Tuesday, June 29, 2010


You have to have an idea of what you are going to do, but it should be a vague idea.

-Pablo Picasso-Ideas have been dancing in my head...As I have been reflecting...On settling into my new nest...My thoughts and ideas are all a tangle...As I seek direction...Of creating a new creamy dreamy style in my studio...I've been trying to put my best foot forward...Wanting a chic sophisticated style...But not a by the book copy cat design...One that still reflects my rustic roots and earthy style...But I've lost my head...I am unable to pin down a specific direction to move in...So I wait for that crystal clear moment of clarity to sparkle into being...As my dream unfolds itself...One step, one thought, one idea at a time...I have come to realize that this is not a process to be hurried along but one to be savored. Some things that seemed right at the beginning did not make the cut...While others crept upon me with great surprise and delight...I will continue my dance of ideas today...Hoping they will blossom anew...As I take a break for a little flea market field trip seeking inspiration and possibly to stumble upon the perfect little book shelf. In the meantime, with a very vague idea of where this new studio is headed, I am opening my heart, head, and hands to any new notions that might wing themselves my way... I hope you all enjoy a blissful day!

Miss Sandy

P.S. I am sufficiently recovered from all illness and injury to carry on and have had three successful days of getting settled into the studio. Only three more crates to sort through and then the pretty part begins! I hope to have a full reveal very soon.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Friends are kisses blown to us by angels.

-Author Unknown-

Thank you all so much for all the sweet consolation over not being able to attend Karen's party. I have been slowly visiting the links and there are some really amazing spaces and creative souls listed. I am finding party hopping pretty fun!

In an age where all forms of communication are instant, email, tweeting, texting, etc. it is sheer delight to receive good old fashioned snail mail as it is now called. In the past few weeks I received two such packages from dear blog friends.
The first came from a precious new blog friend, Peggy, who had just dipped her toe into the blogging world with a brand new blog, Tuckaway Hearts. Peggy read this post and felt led to ask if I would be receptive to her sending me a little something that she thought I might enjoy and would offer encouragement. Now, I am a most cheerful giver but to be on the receiving end always feels very uncomfortable to me.My first reaction was to figure out how to politely say no, but, then I remembered something my grandmother said to me once when she witnessed me refuse a kindness. She told me that I had just become a robber of someones joy, the joy they would have gotten from extending a kindness. That lesson has stuck with me and even though I find it very hard to be on the receiving end I try to be gracious about it. So, I told Peggy about what my grandmother said and agreed to the gift. Little did I know at the time that I would have been snubbing Peggy's ministry by refusing, a ministry she feels called to, spreading a little love.Peggy promptly mailed her gift but it did not arrive at my doorstep until almost two weeks later! It had accidentally been bundled in with my neighbors mail and placed in their mailbox. They were on vacation and their son was picking up the mail for them. When it finally arrived it could not have been more perfect timing, it arrived on my Birthday!The package contained three beautifully stitched hearts made from striped ticking, each bearing a special hand stamped message and a tiny little angel holding a dove, bearing the message of peace on the back of her wings. Peggy meant one heart for me and the two others for gifts from my sweet grands but as I sat and looked at each one a message so loud and clear came to me that I emailed her and asked if she would mind if I keep them all.
Here is what I saw in the package of love that Peggy sent - That " My Daddy" (God the Father) "XOXOX" (Loves me), "Trans-farm-ation" (He desires to see my life transformed. He desires to see my difficulties bring me to a place of " Peace". ) He is constantly at work in my life to change me into who He created me to be whether the situation is a good one or a bad one. While losing my grandmother was certainly a bad situation He has finally brought me to a place of peace.
The first cutting of hay is being done at the farm right now and next trip up I intend to gather a handful of the sweet smelling cuttings and put a nest of it in one of my grandmothers canning jars. I want to arrange the hearts and tiny angel inside, canning the precious love of not only the Father above but of my new friend Peggy. I will proudly display this perfect accent at the farm. Peggy thank you so much for ministering to my heart with your special brand of love.

Next I got a package from my sweet dear friend, Vee of A Haven for Vee. She said to watch my mail box, well it looks like I should have watched it a little closer. When I got Vee's package, it had been opened! Yes, it along with some other mail in my box. Who would do such a thing? Anyway, after contacting Vee, I think the contents were in tact. But someone had begun to remove the ribbons from the packaging, so, I tied them back up before taking the photos...

First there was the most precious note with a beautiful bookmark and just look at these precious words of truth inscribed on the back...I put this in my current devotional read...I unwrapped wonderful wallpaper clips embellished with buttons - those went straight onto my chicken wire to hold art tags...A bevy of beautiful buttons were in the next package...The clothes pin ones I want to use on an art piece by making an old style sampler with a tiny doll dress I have to hang in the laundry at the farm...The tiny shiny ones will be displayed in the studio...
And the sail boat ones I will incorporate into something in the writing cottage...There were pretty pink satin roses and seam binding...And last but certainly not least a handmade needle keep...I love the pretty glass button on the front. I love that it is not only practical but pretty too!

