Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Back in the days of buses, bells, and lunch pails I used to live in dread of the sound of sixth period second bell, Mr. James English class. He cut you no slack, be anywhere near the doorway and not planted in your seat and you found yourself marching back down to the main floor office for a pink tardy slip and a stint in D-hall with Coach Rutledge. Let me tell you, it was NOTHING like a scene from The Breakfast Club! Coach never left the room and he had the eyes of a hawk. Not a sound was allowed, breath too heavy and you got an extra day.


There were D-hall regulars and I only had the pleasure of their company once...and that was enough for me. Every day I would hike from the Science building to the top floor of the main building to try and make it to Mr. James class and usually skidded into my seat just in the nick of time...until the day my locker got stuck...with my English book and homework trapped inside. I made the walk of shame and returned with pink slip in hand. The next afternoon found me in the company of Coach who growled out " Payne! What are you doing here?" I flicked him my slip and took a seat.


I am having a feeling of dejavu in my current walk of shame moment. I am tardy paying return visits to you, my blog friends. I am tardy answer emails. I am tardy responding to comments. I am tardy posting period. AND on top of all that I really am tardy to class! Beth and Karla's cool Romantic Gothic Ghost class began on Monday, I peeked into the classroom and let me tell you I totally would not mind staying after class and doing a make up project or two, THIS is my kind of homework!


Unlike Coach, I am pretty sure Beth and Karla will not growl at me or ask me what I am doing there. I am certain they will not even hand out tardy slips, but if they do, I am sure they will be pretty pink vintage wallpaper ones with 'WELCOME" printed on them. They are very nice teachers who don't care when you show up. In fact, you can show up anytime in the next year and still take the class! How cool is that? Another cool thing is that if you don't follow the specific directions and want to add your own twist, they totally encourage that. You can read a bit more in Beth's post HERE. The class is filled with fun projects, tips & techniques, decorating ideas, and lots of images you can down load. This is one time I seriously won't mind doing class assignments!


I sincerely apologize for my tardiness and I will visit, respond, post, and even do my homework from the Romantic Gothic Ghost class, (pinkie swear!), just as soon as I get through the next couple of days and then I will be out from under some other pressing obligations. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy the vintage school related images scattered throughout this post. Feel free to save them and use them in your artwork.


Wishing you tardy free days!

Miss Sandy


Becky K. said...

You are so clever! Way to weave a wonderful referral into an interesting story from your past.
It reminded me of one of my teachers, Mr. Edwards, but he was only tough on certain kids. He had a definite favorite and sadly he let it be known.

Have a great day!

Vee said...

Tardy schmardy. I never had a teacher that rough. I think it would've been highly frowned upon in my overcrowded high school where it was a miracle to navigate among the swirl of students in the five minutes allowed to class. Cranky Mr. James. So glad that your new teachers are more reasonable. I've seen some of the work coming from that school. Very dark and mystical...ohhhhhhhh...ewwwwww... Anything that can be used at other times of the year for a less Halloweeny look? And, no, I am not trying to get you to communicate. It isn't necessary. I KNOW that you are a busy gal.

Anonymous said...

Sandy, Right - Karla and Beth won't even give you a demerit. :-) But we're all anxious to see your creations!
I had some teachers like Mr. Edwards.
Grumpies. I sure don't miss high school! Wouldn't go back in age if I could. I like where I am, minus a few pounds. ;-)
Hugs, sweet friend!

Beth Leintz said...

Oh Sandy- you'd have to put my pigtails in the ink well before you'd get a demerit- even then I'd probably be so curious to see what you made with them, there wouldn't be any detention.

I'd say, like blogging, crafting is a no obligation pasttime that you should do at your leisure and your own pace.

Take your time and enjoy, Sandy.

Bonita said...

Gosh, just reading this sent a chill up my spine. I never had the exact situation you did, but I had some pretty nerve-wracking teachers who got upset over being tardy and their other little pet peeves. I remember feeling like I was constantly walking on eggshells and I hated it. I was a good girl who just wanted to do right.

But you are not tardy. Sometimes life happens and online stuff doesn't. No pressure.

LiLi M. said...

Now I read that I'm not the only one that is behind! Time, time, time.... I don't even have the time at this moment to join Beth and Karla. I love the freebies. Loved your previous post too, you cracked me up. I am still behind reading your posts, but on the other hand; I can look forward to read them slowly and really savour them when I have some time left.
Thanks for the freebies and your wish!

Celestial Charms said...

What lovely vintage school related images you have shared with us, thank you! I so enjoy shared memories of old days gone by and one's experiences in them. Not that your days gone by are that old! ;)
But you made me do a double take when you said lunch pails.:) I had visions in my mind of "Little House on the Prairie :0
Sweet memories!
Have a wonderful weekend.

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