. "THIS is you big honkin" ottoman!" "Oh, that will never work, it blocks the traffic pattern and takes up the whole floor. We better keep looking." Off we go to another store after the blue tape has convinced him of the error of his ways and we find another option. It is a rectangle, has double storage compartments, faux leather, the right color but it is BIG! I try to remember where I put my blue tape because I think I will be needing it again! I did, point taken, and we still have not settled on an ottoman.
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We do have a stand in substitute because the chair we bought from our friends came with an ottoman but it was too large for our tiny entry so it is sitting in front of the sofas with a fab flea market tray resting atop doing its duty of resting tired feet, being a table top if needed, and I guess as long as the toys are not over six inches high they can be stuffed underneath.
Call me stupid, but yesterday I called Handy Hubby from a furniture store to ask him to come and look at headboards.....and so another shopping adventure begins.

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Miss Sandy


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

LOL...I would love to follow along on your shopping trips, just to listen to the conversation! You are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy, This is just so funny to me. I am now outnumbered by men (my brother plus Nalley) and they love the BIG stuff too!) Nalley's chair/ottoman in his little study takes up the entire floor space! I am so excited about the new grandbaby! Oh what fun and blessings your September arrival will bring!

Lori said...

there's never a dull moment over here Miss Sandy...i think you should compile all of these into a "shopping with men memoir" of sorts...the way you tell your shopping tales is so funny and they are delightful to read...i hope you soon find the ottoman of your dreams that you both love!!!

Vicki Page said...

Too funny! I hope you find the ottoman you both can agree on. My husband never shops with me be thankful you can get him to go. Vicki Page

Gwendolyn said...

Oh, isn't that just the way it is! Loved your story about furniture shopping and rearranging furniture and I can certainly identity. Each piece has to "feel" right in its place and function in the house!

Thank you so much for your birthday greetings for my son and for being part of our day yesterday!

Bre said...

I think I got off easy in the hubby department ....he has the same taste as me and agrees with everything LOL

....occasionally he brings something home the 2 1/2ft long, 3D resin casting of the Last Supper. It's still in the basement LOL

Keep us posted on how it goes !


KathyB. said...

You and your Hubby sound a bit like me and mine as we shop for furniture. As we grow older together it is becoming more fun to shop with him too. (Sometimes frustrating for both of us ) I like the idea of outlining the size and shape in blue tape for the ability to gauge size in a room !

Susie said...

Headboards huh? I can't wait to hear about this shopping expedition!

Helen Read said...

Hi Sandy, dropping by to say hello - hope you all are well with the recent winter storms! I always love my visits to you here!!

Vee said...

Best wishes with the shopping. I don't know why husbands and wives cannot come to simple terms on these issues. I personally strongly, very strongly, believe that all matters within the home should be the lady of the home's decision. I tell my son this all the time. ;>

kathy said...

HMM ! been on lots of house stuff
excursions - with my Hub in the 43 yrs we have been married -- He always has an opinion -- and a pretty good eye also -- but my comment is usually -- What is the matter with ROSES??? lol - ya know men and leather and plaid yikes - lol
Just kidding - but you give me a great laugh - Kathy - ga

FrenchGardenHouse said...

:) smiling ear to ear here. funny post. It's because God has such a sense of humor that he marries us to our polar opposite so we can learn.

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