Thursday, September 17, 2015


This past weekend I enjoyed a quite summer day hike, as you can see it is still quite warm and green here, the touches of fall color are from heat rather than the actual set in of autumn.  I hope you will enjoy hiking along woodlands, streams, and lakeside with me...


Friday, September 4, 2015


Studio time over the last week has been focused on making a new art journal.  I saw this amazing art journal on Pinterest and traced it back to fellow artist Thespa McLaughlin of Vintiquities Workshop.  Once there I realized she had an online class showing how to construct the journal and I could not resist.   Below is the photo of Thespa's Journal that caught my eye, love the construction!
(Metal & Rust Tag Journal by Thespa McLaughlin of Vintiquities Workshop)

The base of my journal is constructed just as Thespa instructed, from there I took off on my own creative adventure to originate my own version:
(This cool rusty piece was found a couple years ago on my grandmothers farm, this seemed the perfect project to use it on.)


 (I did a wee bit of metal work for the background of the nest above and the copper bird below.)
(I textured my pages to resemble aged stucco yet with a smooth enough surface to still write on.   I then hand painted a bird and leafy foliage on one corner of each page.)

(Thespa had her tags come out of the top of her journal pages, I planned mine where they would be inserted into the side of the pages instead.  I added hand beaded dangles and hand made nature themed wire embellishments to my tag tops not only as a decorative detail but to easily pull out the journal tags for writing.)
(My journal holds 16 hand tinted tags with front and back stampings and journaling space.)
 (My base was an old accounting book, the papers on the outside of the book were notes, receipts, and such that I found tucked into the pages of the book.  It was fun to reuse them on the cover.)
Thank you Thespa for sharing your awesome teaching skills and for inspiring this journal!

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