Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Refreshed:  to give new strength and energy to; reinvigorate; revise; update

This morning a soft rain is gently pattering on the ground outside my open windows.  Open windows in August are a rarity in my little corner of the world.  Usually, I am hermetically sealed inside my Tupperware like existence to stay refreshed in the wilting southern summer heat and humidity.  This rain is a gift, a refreshment to the parched earth.  I know what that kind of thirst feels like, dried out from the heat...only I am thinking more of the parchment of the soul.

It has been a long hot nearly unbearable season of heat this summer but it has been made bearable by knowing that summer will end and autumn will arrive with its cooler temperatures and riot of color.  Life seasons don't work like that.   While there is a surety that change will inevitably come, its the timing that's the hitch, its totally unpredictable.  When it finally arrives and the heat and pressures of life are lifted it is the sweetest refreshment a soul can savor.

I am drinking deeply from this open window on my life timeline, gulping greedily really, savoring this gentle patter of refreshment.  Peace fills my thirsty soul.  Gratitude overflows knowing that the lid that sealed me into a life event or circumstance can and will be lifted and there is freshness to be found.

I guess life is kind of like a Tupperware bowl, there is preparation for what is going to be stored in the bowl.  This is like the life process of being made ready for things to come.  Storage is the next stage, retention or a holding pattern, preparing us for future use.  Then there is the containment stage, which to me is often the most frustrating and painful, This keeps us within limits.  The final stage is the serving stage.  What comes out of the Tupperware bowl is fresh and palatable.  Once we have weathered the preparation, storage, containment stages we emerge refreshed and ready to serve....

This is the best way I can describe that last weeks and months of my life, my absence here.  I needed time to refresh, gain new strength and energy, to be reinvigorated, revised, and updated.  I needed time to heal.  Time to sort through some messy life stuff.  I also needed time to stop a moment from being a human doing and embrace a time of human being.  

Life here has settled into a new rhythm and I love this quite slower peaceful pace.
My hope is to ease back into blogging and reconnect with my blog friends.
I hope you are all doing well.

Many Blessings,

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