Monday, October 29, 2007

An Anticipated Visit!

"Although I enter not,
Yet round about the spot
Ofttimes I hover;
And near the sacred gate,
With longing eyes I wait,
Expectant of her."

Thackeray - Pendennis. At the Church Gate. St. 1.
Dear readers, I will be taking a blogging break for a couple of days. I am so excited! I sent an invitation to a most lovely lady and she has accepted, so I must take a little time off to spruce up for her arrival and her visit. I have anticipated a visit from her for quite some time now. She had a date set to arrive but was delayed. I was so looking forward to her visit and was very disappointed at her delay. Everyday I wondered if this would be the day I would hear from her and at long last she is coming! I will tell you all about her when I return from my break. I will try to take her picture but she is a little camera shy like Corey over at Tongue in Cheek, but maybe I will be able to catch glimpses of her unawares. She did not give an exact arrival time so I must keep looking down the lane to see if she has come. This has got me all aflutter as I flit from task to task and try and keep a lookout as well!

In the meantime I invite you to visit my new blog buddy, Pinkie Denise over at Pinkpomegranate, who has signed up for the Pay It Forward crafting idea. I still have two spots left if anyone is interested. Thank you, Denise, for signing up and I hope you enjoy your gift from me!

I wish you all well in my absence and look forward to visiting with you again upon my return.

Miss Sandy

Photos: My Grandmother's garden gate, her mailbox, and the lane leading to her house


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Miss Sandy,

Oh, how wonderful to have a visitor! I love your Grandmother's gate, and lane, and mailbox too. What a special place to visit her.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

No wonder you grew to be such a woman of arts and letters with this wonderful heritage of yours. I can tell that your grandmother had a profound effect upon your life and what a charming world she lives in.

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