Monday, November 17, 2008

The Roaming Gnome Returns.....

"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old and familiar pillow."

~Lin Yutang~
WHEW! That little Travelosity guy has nothing on me in the roaming department. Last week was a whirlwind of activity for me and I am looking forward to a little bit of the slow life this week. I can't wait to catch up on some blog reading and respond to my comments over the past week. This little gnome is so glad to roam back home!

I roamed my way deep into the Ozarks to a little town nestled in between mountains and rivers where natural beauty abounds. While there we were able to visit with family, hit our favorite flea market, and drive to one of the area attractions for a stroll through the autumnal beauty taking in wildlife, waterfalls, and natural caves. Here are a few pictures, sorry they are not so clear, it was getting towards dusk when we decided on a drive.It was home again, where I spent Monday working like a little beaver to finish up all the "wish" packages and get them in the mail. I see some of them have arrived at their destination so I think it is safe to show you all the designs now. It was such a joy and a pleasure to bless some of my blog friends!

Tuesday found me working on a new project, sneak peek below, and day one of my shopping adventure began, followed by days two and three. Somewhere mixed in between was my 200th post. There is still time to sign up for the give away, just leave a comment at this link. Tomorrow I will post a winner!Thursday found me frantic cleaning my home, driving into the city for a trip to the mall, returning home to pack, and to fall into a heap of sleep at days end. Friday at a most unholy hour I was out of bed riding shotgun beside Handy Hubby headed down to the Mississippi Gulf Coast where he had to conduct some company business. We managed to log in 1,000 miles of travel in two days time! I think I may be in the running for that little gnomes job yet!I got to sit beside my beloved ocean with the songs of the sea being crooned overhead by the seagulls. The water was very calm with little ruffles of waves gathered across the surface. The sky was overcast with fingers of sunshine poking through now and then. As always there was a sea breeze. For one glorious hour I sat at sea edge absorbing every sight, sound, and smell. We drove down the coastal highway and surveyed post Katrina. My heart and prayers are with those who are still trying to rebuild their homes and lives. I'll be sharing more about this in a later post.We then headed back toward home stopping for the night in McGhee, MS where we found a haven to hide in from the storm that overtook us. After being well rested we meandered to Vicksburg, MS. We have passed this historic city countless times and never taken the time to stop. We toured the Vicksburg National Military Park and drove the scenic tour of the town stopping at points of interest to us. It was and enjoyable day. I will share more of this in a later post also. We made the last leg of our roam that lead us to home sweet home!

I hope you all have a sweetly blessed week this week where ever you may roam!

Miss Sandy


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

You had yourself quite the trip, Miss Sandy! I'm looking forward to hearing more about it in the days to come.

I have spent some time in the Ozarks and count it among some of my fondest memories. As I recall, I met my first bear there...bear cub that is. Beautiful country!

Each one of your books is a delight! We'll all enjoy them well.

The Joy of Nesting said...

Oh my Gosh Miz Sandy your journals are all so beautiful!!! To wonderful to be able to pick a favorite!! The recipients are very lucky and blessed indeed!! :c)

Pattie :c)
Mazatlan Mexico

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

All of the little books are just adorable.

What was the base that you started with and where can I find it? :)

bluemuf said...

Miss Sandy, Such lovely photos of your trip. I never tire of seeing all of natures beauty.

Hugs Karen

Fete et Fleur said...

I know it was a tiring week, but what fun! Thank you for sharing all the gorgeous photos.


Anonymous said...

All of your books are just lovely. Your photos of your trip looks like someplace I would want to be.
Thank you for sharing, Vicki Page

Susie said...

The pics from your trip are wonderful! I love the ocean/beach pictures. They are truly gorgeous and so peaceful. There is just something about sitting on a beach taking in all the sights and smells.

When you were in Vicksburg you were only an hour away from my home. We haven't been there in several years.

Love all those little journals. How special each and every one are. I'm sure all the recipients are going to love them.

Sandra Evertson said...

Fabulous journals!
Sandra Evertson

Susie said...

I kid you not, only an hour! Lunch would have been fun. I think it would be great to meet some of my blogging friends.

Glad you like my new blog look. I decided I needed a change. Enjoyed it so much I will be changing it again soon!

Susie said...

Sandy-I think I'm trying out for the most comments from one person on a single post tonight.

Sorry, I just now saw your comment regarding your Lady Banks rose. I will check with my guys in trees and shrubs tomorrow at work and see what they think. Do you have them planted in full sun?

tongue in cheek said...

I am drooling over each journal! How creative they are! The fork on the side of one is darling.

Your photos, of your trip are wonderful. Autumn is made for photographers isn't it. The stone bridge is lovely.

Thank you for sharing all that you do with us.

Helen Read said...

whew - quite a whirlwind! You have posted some beautiful photos :) Glad you've returned safely!

Catherine Holman said...

I'm glad the Gnome is home, safe and sound. The photos are beautiful and makes me want to take a quick trip to the lake.

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