Wednesday, June 8, 2016


"Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, 
letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights."

~Pauline R. Kezer~
Change is not something I adapt to very easily.  I like steady continuity.  I like order.  I like predictability.  However, life is just not like that, continuity is broken by bumps and jostles, left and right turns, and sometimes it just plain ole turns completely upside down.  I am thankful for the things I can count on to be continuous that keep me rooted and grounded but I am coming to realize that I need to embrace change if I want to branch out and grow.  

A huge part of this process for me over the last several months has been letting go.  Letting go of trying to control.  Letting go of physical space.  Letting go of material clutter.  Letting go of the past and embracing the present.  For the first time in a very long time I don't dread what change may bring.  I am ready to grow beyond the sapling stage of my journey and sprout out new branches that allow me to stretch and grow and reach new heights. 
A lot of things have changed since I last posted here:

 My studio has been downsized and moved.
I now inhabit the writing cottage by the garden pond where there is fantastic natural lighting and inspirational views where I have been working on learning some new things, brushing up on old favorites, and settling into the new space.
(Pics coming soon!)

The previous studio space inside my home has been turned into a haven for the grandchildren who love having their own special hang out here.

The man gave up his office and is using the entry for his office.  
His previous space is being turned into a comfy wee guest room.

The farmhouse has been sold.
This was such a bittersweet process for me but by the time it was done I had embraced and accepted this major change as a part of life.
A lingering problem has been solved by the relocation of someone who kept the pot stirred so to speak,

I have accepted that I can't change the condition of my mother's illness and am better coping with it, not to say that some days are not harder than others.

I am getting to know my earthly father and realizing how precious he is to me.
He and my mother divorced when I was very young so I did not grow up with him in my life as much as I would have liked to, plus his job had him traveling a lot when I was young.  There was never anything bad between us, we just somehow never got to really know one another.
I am leaning heavier on my Heavenly Father to help me embrace what I can change and to accept and be peaceful with what I cannot.

I am embracing new opportunities that are sure to stretch me beyond my comfort zone.  I want the courage to allow myself to be scared but do it anyway.  Like filming my very first online class for ARTFUL GATHERING 2017!

I realized one day how much negativity was surrounding me and dragging me down with my own attitude and with some outside influences.  Something inside me snapped and I decided it had to be different.  I cut the ties that were binding me to the past and sticking me in place in the present, and I have to say that freedom feels wonderful!  It's not just that a lot of my circumstances have changed, I have changed and I think that is the hardest change to embrace, changing ones self.
As I gear up for more even bigger changes in my future I am ever so grateful for all these "roots" that show me where I came from and for the new growth that shows me what I can become.

A huge part of my journey to change has brought me back to my love and passion for art and writing which brings me back to this blog and all you precious friends I have so missed over these last months.  I am looking forward to reconnecting!

What is on your journey to change?

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