Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be off line for so long of a span of time.  Things with both sets of my parents have settled down and have moved into a new routine that is manageable for them and for me.  I was all ready to come back on line when what was supposed to be a simple DIY of sheet rock patch, sand, and paint has snowballed into a disaster.

Two years ago we removed a wall and some of the sheet rock did not float out well and due to some wiring changes, making a couple of cuts into the wall meant patching, sanding, and repainting.  Handy Hubby did a beautiful job of patching, floating, and finishing then handed the job off to me for priming and painting.  Easy peasy! (famous last words)

I head to the paint store to find out that they no longer make the tint for the current color.  I literally wilted, the dining area flows into the kitchen with no breaks so that meant that it all would have to be repainted.  My kitchen has lots of little areas, tons of decorative trim, sheet rock in some areas, with cladding on the lower walls, and an alcove that is filled with trim and shelving, in other words, it equaled a lot of painting.  Six paint samples later a new wall color was chosen, popping trim and prep ensued. My plan is that this will take 3 days tops!  I got this!

Day 1:  Slurping up and wiping off sheet rock dust, washing down every kitchen surface, ignoring the fact that I can now artistically doodle in the fine layer of dust all over the rest of my house.  
Day 2:  two coats of primer on all nooks, crannies, corners, and walls.  
Day 3:  two coats of paint on all nooks, crannies, corners, and walls.  
Day 4:  SOS call from one set of parents...project abandoned  
Day 5:  Sick cranky husband, a promised outing with my daughter, necessary errands, etc.  project lies fallow  
Day 6:  Wake up with determination only to find that stove and refrigerator were not moved as promised so only half of cladding can be done.  Two coats of primer and paint later dining nook cladding is done.  
Day 7:  Wake up even more determined only to find that stove and refrigerator were still not moved as promised.  
Day 8:  Repeat of days 5 and 6, grrrrr!  
Day 9:  The Handy Hubby comes home for lunch and I refuse to feed him until those appliances have been moved...finally!  Uh Oh, Oh No!  Something is not quite right, hardwood flooring should not crumble when ones moves ones stove.  Cladding gets done.  
Day 10:  Hunk of kitchen floor has to be cut out, sub floor too, water seeped under back door threshold, one new back door and threshold, new sub floor patch, and new unfinished floor boards later...we now have to hermetically seal the entire kitchen, rent a floor sander and refinish the floors.  I am completely deflated.  
Day 11:  (today) All shelving and trim in kitchen alcove get two coats of primer and paint.  
Day 12: (tomorrow) Necessary grocery shopping, errands, and an appointment, no work will be done.  
Day 13:  (Friday) Seal off all cabinets, drawers, pantry, doors, rent sander and let er' rip!  
Day 14: (Saturday)  Remove loads of saw dust, thorough clean, reseal flooring.  
Days 15, 16, and possibly 17 wait on stinky floors to dry while fighting migraine floor sealer is sure to produce.  Maybe I should head to farm for a few days.
Day 18 or maybe even 19: (depending on humidity and drying) Put the whole thing back together and keep ignoring the build up in other areas of the home.
Day 20: (if I am lucky) This will have been a very bad dream and I will be standing in a completed kitchen/ dining nook!  (fingers crossed)

NOW do you see why I am still off line?  I think I am about to lose my mind.  Everything that was in my kitchen is now in the studio, the entry, and the living room. I have a stove and refrigerator in my living room, with a microwave cooking station on the sofa table.  The Handy Hubby assures me this will be resolved by the first of next week.  I will believe it when I see it.   And, I will be back for real and for true just as soon as this DIY disaster is done.

On a happy note, Spring is showing up here, the Robins have returned...

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