Monday, March 28, 2016


Life here at the Quill has taken several unexpected turns, some have left me crazy busy while others have sent me off in a tizzy.  There was the sale of a house that turned out not to be a sale of the house that I spent weeks emptying, donating, selling, packing, and storing only to find out 4 days before closing that it fell through.  The sale that wasn't a sale after all created a ripple effect of needing space back in my own home for things that were going to need a home so.....I had to pack up, sort, donate, sell, downsize and move my studio BUT before I could do that I had to empty the writing cottage by sorting, storing, selling, and donating what was in there in order to move the studio.  Then there were issues with my moms health and well being to focus on.  Now a major move for a family member where I am once again emptying, sorting, packing, selling, and donating a lifetime accumulation and all the memories and emotions that go with that.  I seem to be caught in a vicious cycle!

I have heard it said that what we do here on earth prepares us for heaven.  While I know it's not a literal job I let my imagination roam as my hands were busy and I thought to myself, "Oh no!  I am going to be accumulating loads of stuff that has to be sorted and distributed!"  Then I wondered what exactly I would have to sort and distribute since there will be no earthly goods?  The most amazing thought came to me...I could accumulate prayers and distribute blessings!  Wouldn't that be an amazing job?

My silly ruminations really helped with what was fast becoming a bad attitude about having to be responsible for other people and their possessions.  These tasks fell to me not as burdens but as blessings to those I am doing the service for and to those who are receiving the distributed goods.

Life does not always go as we plan, it can leave you crazy busy or even in a tizzy, just remember, accumulate those prayers and distribute those blessings because whatever He has you doing right at this moment is an amazing job!

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