Friday, August 15, 2014


How does one sum up the purpose or content of ones blog in 10 simple succinct words to make it clear, understandable, relate-able,  leaving a positive impression of what it has to offer the reader?   The simple answer would be to have a good tag line.  The hard part is coming up with one.  I recently contacted my sweet friend and blog designer extraordinaire, Karen Valentine of Valentine Design and My Desert Cottage, to give my tired blog a fresh new look and she did just that.  Now I need to define the focus of my blogging.  That is where I need your help...please, pretty please, pretty pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?
Truth be told you only have a few seconds to make an impression on your reader and for them to get the content of your blog, hence the tag line.  Tag line:  a memorable phrase or sentence that is closely associated with a particular person. (ex: NIKE - Just Do It!)  I am looking for a tag line that will help define my blog content but also capture my artistic style and passion for words.
I am a self-taught mixed media Indie artist, hobbyist nature photographer, and word smith.  I consider this blog my online journal where my individual creativity and imagination are expressed in visual form of mixed media art (primarily collage, fiber & textile arts, book arts, and jewelry) and the written word.   I draw much of my inspiration from my natural surroundings and personal life story collections to marry art and words in one mixed media style or another.
Long walks and deep silences help me to get in tune with my intuitive creative self.  A saunter through nature with camera in hand connects me with creation which is an endless fount of inspiration of texture, shape, and color combination.  Many natural forms turn up as personal imagery in my work such as leaves, nests, birds, feathers, flowers, etc. My artistic style often incorporates vintage textiles, ephemera, and/or images, found objects, hand made embellishments, and careful attention to detail combined with text.
Here is where I need your help. Tag line ideas please!  For now I have my favorite art quote under my blog banner but I want to replace it with a tag line.  My first thought was to use the greatest compliment I have ever been given about the way I see my world..."She sees art in everything..."  But I thought that might be a bit general so I could tack something on the end like "She sees art in everything...mixed media art with a story." or "She sees art in everything...narrative mixed media art." or "She sees art in everything...narrative mixed media creations."  I am not sure these are quite right either.

"She sees art in everything..."
"Nature based art with a story..."
"Art with a story..."
"Narrative mixed media art..."
"A mixed media journal..."
"Shared moments, shared creativity..."
"Inspired by imagination..."
"Slapped by a frog..."

Ok, that last one was just to see if you were paying attention.  Seriously, any of the above, none of the above, I am completely open to suggestions.  If I use your phrase or the idea of your phrase then I will send you (could be more than just one of you if I combine phrases or ideas) a jam packed art inspiration kit from my studio to get your creative juices going.  For those that are not chosen, I will draw a few extra names from the comments and send out kits to those as well.

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment with a vote for one of the phrases above OR your phrase OR a 10 word or less sentence based on the above information I have given on who I am and what I create.  Any and all are eligible to enter, no standing on your head, linking, tweeting, or chirping required.

Thanks so much for your help and have a great weekend!


P.S.  The photos are this weeks inspiration as I walked along a country roadside with masses of Black Eyed Susan's literally towering over me and spilling out into the roadway.  Exquisite!
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