Vee got a kick out of the fact that I did not have one. My poor needles lived in those dreadful paper packages. As soon as I got this I put them in their new home and they are quite happy and so I am, so blessed with such sweet friendship that Vee and I have shared for a couple of years now. Thank you sweet Vee!

Now, if you have been wondering why I have once again fallen off the face of blog land, it is all because of a pair of vintage drapes. Drapes are dangerous! Monday morning I was determined to get crackin' on that studio of mine, I so want to be settled in and back to business. I decided over the weekend that those huge closet doors that swing out into the room had to go and I would just put curtains up.

I remembered that I had a pair of vintage drapes out in storage that maybe were large enough or could be altered to make due without having to purchase something. I retrieved them and was shutting the storage shed door when a particularly nasty red wasp came in for the kill! He zapped me on the inside of my forearm and tried to make a second pass when I flung the drapes at him and ran. By the time I got to my front door and looked down at my arm I thought, " Huston, we have a problem!"

Long stinging story short, I just found out that I highly allergic to wasp stings. I have spent the last couple of days with my new BFF's, Ben (benadryl) and Epi (epinephrine), in utter misery with crazy itching hives and wheezing, PLUS, I still have the bronchitis. Handy Hubby said that he was sure if anyone was going to have a weird reaction to something it was sure to be me and I agree. So, that is where I have been.

I do sincerely hope that each of you are enjoying summer to its fullest!

Miss Sandy

Friday, June 18, 2010


You would cry too if this happened to you! I can't go to Karen's party after all! I will spare you the details but lets just say I spent the day rubbing elbows with many of those in the medical profession who were obviously on a separate time table than mine and I just can't make the finishing up, taking photos/editing, uploading, and posting that I desired to do this late in the day. Karen's request was to try and get that done today and although it kills me to admit defeat, I admit that, I can't.

It is a hot mess around here too! Baby is in there throwing a fit and kicking up a storm...She has flung herself all around the place, such a temper!She is sad that she can't go to the party either...
She was looking forward to showing you her special space, instead she is just hiding her face...And that Inez, I tell you, she has been strutting her stuff all around the studio trying to hog the very best light in order to show off her new vintage party dress...She is such a diva, she wants to go back on Ebay and all because she can't go the party either.Well, if Baby and Inez had that kind of reaction you can well imagine what mine is like.

Karen has been so sweet in trying to help me work out attending but this was just not meant to be for me. I'll have my own little studio reveal party at a later date. I am sorry to disappoint you, my readers too. That bothers me more than anything else. My deepest apologies to you and to Karen.

I still hope you will hop over and check out all the links, meet new friends, and find loads of inspiration. My hat is off the Karen for all hard work she has put into this event.

Miss Sandy

Thursday, June 17, 2010


No party is fun unless it is seasoned with folly.

-Desiderius Erasmus-(Image from The Graphics Fairy)

Yes, it is true, I am dyeing to attend Karen's party on Saturday! This will be her second annual event of Where Bloggers Create. As most of you know I have known about the party for weeks and have been sick for just about as long, so, to say my studio is showcase worthy would be a grave understatement. But, I am still going to attend! I have a pair of helping hands arriving today to do at my direction what I am not able. It won't be a complete space but it is so new that I still need to grow into it anyway.

Yesterday I felt up to doing some dyeing and I must say that the bushes of Quill Cottage never looked better!Today, I plan on a simple sewing project using the newly dyed materials...There has been a little painting going on too...And, a little transforming of stuff like this...A little wow factor of foof like this...
There have been some rumblings that I am crazy to try and make it to the party on time. Baby thinks I am delirious, so much so, that she can't bear to look...At the miles of piles still to be sorted...She refuses to acknowledge the crush of litter resting at her feet...Yikes! That is a piece of my artwork under there! How did that get there?

OK, maybe starting this was not such a good idea...
She says she is not coming out until party time...Oh she of little faith! I do my best work when under pressure and as the self-titled queen of procrastination, I have no doubt that I will pull of some sort of mini miracle, with a little help from my friend, AND, I will be a party guest with all the rest of the land of blog!

Now if you will excuse me, I will go and put on my party princess shoes...And finish organizing this drawer...
I know, I know, this is pure folly. It is this kind of daft doings that is keeping me from bigger party plans, but look how nice it all looks...This drawer kind of reminds me of the old Johnson Baby Shampoo commercial, " Look, no more tangles!" This is ever so much better than the tangled blob in baskets and well worth the effort and time spent getting it detangled!

That's all the sneak peek you get until party time. I look forward to seeing you there!

Miss Sandy

P. S. Thank you so very much for the sweet Birthday wishes! It was a happy occasion but I am still waiting on my gift to arrive. I am like a kid at Christmas only instead of checking my stocking I am stalking my mailbox. I can't wait to share the surprise with you when it arrives. I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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