Thursday, April 28, 2011


For a sea of endless days raindrops have been stringing themselves like glistening Swarovski Crystals onto a vine like necklace...Droplets gathered themselves onto tiny beginning buds...The roses were weeping...Heads bowed in silent reverence for the lives and homes lost in the recent swath of storms sweeping across the US...Would you join me in lifting those touched by the recent storms in prayer?

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there. Did you know that right and left shoes were thought up only a little more than a century ago?

Bernice Fitz-Gibbon
The little pile of left over vintage supplies sat resting in a shallow glass dish like cast offs waiting to be sorted with their like kind or possibly made over into something special. Small and insignificant, not really large enough to be kept but just wonderful enough to be crafted with, they waited.One day fingers sifted through the minuscule parts, touching vintage pearls and paste stones from an old broken necklace, a snippet of French wire beading, a scrap of ivory silk, a piece of old hand written text, a glass bead, mother of pearl buttons, little pieces of fabrics and ribbons, metal braided brass trim, even an old rusty washer, caressing each one while willing them to reveal their intended design.Splayed out they resembled something royal and regal in tone and texture. Little fragments of history, pieces of someones life; clothing, jewelry, buttons, trims and lace that once graced and adorned flesh and bone. Text that was illegibly scribbled by a human hand. It seemed only fitting and honoring to mold them into something representative of their previous owners, all of whom were women.They were arranged and rearranged, snipped, molded, glued, sewn, and manipulated in a most unusual manner to form a tiny ladies slipper...Whom ever the women were that wore the faded paste jewel and pearl necklace, The ivory silk blouse with mother of pearl buttons, Who crocheted the lace, Or beaded the French wire designs, Or scribbled on a piece of paper, I hope they are honored by this tribute to their feminine qualities. The inspiration of their past is carrying over into my present infusing and influencing my designs using little pieces of texture and textiles from their lives. Creativity, in this case, really was a matter of turning up what was already there before me, a scattering of supplies and the spirit of the women whose touch still lingered on the objects inspiring this tribute to the mystique of all things feminine.

I am linking up with Debra of Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday.
I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed Easter weekend!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I wanted to drop in and say a quick hello and to let you know that I am still here! Thank you all so very much for all the heartfelt prayers and messages of encouragement and healing for my mother. She has completed a huge part of the testing process and we now have some answers. We were fortunate to be working with one of the top neurologists in the United States, he and his staff have been wonderful.

My mother has a form of epilepsy that is stemming from the right side of her brain. We are unsure how or why this started to happen. It could have been from a blow to the head she received in the past or it could be related to the dementia, which can sometimes happen. She is on medication that is controlling the symptoms and doing really well. There has been some irreversible damage to two portions of her brain due to the seizures.

She is back home now and enjoying the beautiful spring weather we are having here. She has finally made peace with having to let go of my childhood home. She and my step-father moved just 1/4 of a mile down the road from us a couple of years ago and until recently she has not been happy here but her attitude has changed in the last few weeks and I think she will indeed find some joy in her semi-new environment. One very amazing thing is that her thinking has been very clear lately and she seems more like her old self. We are so very thankful for all the good thoughts and wishes.

I hope to be back to regular posting and responding to your comments next week. Today, I have the entire day to myself! I am beyond excited to spend it as I wish. I am off to explore the out of doors, my heart is longing to experience spring through more than a mere look through a window. I hope you will do something today that brings you joy, have a wonderful weekend!


Monday, April 4, 2011


Why is the dove considered the symbol of peace throughout the world?
Doves mate for life, are incredibly loyal to each other and work together to build their nest and raise their young. Because they tend to nest in areas that humans can watch, people picked up quickly on the idea that doves were dedicated, honorable, and peaceful.
While hawks and other birds of prey would violently attack their neighbors, the dove was a bird of peace, eating seeds, easily trained to eat out of the hand or to become domesticated.
Beginning with the Egyptians, the dove was a symbol of quiet innocence. The Chinese felt the dove was a symbol of peace and long life.
To the early Greeks and Romans, doves represented love and devotion, and care for a family. The dove was the sacred animal of Aphrodite and Venus, the goddesses of love. The dove also symbolized the peaceful soul for many cultures.
The Bible continued this symbolism, often referring to the dove as an animal representing love, loyalty, fidelity, and honesty. The dove is entrusted with the olive branch when Noah hopes to find a new home for himself, his family, and his flock. The dove often also represents the Holy Spirit.
Today I will be following in the ideal of the early Greeks and Romans in love, devotion, and care of family. Today my mom enters a hospital 45 minutes away for a 5 to 7 day stint of testing. Violent storms are predicted for our area today and she is afraid of storms. I am praying God's peace will cover her like the wings of a dove and will linger in her heart and mind keeping her calm in the face of both physical and emotional storms during this week.

In spite of the recent turn of events peace prevails. It flows like a river, like the multitude of rivulets running down my window panes, puddling, gathering, strengthening, and nourishing, like the water giving the thirsty earth a drink, my soul drinks in peace. While it storms without, peace resides within. I am hanging on to the imagery and symbolism of the peaceful dove. I am praying your day contains peace like a river also!

(Information source Amy Davis at Yahoo! Answers)
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