Sunday, February 8, 2009

Serendipity Sundy: Spring.....

Serendipity: Making a delightful or unexpected discovery(photo source, "Spring" by Alphonse Mucha)

"You are observing special days and months and seasons and years!"

~The Apostle Paul writing to the Galatians~
~Galatians 4:10 (NIV)~

Spring: the season of growth, to move forward by leaps and bounds, to bounce back, marks the transition from winter into summer(The first robin of spring here at Quill Cottage! I caught him hopping around the edge of the field, a sure sign that spring is about to wing its way in!)

Traditionally spring is the first of the four seasons, in which plants that have lain dormant all winter spring from the ground and trees come into blossom. This week I made a few delightful discoveries of spring being on its way. The above Scripture sprang out at me this week as I read it.(A special favorite, Orange Tiger Lilies, these are from my grandmothers garden.)

As believers we are observing special days, months, seasons, and years, not just in holidays marked on the calendar or in literal spring, summer, autumn, and
winter. Each day is an opportunity for growth, to move forward in leaps and bounds, to bounce back, or to make a transition.
(Iris or better know in our area as Flags ~ these are a delicious shade of buttery yellow!)

Each day God gives us is a gift to cherish, nurture, and watch it bloom into another page of our own beautiful life story. The things we observe on special days and months and seasons and years are the things that will will mark our very own special season of growth. Our experiences layout a garden beautifully designed by the Master Gardener who knows when to plant and when to prune, when to water and fertilize, when to till and when to sow, and when we need to
lie dormant and when we need to spring forth.
(Jaunty Jonquils poke their heads through the soil in the front flower bed. I can't wait to see their happy yellow faces!)

May the beauty of His design be evident to those around us. As we continue to grow, may the activity of the Master Gardener greatly expand, so that we can share the seeds of faith in regions beyond our own.(A tuft of weeds in the back yard of Quill Cottage ~ See the tiny white fairy blossoms? A sure sign spring is on the way!)

I would love to hear how the Master Gardener has marked a season of growth in your life by helping you to spring forward, bounce back, or make a transition that now marks a special day, month, season, or year in your life!

Miss Sandy


Vicki Page said...

Well spring has sprung at your place were still under a heavy blanket of snow so no signs here in Wisconsin. We have a heat wave it's suppose to be in the 40's today. Hopefully allot of the snow will start to melt. Vicki Page

Vee said...

Oh I shall enjoy your spring very much. I'm afraid that I am not only experiencing winter in reality, I'm experiencing a winter of the soul. Good thing spring is coming...

Barbara H. said...

I enjoyed your observations and spiritual applications. I can't think of anything specific to share, though I know the Lord has done "seasonal" work in my heart at times -- if I think of anything I'll drop back by.

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Our Master Gardener did some serious pruning when I was an attorney with 3 kids anxious to return to work after being a stay at home mom for 9 years. The very month I was planning to interview I found out I was pregnant with our 4th child. God knew another baby would be the only way to keep me home. I guess He knew there are enough attorneys in the world and not enough stay at home moms! Thanks for stopping by to see my hour glass figure pink mannequin!

Susie said...

It looks like spring is about to be sprung at the Quill even tho we still have to make it thru February.

bluemuf said...

Dear Miss Sandy, Another beautiful post. I so enjoyed seeing your first signs of spring at Quill Cottage. Our first signs of growth should be coming soon. The last couple of days it's been milder and the snow is starting to melt. Later i will go out and see if there are signs of snow drops.

Hugs karen

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