Sunday, November 16, 2008

Serendipity Sunday: Sea Edge.....

Serendipity: An instance of making a delightful and unexpected discovery.

"Let the hearts of those rejoice who seek the LORD."

~Psalm 105:3~

"Dawn follows darkness.(Sunrise tints the backdrop of sky to the east of Quill Cottage)

Sunset follows day.
(Sunset over Cadron Flats near Quill Cottage)

Our short sojourn here is marked off in the steady rhythm of seasons,
(Autumn leaves on a boardwalk at Blanchard Springs, AR)

(Tide at Gulf Port, Mississippi)

(A beautiful moon on a blue black sky over Quill Cottage)

and sunsets.
(The sun sinking just above the barn at Quill Cottage)

Each is a beautiful reminder ~ "Oh my Father, You are nigh! Your glory fills the whole earth! All is well with my soul! In Your presence there is joy forevermore!"

W. Phillip Keller
~Sea Edge~

The above photos are some of the ways I have seen God's glory reflected in His creation this week. This week at home and abroad, from my own back yard to the sea edge, I have seen the handy work of the Lord. I have felt God's nearness through the beauty of His world. How have you seen God's glory in the landscape of your life this week?

Miss Sandy


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Wonderful photographs...

Oh, yes, we had one beautiful sunny day and a moonlit night that was glorious. Other than that, I'm looking for God in the raindrops that go on and on for days and days and make me fearful of another flood.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, after two days of rain, I got out and walked around Nalley Valley. A golden iris was blooming and one white lily! All the leaves are on the ground but these two beauties somehow were standing tall and proud. Then, as dark was approaching, we saw the biggest, boldest rainbow ever. God's love is all around us!

Kathy said...

Beautiful pictures, Sandy. I love moon pics. They're kind of hard to get - yours are great!

Have a perfect Sunday...Kathy

Susie said...

The moon was incredibly gorgeous last night. Such a wonderful gift from God. Of course, everyday is a gift from God. Thanks for your reminders of all the beauty that surrounds us.

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Sandy....what beautiful in the world can anyone doubt that we have an Almighty Creator? I haven't gotten out of my house much this past week but am constantly reminded of God's handiwork as I glance out of my windows, the colors are breathtakingly beautiful!! Plus, I have daily reminders of His love through my wonderful friends and family ~ thank you so much sweet friend for gifting me the beautiful journal ~ it's just wonderful, I will treasure it always.... Wishing you a great week ~ xxoo, Dawn

Wanita said...

What beautiful pictures! The Lord has certainly given us much beauty to enjoy in the world around us. This morning we had a light dusting of snow, and it looked so pretty - a reminder that when our sins are forgiven, we are washed whiter than snow.


KathyB. said...

I will actually go outside on winter nights and stand in the middle of our large front yard to soak up moonlight. If there is snow on the ground and a clear sky I cannot resist the night , and once in awhile there has been a full moon and snow...oh joy ! I am such a night owl that if we could get some bright lights over the garden I would tend my gardens at night!

I so love and appreciate the beauty God has surrounded us with, we need only look close to home or up in the sky to find it. And better yet, you, me, our loved ones far away, all see the same sun, moon, sky and stars, and all should know the same God loves us all!

KathyB. said...

I just posted pictures of your gift to me. Thank-you Sandy for the special little book you made and gifted to me !

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